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130. Imagine to @Alicitynarcese!

Imagine to @alicitynarcese
For years and years I had been in love with Justin, my best friend. But of course he didn’t feel the same way, so I was now finally ready to move on. I hadn’t had a boyfriend for years, so I thought it was time to go out and meet a sweet guy, so that was, what I was doing tonight, but of course Justin wanted to tag along, so I was now getting ready. Even though I wanted to meet a new guy, I kinda still wanted to impress Justin, so I had gotten a stylist to do my hair and makeup, and let me tell you something, for the first time I actually looked good, if I had to say so.
“Thank you Janie, you’re the best” I told Janie, my stylist.
“Anything for you Y/N” she smiled, I hugged her, then I left to go home and put on my dress. I had bought this really cute Bordeaux, loose dress.

It really complimented my body, and I knew Justin would like it… No no, no more about Justin. Tonight is about meeting a new, sweet guy that will get my mind off Justin!
Finally, at 10pm Justin came around and picked me up, to say he looked good was an understatement, he looked so good, he looked sexy, and it did not help getting my mind off him!
“Hey sweetie, you look amazing” Justin smiled as he hugged me, I gently hugged back, which made Justin hug me tighter.
“I haven’t seen you in days, and this is how you say hello?” he asked with a raised eyebrow as he pulled away from me.
“Sorry” I just said, then I locked the door and followed Justin to his car.
“What is going on? You have been so distant the whole car ride?” Justin asked as he parked his car.
“It’s nothing” I told them, then I was about to get out of the car, but Justin stopped me.
“No seriously! Why are you acting like this? Did I do something to piss you off?” he asked as he grabbed my wrist.
“Will you please just leave me alone? I don’t need this right now!” I told him, then I tried to get out of the car again, but once again Justin stopped me.
“That’s it, Y/N! Tell me what’s wrong, or I’m driving you back home, and you will  have to tell me” he strictly said, I sighed and leaned back in the seat. This was too much! I was finally ready to move on, and now he suddenly wants to know what’s wrong.
“It’s nothing, Justin, really” I told him, then I faked a smile, but clearly Justin could tell it was fake.
“I can’t believe you Y/N” Justin said as he sighed, he leaned back in his seat and rubbed his face.
“Can we please just go inside and get a few drinks, then I will tell you why” I told Justin and tried to sound as convincing as possible.
“Are you for real? Or are you just trying to trick me?” Justin asked,
“Why would I trick you? You’re my best friend” I told him as I pouted. Justin sighed, then he got out of the car and went over to my side to help me out.
As soon as we got inside I told Justin to find a place to sit, and then I would get us drinks. He agreed and went to find us a seat. I went up to the bar and stood in line to get us some drinks. As I stood in line, I decided to look around and see, where Justin had gotten us seats, but unfortunately he had started talking to this girl, so I turned around and sighed. Even though I was trying to move on, it still didn’t feel right to see Justin with another girl.
“Hey, why are you so sad?” someone asked, I turned to my left and saw a handsome boy standing there, he had the most gorgeous eyes, and the most beautiful hair, and then he looked good, too. But Justin still looked better, damn it!

“It’s nothing” I told him, the guy shook his head and smiled charmingly.
“I don’t believe you” he said, “Oh and I’m Jonas” he said, I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“Y/N” I told him, Jonas smirked and pecked the top of my hand.
“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked, I smirked and nodded my head.
“Yeah, that sounds lovely” I told him. I looked around and caught Justin looking at me, he practically looked hurt, which made me furrow my eyebrows, but eventually I just shook it off.
“Is that you boyfriend?” Jonas suddenly asked from behind.
“Nah, that’s Justin, my best friend” I told him as I gulped.
“Well, why don’t you introduce me?” he asked, I smiled widely and nodded my head, then I grabbed the drink from his hand and took a sip.
“Of course” I told him, then Jonas wrapped his arm around my shoulders and started walking over to Justin.
“Justin, this is Jonas” I told him as I smiled widely. Justin clenched his jaw and did everything in his power to force a small smile on his face.
“Nice to meet you, Jonas” Justin stubbornly said as he shook Jonas’ hand, which seemed to hurt.
We all sat down, and of course I got to sit in between Justin and Jonas, so that was not good…

I’m just gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back” Jonas said, then he stood up and walked away.
“Why are you even hanging out with such a douche?” Justin immediately asked as Jonas disappeared. I glared at him and sucked on my lip.
“What do you mean? Jonas is a total sweetheart” I told him, Justin sarcastically chuckled and rolled his eyes.
“Didn’t you see the way he looked at you? He’s only hanging out with you, so that he can get laid tonight” Justin explained, that really hurt my feelings, so I stood up and grabbed my drink, then I threw it at Justin and went outside the club.
Justin ran after me and stopped me, he pinned me against the wall and stood body to body with me.
“I’m sorry Y/N, I just can’t stand seeing you with other guys, when I know I could be the one making you happy! Cause that’s what you deserve, you deserve to be happy, and I wanna be the guy that makes you that” he explained, my eyes opened wide, and a big smile formed on my lips.
“Are you serious?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head and leaned his head closer to mine.
“Dead serious! You only deserve the best” he explained, then before he could say anything else, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, then finally his lips touched mine, and we started making out. It wasn’t a rough make-out session, it was gentle and passionate.
More and more butterflies formed in my stomach, and they kept growing. I really loved Justin, but I couldn’t tell him just yet…
“Y/N, I know I have been really stupid and mean at times, but I love you, I have loved you for the longest time, I was just scared of telling you” Justin whispered against my lips as he looked me into the eyes.
“Will you please be my girlfriend?” he asked, I smiled widely and pecked his lips a thousand times.
“Does that answer your question?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head, then he pecked my lips and picked me up.
“Come on, I’m taking you back to my place, so we can cuddle and watch Netflix” he explained, I giggled and let him carry me to his car.
This had to be the best night, EVER!    


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