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180. Imagine to @Amberbella9!

Imagine to @Amberbella9 
I sighed as I looked at the mess my two daughters had made in the living room. 
Ella and Lauren had played with basically all of their toys all day and now they refused to put it back into their rooms. 
"Ella and Lauren I'm not going to say it again! Clean up this mess or you're going straight to bed now!" I strictly told them, which made them laugh. 
"What are you laughing at?" I asked them as I crossed my arms. 
"We don't want to clean it up, what if we wanna play with it again?" Lauren asked. 
Did I forget to mention that Lauren is the oldest? I think I did! 
"Lauren I don't want to discuss this with you again! You need to clean in up! End of discussion!" I said, then I turned around and closed the door into the living room with a slam. 
I leaned against the door and closed my eyes as I sighed. Then I found my phone and dialed Justin's number. 
"Hey baby, what's up?" he asked me as he turned off the music behind him. 
"I need your help!" I told him. 
"Shh guys! Y/N needs my help!" Justin said, which made Ryan and Za shut their mouths. 
"What's wrong baby?" he asked me concerned. 
"Your daughters won't do as I say!" I told him with a big sigh. Justin chuckled, which made me furrow my eyebrows. 
"Why the hell are you laughing?! It's not even funny!" I told him harshly. Justin immediately shuts up and cleared his throat. 
"You're right, it's not funny. Let me borrow Lauren" he told me. I walked into the living room with a smirk on my face and handed the phone to Lauren. 
"Daddy wants to talk to you," I told her. Lauren gulped and took my phone. 
"Hey daddy" she sweetly said, which made me gasp. I couldn't quite hear what Justin said, but he definitely mentioned "mommy". 
"We never meant to upset mommy, we were just having fun when she said we should clean up" Lauren innocently said as she faked a sob. 
I rolled my eyes in disbelief and crossed my arms. 
I honestly couldn't believe that my own daughter would lie about me when she was talking to her dad. 
"Let me get mommy again" I heard him say, then Lauren handed me my phone and went over to Ella again. 
"Is what Lauren told me true?" he asked me. 
"No of course not! Why would you even think that?!" I asked him. "Ella and Lauren have played with basically all of their toys and now they refuse to put them back into their rooms," I told him. 
"Well, I don't think we should do this over the phone, I'll be home in less that thirty minutes, just don't do anything," Justin told me. I sighed and nodded my head, then I said bye and hung up.   
I looked over at Lauren and Ella. Ella was looking at the ground while Lauren was standing there with a smile on her face. 
I didn't even bother to say something, I just went out of the living room and sat down on the floor in the hall. 
Suddenly tears started flowing down my cheeks. I had no idea about what I had done to make Lauren and Ella so mad at me. Suddenly they were just mad and refused to do anything I asked them to, they would only listen to Justin. 
Apparently I had been sobbing loudly because in a matter of seconds both Lauren and Ella stood in front of me with frowns on their beautiful faces. 
Then suddenly Ella started sobbing, which made me stop and look at her. 
"I'm sorry mommy" she said, then she fell into my arms. I hugged her tight and placed her on my lap. 
Ella looked up at Lauren who just stood there. But I was able to see that she was on the edge of crying herself, which made her run away. 
I never bothered to ask Ella why they were mad at me as we sat there waiting for Justin to get home. I just held her tight and comforted her as she continued to cry.  
Almost right on time Justin walks in through the doors. He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows as he saw me with our youngest daughter in my arms. 
"What happened?" he asked as he sat down beside us. Ella looked up and smiled at Justin, then she rested her head on my chest again and continued to sob. 
"Ella and Lauren found me out here sobbing," I told him. Justin's eyes got wide, and he gulped loudly. 
"Ella, why are you crying?" he asked Ella as he grabbed her and placed her in his arms. 
"I don't like seeing mommy sad," she said. 
"Then why did you make her sad?" Justin asked her. 
"Lauren thinks mommy is too distant and when she finally talks to us it's only to yell at us, so we wanted to punish her" she managed to say throughout sobs. 
I gasped and covered my mouth in shock. Lauren came down the stairs with her head down. 
"Lauren is this true? Do you really think I'm too distant?" I asked her as I stood up. I walked over to her and hurried as I heard her sobbing. 
"I missed my mommy and she never was here. It was like you were only babysitting us" Lauren said. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. 
"Aww Lauren! I'm sorry it felt like I was distant, I was just busy making sure you and Ella had everything you ever wanted and needed" I told her. "Also, I have been working on this thing that I can't tell you about, but I can tell you that I would never see you as just kids! You're my kids, but beautiful princesses and my everything! Everything I do, I do to make sure your lives won't be miserable, but apparently I didn't succeed" I told her. 
"I'm so sorry mommy!" Lauren said. 
"No baby, I'm so sorry," I said, then I squeezed her tight and turned around to look at Justin and Ella. I mentioned for them to come over here, which made Justin stand up with Ella in his arms. We all hugged each other and stopped sobbing. Our sobbing turned into smiles as it felt like the tension between us was gone. 
"Come on, I brought us some dinner, so let's go eat," Justin said, then we placed the girls on the ground, and they ran into the dining room. 
"How are you feeling?" Justin asked me as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I nodded my head slightly to avoid a bigger headache. 
"I'm fine, just tired now," I told him, which made him nod. 
"I understand. How about we eat dinner, then we go upstairs and into our bedroom and watch a movie with the girls?" he asked me. I nodded my head and smiled widely. 
"That sounds like a plan," I told him, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I placed my lips on top of his and lightly moaned as I felt them for the first time that day. 
After eating dinner we all made our way upstairs. We all agreed on putting on some nightclothes because getting cozy in Justin and I's bed. 
We ended up watching "Barbie and the Nutcracker" which of course Justin fell asleep to right away, but I stayed awake with my girls, where we finally were able to be like a normal family instead of a barely existing family. 


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