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120. Imagine to @AmberNormanBieber!

Imagine to @Ambernormanbieber
“Will I see you later then, baby?” Justin asked me as I stepped out of his door after 3 hours of studying, and a little something else, too ;)

“Of course baby, I’ll come around tonight” I told Justin, then I pecked his lips and ran over to my car, the reason why I was running was because it was pouring down.
“Are you sure you need to go; don’t you think it’s raining too bad?” Justin asked, I blew him a kiss and nodded my head.
“I do, but I promise to call you, when I get home” I told him, then I got inside the car and closed the door behind me.
I could see Justin sigh, but I just shook it off… I had no idea on, why he wanted me to stay so badly?
I drove to Kyle’s house, and I know what you thinking, and no I’m not cheating on Justin. Kyle is my best friend, and we will never be anything else, because he’s gay and totally not my type!
Justin doesn’t want me to hang out with Kyle, because he thinks Kyle will steal me away from him. Kyle hadn’t told anyone else but me that he is gay, so I made sure to keep it a secret, even though he would feel so much better if he just came clear and told everyone.

“Hey Kyle” I squealed as I opened the door into his house.
Kyle came running down the stairs with a big smile on his lips.
“Hey Bestie!” he squealed, then his arms wrapped around my body and squeezed me tight.
“So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked Kyle as we went into his living room. Kyle was living alone, because his parents wouldn’t accept he was gay.
“Well, you know I started talking to this guy online?” Kyle asked with a big smile on his lips, I chuckled and nodded my head.
“Yeah, what was his name again?” I asked him, Kyle took a deep breath and got an even bigger smile on his lips.
“His name is Jake, and he is so gorgeous!” Kyle squealed, I rolled my eyes and leaned back in the couch as I crossed my legs.
“Well, what about him?” I asked, Kyle found his phone and typed a few things, then he showed me his phone and as I read the text I started smiling more and more.
“He wants to meet you?” I asked him as I grabbed his phone, Kyle nodded his head and smirked at me.
“Yeah, so we’re meeting tonight, and I actually just wanted you to help me with my outfit” Kyle explained as he grabbed his phone and locked it, then he grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs to his bedroom.
“Whoa, easy” I chuckled as I plugged down on his bed.
“Just tell me, what you think, okay?” Kyle asked, I nodded my head, and as Kyle changed into another outfit, I found my phone and looked at my lock screen. Justin had called me several times, he had also texted me at least 30 times.
I hissed a breath and unlocked my phone, then I dialed his number and called him.
“Baby, are you okay? I thought something happened to you!” Justin said as he picked up the phone.
“I’m fine Justin, I just forgot my phone in the car” I lied, then before Justin could say anything else, Kyle came into the room and started talking, he hadn’t seen my phone.
“Sweetie, what do you think of-“ then he slowly trialed off as I sent him a glare.
“Who’s that, Amber?” Justin asked, I could already hear how mad he was.
“I was no one” I quietly told him, Justin took a deep breath, I can almost feel him rolling his eyes.
“What did I tell you! I don’t want you to hang out with Kyle, he’s no good for you!” he yelled into the phone, I rolled my eyes and looked up at Kyle, who looked really sad, but who could blame him?
“You don’t even know Kyle, Justin! Kyle is a good guy, and you can’t make my decisions!” I told Justin, then I ended the call and turned off my phone.
“I’m so sorry sweetie! I didn’t know you were talking to Justin” Kyle apologized, I shook my head and wrapped my arms around Kyle’s neck.
“You have nothing to worry about Kyle! Justin can’t make my decisions, and besides, nothing will ever happen between the two of us” I told Kyle as I winked, Kyle chuckled and shook his head.
“I want you to tell Justin” Kyle then said, I raised an eyebrow and unwrapped my arms from around his neck.
“Tell him what?” I asked Kyle with a chuckle.
“Tell him that I’m gay” Kyle said with a wink, I chuckled and shook my head before lightly hugging him.
“Come on, let me see your outfit” I told him, then I sat down on his bed again and watched him do model poses in front of me.
“I like the second outfit the most” I told Kyle after four outfits, Kyle nodded his head and went into the bathroom to change into the outfit again.

After he came out of the bathroom there was a knock on the door. Kyle smiled widely and went downstairs, but to his disappointment it was Justin.
“Is Amber here?” Justin asked as he just walked into Kyle’s house. I walked the last few steps down the stairs and looked at Justin with a glare.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him with attitude. Justin sighed and walked over to me.
“I came here to apologize” he said, my eyes got wide, and a big smirk formed on my lips.
“Well, I’m waiting” I told him, Justin sighed and grabbed my hand.
“I’m so sorry, baby. Of course I can’t decide over your life, you can hang out with who you want! I’m just scared of loosing you, especially to a guy like Kyle, because clearly he’s a handsome guy” Justin explained, I cracked a laugh and looked over at Kyle.
“You heard that Kyle? My boyfriend thinks you’re handsome” I told Kyle with a smirk, Kyle smirked, too and Justin raised an eyebrow.
“Well, Justin, I think you’re very handsome yourself” Kyle flirtatiously told Justin, Justin’s eyes got wide, and he hurried to look over at me.
“Wait, you’re gay?” Justin asked Kyle with even bigger eyes. Kyle chuckled and nodded his head.
“Yeah, I am” he smirked, Justin looked over at me and suddenly he tackled me.
“You knew this all the time?” he asked as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.
“ARGH! YES, BUT KYLE MADE ME NOT TELL ANYONE!” I screamed, I heard Kyle laugh, so I thought I would make the situation a little more interesting. So I pulled down Justin’s baggy pants, which revealed his while – and slightly see through – Calvin Klein boxers.    
“Uhh” Kyle said as he eyed Justin’s special member through his boxers.
Immediately Justin placed me on the ground and pulled up his pants, in the mean time I had started to run, to just get a fair chance on getting away from Justin, but he soon caught up with me and tackled me on the ground.
“You shouldn’t have done that” he said as he started tickling me.
I laughed really loudly and tried to stop Justin, but he was way too strong for me to handle, then suddenly I got an idea, I grabbed Justin’s face and pulled it down to mine, and then I connected our lips in a passionate kiss, which made Justin stop tickling me.
“I love you” I told him against his lips, Justin smirked and kissed my lips once again, but this time he added tongue.
“You guys have fun, I’m going to meet Jake at the restaurant” Kyle suddenly said, Justin and I pulled away from out passionate make-out session. Justin stood up and walked over to Kyle.
“Listen Kyle, I owe you an apology. I should’ve never been so rude to you, will you please forgive me?” Justin asked Kyle, I awed and stood up myself.
Kyle nodded his head and smiled widely.
“Of course, you didn’t know, so of course I’ll forgive you” Kyle said, then something unexpected happened, Justin wrapped his arms around Kyle and hugged him tight.
“I hope we can start over?” Justin asked, Kyle nodded, then he grabbed my hand and hugged me, too. 


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