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163. Imagine to @_Austinm_beckyg_!

Imagine to @_Austinm_beckyg_ 
I sighed as I unlocked the front door to the house I shared with my parents and my big brother. 
I threw my bag on the floor, then I took off my jacket and shoes. I grabbed my bag again and ran upstairs to my bedroom, the only place I could be alone. 
I grabbed my laptop and went over to my bed, where I placed it. 
I opened it, then I opened Spotify and started Justin’s new album. Purpose had really saved my life! It was the best album in the entire world, and you know you can’t deny it! 
I went over to my closet and found my Nike running tights, a sand colored hoodie and my running shoes, then I went over to my bed and placed the clothes on there. 

I got out of my other clothes as I sang along to “Sorry”. 
I put on my running clothes, then I threw my hair into a ponytail and secured it with an elastic. 
I went out to my bathroom and removed my makeup, then I went out of the room and grabbed my phone and my earphones. 
I closed my laptop, then I ran down the stairs and went out of the front door, I locked the door behind me, then I hid my keys under the mat and made sure no one could see them. 
I stood up again, then I plugged my earphones into my phone and once again I started Justin’s album. 
I stretched, and then I started running. It’s funny how running had always been my passion, I was always happiest when I was running, maybe because it was only me and no one else? 
I decided to run down to the lake close by. As I made it down there my phone suddenly went off. 
I took it out of my pocket and smiled widely as I realized it was Justin texting me. 
I had never actually met Justin, but he claimed to be the Justin Bieber, and I believed him because he had some pretty good proofs. 
I bit down in my bottom lip as I read his text. 
"Hello, beautiful <3 I hope you had a good day at school?" it said. I looked around to see if I could find something to sit on. I decided to sit down on one of the big rocks, then I texted Justin back. 
"It was fine, nothing to brag about <3," I wrote, then I sent it. It didn't take Justin long to text back. 
"Luckily there are only a few weeks left of school, then you can come stay with me all summer <3," he wrote, I smiled widely and giggled to myself. 
"Are you sure you want me to stay with you all summer? <3" I wrote back, then before I could lock my phone Justin called me, with FaceTime! 
I answered the call, but I covered my face before Justin could see me. 
"Aww baby, don't cover your beautiful face" Justin cooed. I removed my hand and pouted, but the pout quickly turned into a big smile as I saw his handsome face. 
"Hey gorgeous" he smiled, I bit down in my lip and playfully rolled my eyes. 
"Gorgeous? Have you seen my face recently? I'm not wearing any makeup" I told him as I raised an eyebrow. 
"I know, but you're still very gorgeous, and beautiful," he told me, I giggled and sighed loudly. 
"Where are you?" he then asked me, 
"Out running, I'm down by the lake I told you about," I told him. Justin nodded his head and leaned back in what I think was a bed. 
"Where are you?" I asked him as I furrowed my eyebrows. 
"Scooter forced me to this small town to promote my album," he told me, I nodded my head and rubbed my nose lightly because it was itching. 
"You're so cute" Justin chuckled, I pouted and hugged my hoodie tight, it wasn't exactly the best weather today, it was colder than usual, usually the weather was better in spring here in Canada, but apparently not today. 
"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" Justin suddenly asked, I furrowed my eyebrows and turned up the volume a little bit more. 
"Homework, why?" I asked him, Justin shrugged his shoulders and smirked. 
"I just thought we could talk tonight," he told me, I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue. 
"As long as you don't distract me," I told him, Justin shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the ceiling. 
"I'm not promising anything," he told me, then he blew me a kiss. 
"I got to go now beautiful, Scooter wants to talk to me," Justin said as he rolled his eyes, I pouted, but eventually, I nodded my head and blew him a kiss. 
"I'll talk to you later?" I asked him, Justin nodded his head, then he ended the call. 
I sighed to myself, then I locked my phone and stood up, then I ran back home. 
After a long, hot shower I got out and got dressed in my favorite pajamas, it was from Forever 21, and it was pink, could it be better? 

I blow-dried my hair and put it in a ponytail again, then I went out of my bathroom and over to my bed, where I slipped on my slippers.  
Since it was already 7 pm I went downstairs and joined my family for dinner, we weren't that close a family, but we still managed to eat dinner together, so we could talk about our day and stuff like that. 
My family knew I talked to a guy named Justin, and even though they were a little skeptical, they still managed to support me through all of it. 
My mom had made lasagna for dinner, it had been a long time since we got it, so I enjoyed every little bite until there was a knock on the door. 
My brother got up and went out to the front door to open it. 
"Uhm, Y/N it's for you" he yelled, I sighed and stood up, it could only be my best friend, and she had seen me in my pajamas a bunch of times, but normally she would just walk in through the door? 
I made it out to the front door, and when I looked up it wasn't my best friend, it was Justin! 
I covered my mouth and looked at him in disbelief, was he really here?! 
"Hey beautiful," he said, then he walked over to me and pulled him into his embrace. 
"Oh my God" I mumbled to myself as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
"What are you doing here?" I asked him. Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. 
He squeezed me tight and took in a deep breath. 
"I had to see you," he told me, I bit down in my lip, and then I heard my parents awe. 
I looked at them and rolled my eyes. Justin placed me on the ground, then I grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs. 
"I'm sorry, my parents always have to be embarrassing," I told him, Justin shook his head and chuckled. 
"They weren't embarrassing, they're just being parents," he told me, I sighed and nodded my head. 
"Oh, and by the way, nice pajamas" Justin smirked, I gasped and my eyes got wide. 
"Oh my God!" I mumbled, then I grabbed my duvet and wrapped it around me. 
"You weren't supposed to see that!" I squealed, Justin laughed and grabbed his stomach and bended down forward. 
"Stop laughing!" I yelped, Justin stopped, then he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight. 
I looked up and got lost in his beautiful eyes, Justin looked down at my lips, he moved his one hand up to my head and rested his forehead against mine. 
"Can I?" he lowly asked me, I lightly nodded my head and took in a deep breath, then finally Justin's lips were on top of mine in a loving and passionate kiss. 
It's funny how I never thought I would actually meet Justin, and now he was standing in front of me, everything is really possible!   


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