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182. Imagine to @Amandda2001!

Imagine to @Amandda2001 
I had just gotten home from Kendall's. We had had a girls day, where we had gone out for lunch, and then I brought Kendall to my favorite salon, where I got a completely new hairdo and a new hair color. So instead of having blonde hair, I now had brown hair, which I was super hyped about. I had always wanted to color my hair, but I was always afraid of it, but now took the chance, and I LOVED it! And I had also gotten it cut to a shoulder length. 
Currently, I was on my way to Justin's house. We had only been dating for a few months, but we had been best friends for years, yet Justin had never seen me with different hair than straight, blonde hair. 
Justin had been hanging out with Ryan and Za all day, which is kinda why I left to hang out with Kendall. Don't get me wrong! I love those guys, but it feels like they are around all the time!! I only get to be alone with Justin at night, when we are on our way to bed, and by then I'm really tired, so tonight I had planned a surprise dinner for Justin and me, which I was looking really forward to. 
I arrived at Justin's house, and immediately as I got out of the car I could hear his laughter, which made me smile widely. 
I went directly around the house and into the garden, where I could see Justin skateboarding on his ramp.  Justin noticed me immediately as I walked closer to him. He was so focused on my new look that he forgot he was skateboarding, which caused him to fall flat on his face. 
I gasped and covered my mouth as I let go off everything to run over to him. Ryan and Za were just standing there while they were laughing loudly. 
"Justin, are you okay?" I asked as I kneeled down in front of him. He looked up at me as he groaned, which made me pout. 
"What happened to you?" he asked me as he tried to turn around, but he was struggling too much. 
"I decided to try something new, do you like it?" I asked him as I helped him up. He kept studying my face as I helped him over to a chair. 
"You look so much different," he said as he grabbed my face. I smiled at him, then I gently pecked his lips. 
He had a light scratch on his upper lip, which is why I kissed him gently. 
"But seriously, Justin, are you okay?" I asked him. I looked closer at his face and noticed yet another scratch just above his left eyebrow. I gently touched it, but Justin hissed in pain, which made me move my hand. 
"We better get you inside so I can clean those cuts," I told him, then I helped him up and inside. 
"Ryan and Za can you guys bring me the first aid kit?" I yelled to Ryan and Za. 
"Of course" Ryan yelled back, then I helped Justin sit down on the toilet. Ryan came into the bathroom with the first aid kit and handed it to me. I placed it on the ground and opened it, then I took out of some cleansing tissues. I gently started dabbing his cut by his eyebrow, but he kept pulling away in pain. 
"I'm so sorry for doing this to you!" I said as I made a face. 
"What do you mean? You didn't do this to me" he said. I stopped cleaning his cut and looked up at him. 
"It totally is! If I hadn't tried to change everything, then this wouldn't have happened!" I exclaimed. 
"Oh no, don't blame this on you!" Justin said as he grabbed my face. I tried avoiding his eyes, but I couldn't since he kept moving my face. 
"Even if you hadn't tried changing everything it would've still happened! I feel because I was too busy looking at my perfect girlfriend, who by the way doesn't have to change anything about herself because she is perfect just the way she is!" he said, which made me bite down on my lip. 
"You seriously mean that?" I asked him as I placed my hands on his. 
"Of course," he told me as he smiled widely. 
"Aww, you guys are seriously the cutest!" Ryan exclaimed as he and Za hugged, of course because they were making fun of us. 
"Shut up, I was having a moment with my beautiful girlfriend!" Justin said. Ryan and Za started laughing, then they ran away as their laughter became louder and louder. 
Justin kept looking out the door as the boys continued to laugh. 
"Ignore them, baby," I said, then I grabbed his face and placed my lips on his. Justin grabbed my face and asked for permission to slip his tongue into my mouth, which I of course allowed. I lowly moaned as our kiss got more intimate. 
"Mhh, I better clean your cuts," I told Justin as I pulled away. I wiped off the extra saliva, then I started cleaning his other cut.  
"Thank you" Justin then lowly said. 
"For what?" I asked him as I furrowed my eyebrows. 
"For being you! For always being there for me, whenever I needed someone" he said. I smiled and looked him in the eyes. 
"Of course! I'll always be there for you, I hope you know that?" I told him. Justin nodded his head and smiled. 
"I know," he told me. 
I finished cleaning his cuts, then I put some band-aid on the cuts and stood up. 
"Now you're good to go, Baldy" I teased. Justin immediately stood up and attacked me, which made me scream. he swung me over his shoulder and ran into the living room, where Ryan and Za were sitting. Justin placed me on the free couch and started tickling me. 
"What did you call me?" he asked me as I started laughing loudly. 
"Nothing" I screamed, which made Justin tickle me even harder. 
"What did you call me?" he once again asked me, "Say it, and I'll stop," he told me, which made me scream "BALDY" out loud immediately. 
"I'm not bald," Justin said as he pouted. I chuckled and nodded my head. 
"You are" I teased. Ryan and Za nodded their heads in agreement, which made Justin sigh. 
"I'm not completely bald then," he said, which made me agree. 
"You're not completely bald, but you're close to being bald," I told him. Then I grabbed his face and pulled him on top of me. I connected our lips and started to make out with him, slowly and passionate, which made the guys gag. 
"EWW!" Za screamed, but we just ignored him, until Justin sadly pulled away and looked at the guys. 
"You guys better leave now or you'll be witnesses to something you have never wanted to see," Justin said. Ryan and Za stood up immediately, but then they changed their mind and sat down again. 
"You're right, we don't wanna see you naked, but we sure do want to see Y/N naked" Ryan said as he wiggled his eyebrows. I giggled and hid my face in Justin's chest.
"GET OUT!" Justin yelled, then he stood up and haunted the guys out of his house. The guys ran screaming out of the door and got in a car, then they sped off. Justin came into the living room again, then he hovered over me and smirked. 
"Now, where were we?" he said, then we started making out again.  

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