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117. Imagine to @Annoshaiqbal!

Imagine to @Annoshaiqbal
I sighed as I looked down at another negative test, now I had to disappoint Justin again. This had happened for the last year. Ever since Justin and I got married we had been trying to have a baby, we just wouldn’t succeed, which was really sad, because it was actually ruining our relationship.
I threw out the test and unlocked the door, to see Justin standing there with hope filling his eyes. I shook my head and sighed loudly.
“It’s okay baby, we’ll keep trying” Justin said as he sighed. I nodded my head and sat down on the bed.
“I just don’t know if I can keep doing this, Justin! It’s frustrating to know that we can’t even make a baby” I groaned, I laid down on the bed and placed my hand on my belly.
Justin laid down on top of me and kissed my lips.
“Don’t say that baby! We can make a baby, I know that, we’ll just try even more” he said, I nodded and kissed his lips again.
“What about adoption?” I asked him as I gently smiled, Justin shrugged his shoulders and slowly moved his kisses down my neck.
“How about we try one last time, and if we don’t succeed, then we’ll talk about adoption?” Justin suggests, I nodded and closed my eyes in pure pleasure.
“Deal” I quietly moaned, then slowly we both got undressed and tried one last time, but of course we didn’t succeed.
So a few weeks later we started to get really into adoption, we had been talking to a few places nearby, and seen some pictures of the kids, we had talked about getting a girl, maybe even one with curls and cute, brown eyes, so that she would look at little like Justin and I.
The past week I had been feeling really sick, especially in the mornings, which usually wasn’t my thing….
Today Justin and I were supposed to visit one of the places, where we could adopt, but I was feeling really bad, so Justin encouraged me to stay in bed, which I did. But I felt really sweaty, so I decided to get out of bed and shower. I took a really long and hot shower, and then I took my time to dry my body and put on some lotion.
Because my fingers were so smooth and greasy, the lotion slipped out of my hand, so I bended down to get it. My eyes caught the small box with pregnancy tests; I bit down in my lip and grabbed the box. I honestly wanted to take a test just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant, so I grabbed the last test in the box and went over to the toilet, I peed on the stick, then as I waited for the 5 minutes to pass I got dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and a white muscle-tee that said “Bad to the bone”. I slipped on some fluffy socks and pulled my hair into a ponytail, I decided not to wear any makeup.

I went back into the bathroom and grabbed the test, I closed my eyes, then I opened them again and looked down at the test. My eyes got wide, and I actually let the test fall out of my hands.
“JUSTIN!” I yelled as a small tear ran down my cheeks, could this really be happening?
I sat down on the floor and grabbed the test again. A few seconds later Justin came into the bathroom completely out of breathe.
“What’s happening?” he asked me as he got down on his knees in front of me.
“I’m pregnant” I whispered as I smiled widely, Justin’s eyes got wide, and his mouth opened wide, he was happy, it was easy to tell.
“OMG, we’re having a baby?” he asked me, he grabbed the test from my hand and looked at it, then before I could even say something, Justin had picked me up. He twirled me around and started singing “We’re having a baby!” over and over, he was so happy, it was adorable!
“OMG, what are we gonna do with the adoption centers?” he suddenly asked as he placed me on the ground again.
“Well, I guess we need to cancel?” I suggested, Justin sighed and looked down in the ground.
“Guess we need to do that” he sighed, I raised an eyebrow and grabbed his jaw to make him look me in the eyes.
“Why so sad all of a sudden?” I asked him as I pouted, Justin looed down in the ground once again and removed my hands from his jaw.
“It’s just that I had seen this really cute girl at the adoption center we were supposed to visit today, she’s so cute, and I would really like to adopt her” he quietly said, I awed and grabbed his hands.
“You’re so cute baby! How about we go see her and talk to her, and if we both really gets in love with her, then we can adopt her, and have a child on our own?” I asked Justin, Justin gasped and picked me up once again.
“You are so amazing Mrs. Bieber” he cheered, I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Well Mr. Bieber, we better get dressed, then leave, we have a little girl to meet” I told Justin, then I jumped down from his arms and went into our walk-in closet.
I quickly found a pair of boyfriend jeans, a long sleeve spiral print shirt and my favorite pair of Keds shoes.
I went back into the bathroom and did my makeup, then I also curled my hair, just to look a little more representable.

“Knowing that you’re pregnant makes you 10 times more attractive” Justin mumbled as he sneaked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“You’re so right” I smirked, then I turned off the curling iron and turned around in his arms.
Justin had already gotten ready, he was simply just waiting for me to get ready.
It was funny how I could go from feeling so bad, to feeling like the most powerful woman in the world.
“Well, let’s get going” I told Justin, then I grabbed my phone and my bag and went downstairs with Justin by my side.

An hour later we arrived at the adoption center, both Justin and I got out of the car, we met half way around the car and intertwined our fingers.
“Ready to go meet our maybe soon to be daughter?” I asked Justin as we made our way inside.
“Yeah” he sighed happily, then we slowly made our way inside and got greeted by a bunch of cute kids. A lady soon came over to us and smiled widely.
“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Kathrine Riley, and I am the leader of this place” the lady sweetly said, I smiled and shook her hand with my free hand.
“So, of what I can understand, you are looking for a certain girl?” Kathrine asked, I nodded and looked up at Justin.
“That’s right, I suppose her name is Tara?” Justin asked Kathrine, Kathrine nodded and made us follow her into a room.
We sat down and waited for Kathrine to come back with Tara.
“OMG, I can’t wait to meet her!” I squealed, on the way over here Justin had shown me a picture of Tara, and she looked absolutely adorable, actually she looked kinda like Justin and I, which was a good thing.
“Tara, say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Bieber” Kathrine said as she walked into the room with Tara, I stood up and walked over to Tara, she looked shy, which made her even cuter.
“Hello Sweetie, I’m Y/N” I greeted, Tara smiled and grabbed my hand.
“Hey Y/N, my name is Tara, and I’m almost 3 years old” Tara said as she showed me 3 fingers, I smiled widely and took her into my arms.
“Oh, I’m sorry Tara” I apologized as I realized, what I was doing.
“It’s okay Y/N, I love hugs” Tara said, then she jumped into my arms and wrapped her tiny arms around my neck.
“Tara, this is my husband, Justin” I told Tara as I picked her up and made her sit on my lap on the chair.
“Hello Justin” Tara said, Justin grabbed Tara’s tiny hand and placed a peck on it, which made Tara squeal loudly and giggle.


After an hour of being with Tara, we had decided to adopt her, she was everything we could every wish for, and even though we would have a child on our own in 9 months, we still wanted Tara to be in our life’s.
“Tara, Y/N and Justin are taking you with them home, you’re their daughter now” Kathrine explained to Tara as we packed all of our stuff.
“You’re my mom and dad now?” she asked as she looked up at me and Justin, I nodded and bended down in front of her, then before I could say something Tara was in my arms hugging me tight.
“Thank you mommy, I already love you a lot” she said, I smiled widely and a single tear ran down my cheeks.
I was finally a mommy, soon for 2 babies…
Luckily Tara understood that I was pregnant with a baby, she was so excited to be a big sister, and she got even more excited as we got to know that we were having a girl.
9 months later I gave birth to Nelly, and the first one that got to hold her was Tara, she was so proud and so happy to finally be a big sister, it was amazing.
Now we were finally a family, and I couldn’t wish for more.  


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