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88. Imagine to @Angel_lehman_!

Imagine to @angel_lehman_
“Mrs. Bieber, we’re about to land” the kind stewardess told me as I was looking out of the window in the plane. I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“Thank you” I told her, and then I leaned back in my seat and put on my seatbelt again.
I couldn’t believe I was finally going to see Justin again after 2 months! And the best thing of all of it was that I got to tell him about us getting a baby. I was 2 months into the pregnancy, so you can probably already guess the night we made it? Yeah, I still didn’t know the gender, so I to stick to calling it, it.
10 minutes later we were on safe ground again, and I was finally able to get out of this uncomfortable seat! I know Justin’s jet was supposed to be a luxurious jet, but I was still not comfortable in my seat. I stretched my whole body as I got outside, but suddenly I heard someone laugh, so I opened my eyes and saw Ryan standing there.
“OMG, hey Ryan!” I squealed as I ran over to him, I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. Ever since Justin and I started dating, I had gotten this brother-sister relationship with Ryan, and I was really glad I had, because if not, then I wouldn’t have been here today!
Ryan placed me on the ground again, but after he did he just started at my belly. I had completely forgotten that I had put on a tight shirt before flying over here.
“I’m sorry to ask you this, but are you pregnant?” he carefully asked me, I chuckled and looked down in the ground, and before I could say something, Ryan had already embraced me.
“OMG, I’m going to be an uncle” he squealed, I chuckled and nodded my head before wrapping my arms around his neck.
“How could Justin keep this secret from me?” Ryan asked as we pulled away, I looked down in the ground again and bit down in my lip.
“He doesn’t know yet” I told him, Ryan gasped and covered his mouth.
“So the baby isn’t his? Did you cheat on him?” he asked me, I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
“Of course I didn’t cheat on him, and of course the baby is his! I just wanted to tell him in person instead of over the phone!” I told Ryan as I playfully slapped his upper arm.
“Good, because Justin loves you so much, and I don’t think he could ever be happy again, if you had cheated on him” Ryan sighed, I awed and made a pouty face.
“You really do care about my husband!” I cooed, Ryan chuckled and nodded his head.
“Of course, he’s my best buddy!” Ryan said, then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and grabbed my suitcase, before directing me out to his car.
“So, when are you planning on telling him?” Ryan asked me as he was driving, I sighed and shrugged my shoulders.
“I don’t know?” I sighed, Ryan nodded his head and kept driving, and soon after we were at the hotel, they were staying at.
“Did you get Justin’s key?” I asked Ryan as we got out of the car. Ryan nodded his head and reached down in his pocket, he pulled out a small card and handed it to me.
“He didn’t like the idea of giving it to me, I don’t know why?” Ryan sighed; I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Don’t you remember the last time you buried his key?” I asked him as I placed my hand on my hip; Ryan furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head.
“Last time you buried his keys, you brought a girl to our house, and you wanted to have sex with her there” I told him, Ryan made a face, and he started blushing.
“That is so embarrassing!” he said, I nodded my head and chuckled a little, then I grabbed my suitcase and went inside. I made it to the elevator and quickly got in, Ryan was right behind me.
We finally made it to the 8th floor, so we got out and walked separate ways. I hurried over to Justin’s door and unlocked it. I tiptoed inside and placed my suitcase against the wall. It was in the middle of the night, and I really didn’t want to wake him up, but as I made it to the bedroom, I couldn’t help but gasp of the look, Justin was laying there – completely naked -  with a picture of me in his hands. I chuckled and went over to him, I covered him with the sheets and got into bed with him, but before I could even close my eyes, Justin sat up and looked around, he was oddly confused, until he realized I was laying beside him. His eyes got wide, and he hurried to hide to picture of me.
“Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked me, aww my poor baby he was so confused.
“I thought that I would come visit you” I told him as I sat up with a smirk, Justin gulped harshly, then he pulled me over to him and onto his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around my body and squeezed me tight.
“I can’t believe you’re here! Is this a dream, or are you really here with me?” Justin asked me, I chuckled and grabbed his face, I pulled it closer to mine, and finally I was able to feel his lips on top of mine.
“Was that prove enough?” I asked him with a smirk; Justin gulped and nodded his head.
“Yeah, it defiantly was!” he said, I chuckled and rubbed my nose against his.
“So, did you miss me?” I asked him as I looked down at his growing member; Justin chuckled and nodded his head.
“Yeah, I really did miss you, but now that you’re here…” he said with a smirk, I just shook my head and got off his lap.
“Why not?” he asked me with furrowed eyebrows, I chuckled and turned my side towards him.  
“Baby, not to be rude, but I think you gained a little more weight the past 2 months” Justin quietly said, I gasped and rolled my eyes.
“Don’t you think there is a specific reason for the weight only to sit on my belly?” I asked him as I sat down beside him again. When Justin didn’t say anything I sighed and grabbed his hand. I placed it on my belly and looked up at him.
It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on, but when he did, he pulled his hand away from my belly and stood up from the bed, he must have forgotten he was naked…
“Are you serious? Are we having a baby?” he asked me, and I nodded my head. I couldn’t help but look at his big member, and who would judge me? I hadn’t seen my husband or his body for 2 months!
“Oh…” Justin said, he quickly found some boxers and pulled them on, then he sat down beside me and placed his hand on my belly.
“I can’t believe this! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Justin asked me with a big smile. I grabbed his free hand and squeezed it.
“I wanted to tell you in person, and not just over the phone” I told him.  Justin took a deep breath, and then he looked down in the ground and soon after a small sob left his mouth.
“Aww baby, there’s no need to cry” I cooed as I pulled him close to me, Justin took two itchy breaths and looked at me again.
“I know, it’s just that you’re finally here with me, that one good thing, and now we’re also having a baby, that’s another really good thing!” he said as he dried a small tear away, I smiled and bit down in my lip, then I got on top of him again and made sure to have my legs on each side of him.
“I love you, you know that right?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head, and he gently smiled.
“I know, and I love you too, so much!” he said, I smirked, and then I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. I made him lay down as we continued to kiss, but a few second later Justin pulled away and looked at me.
“Are we hurting the baby?” he asked me, I giggled and shook my head.
“No, we’re not silly!” I chuckled, Justin shrugged his shoulders, and then he connected our lips again. I deepened the kiss, and a moan slipped out of my mouth, and soon after there was a knock on the door. I groaned and got off Justin, I made sure my clothes were sitting perfectly, then I made my way out to the door, I opened it, and as I did I gasped.
“OMG, what are you doing here?” I asked…   


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