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114. Imagine to @_1_2_3_4_13!

Imagine to @_1_2_3_4_13
I just finished braiding my braid, so now I moved onto putting my shoes on. I was meeting Justin at the dance studio he usually uses, and normally I would just meet him there in my normal clothes, but not today.

I had always been a big fan of dancing, Justin just didn’t know yet, so I wanted to surprise him. Justin had actually only invited me to the dance studio, because he wanted me to see the dance he had been working on to “What do you mean?”.
After tying my shoes I went downstairs and grabbed my car keys, then I went out of the front door and locked it behind me.
Justin and I had only been dating for a little over a year, so we didn’t live together, at least not yet. I had a lot of my stuff at his house and so did he at mine, so we basically lived at each other’s houses.
I slowly made my way to the dance studio, I parked my car right outside and grabbed my bag with a towel and a bottle of water in it, and then I locked my car and went inside.
Justin had told me, he had rented room 7, so I walked down a small hall and turned right as I saw the studio.
“What do you mean?” played through the speakers, and I couldn’t help but sing a long, the song was really catchy…
I slowly opened the door and made my way inside. Justin and Nick had their backs towards me, but they could still see me in the mirror, so immediately Justin stopped dancing and hurried over to me. He was really sweaty, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Justin picked me up and started twirling me around; I hurried to wrap my legs around his torso, and my arms around his neck.
“Heeeeyyyy” Justin squealed as he finally placed me on the ground again, I chuckled and kept my arms around his neck. I pulled him even closer – if that was possible – and connected our lips in a passionate kiss.  
“Hey baby” I said as we pulled a part, I bit down in my lip and unwrapped my arms from around Justin’s neck.
“Hey, are you going to work out afterwards or what?” Justin asked me as he looked me up and down. I chuckled and shook my head, and then I pecked his cheek and sat down in front of the mirrors.
“I thought I wanted to come dance with you” I told Justin as I smirked, Justin rolled his eyes and chuckled.
“But baby, you can’t dance” he chuckled, I pouted and crossed my arms.
“That was not sweet,” I told him, Justin chuckled and bended down over me, and then he lifted my head and connected our lips.
“Even though I think you guys are adorable, we need to continue, we have a dance to finish” Nick suddenly said, which caused Justin and I to pull away from each other.
“Oh, hey Nick” I playfully said as I smirked, Nick shook his head and chuckled, then he ran over to me and started tickling me. Let me just tell you, I had a brother-sister relationship with all of Justin’s guy friends, and Justin didn’t mind, he just thought it was nice that we could get along.
“NICK STOP!!! JUSTIN, HELP ME!!” I screamed out of laughter. Justin shook his head and went over to the stereo and started “What do you mean?” from the top again. Nick stopped tickling me and went over to Justin to dance with him.
“Okay baby, are you ready?” Justin asked as he bit down in his lip. I nodded and leaned back against the mirrors.
Throughout the whole song I looked carefully at the all the steps they made, so that I maybe could memorize them, when I was going to surprise Justin.
I began clapping as they finished with, what they had made. I stood up and quickly pecked Justin’s lips, and then I went over to the stereo and made the song play again.
“How about this?” I asked Justin as the part, where they hadn’t figured out what to do yet played. I took a deep breath, then I slowly started dancing, it was something that I had been working on at home, so I really hoped Justin liked it.
I looked at Justin in the mirror as I continued to dance, his mouth was open wide, and his eyes were really big. 
I smirked to myself and finished my few steps. Immediately as I stopped, Justin tackled me and made me lie on the ground. I groaned as I also chuckled.
“You’re such a liar, why didn’t you tell me you could dance?” Justin asked me as he got on top of me. I giggled and winked.
“You never asked, you just assumed I couldn’t dance, because you’d never seen me dance” I told Justin with a smirk, Justin rolled his eyes and grabbed my hands, he intertwined them with his, then he slowly bended down over me and placed his lips on mine.
“Uhm guys, I need to go now, but you can just stay, and Y/N cool moves” Nick said, and once again he interrupted us. I pulled away from Justin and looked at Nick.
“Thanks, and guess we’ll see you around” I told Nick as Justin slowly started kissing my neck. Nick nodded and grabbed his bag, and then he left and closed the door behind him.
“Justin stop!” I chuckled as Justin started placing butterfly kisses all over my neck.
“You wanna know something?” Justin asked me as he moved away from my neck; I nodded and bit down in my lip.
“Knowing that you can dance, it just makes you 10 times more sexy, and I didn’t think you would be able to get even sexier” Justin smirked; I raised an eyebrow and grabbed his hands.
“Bieber, I’m starting to think you’re getting crazier and crazier” I chuckled; Justin nodded his head and placed a kiss on my lips.
“I am, but only for you” he cheekily said, I shook my head and waited for Justin to stand up, eventually he did, and then afterwards he helped me up.
“You know what?” Justin suddenly blurted out, as his eyes got wide, I chuckled and shook my head.
“What is it?” I asked him, Justin slowly stuck out his tongue and smirked.
“Now we can be one of those tumblr couples that dance together,” he said in his most girly voice ever. I started laughing loudly, and so did Justin. 
“You’re so adorable Miss Bieber” I chuckled, Justin immediately stopped laughing, he replaced the big smile with a pout. He looked down and sniffled.
“Why would you say that?” he asked as he continued to pout. I awed and placed my hands on his cheeks.
“Because you are Miss Bieber,” I told him as I smirked, Justin gasped and grabbed my hips, then he lifted me, and I started screaming. I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck and tried to wrap my legs around Justin’s hips, but he wouldn’t let me.
“PLEASE SET ME DOWN, JUSTIN!” I screamed with a little laughter.
“Only if you apologize,” Justin said, I took a deep breath and chuckled.
“I’m sorry I called you Miss Bieber” I apologized. Justin placed me on the ground and smiled widely.
“Now kiss my lips” he childishly said, I rolled my eyes and placed my lips on his.
“Happy, Bieber?” I asked Justin, Justin nodded his head and smiled widely.
“’I’m always happy, when you’re with me” he said, and then he turned around and went over to the stereo.
“Wanna learn the dance?” Justin asked me as he played “What do you mean?” I nodded my head and smiled.
“Of course” I told Justin, then slowly I learned all the steps, Justin and I even added a part, where you had to be two, it turned out to be a really sweet and romantic dance. And both Justin and I enjoyed the whole day at the dance studio, even though we were dead, when we reached night…


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