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168. Imagine to @5secondsofsummerfam!

Imagine to @5secondsofsummerfam
I woke up to the sound of a door slamming, so I sat up and looked around in the bedroom, but Justin was sleeping peacefully beside me. I smiled to myself and got out of bed. I wrapped a robe around my almost bare body and went out of the bedroom. 
I wasn't scared of going down the stairs because it was probably just Justin and I's teenage daughter Nora, who had gotten home from her boyfriend's house, even though Justin wouldn't allow it, but she was 18 years old, so we didn't actually have anything to say for that matter! 
"Nora, is that you?" I asked as I made it down to the hall. Suddenly a loud sob was heard, which made me run over to the sound. Nora was sitting on the floor with her arms wrapped around her legs as she was crying, hard! 
"Nora sweetie, what happened?" I asked her as I sat down beside her.
"He broke up with me" she sobbed. I awed and wrapped my arms around her as I leaned her into my chest. 
"Sweetie, Jona was just a guy you had a relationship with! You just weren't meant to spend the rest of your life with him, and believe me, you'll know when the love of your life shows up, but you're still young, so you have many years to find him" I told her. Nora looked up at me with her teary eyes and blinked to remove the tears from her beautiful eyes. 
"But you and dad met when you were 18, and then only a few months later you got pregnant with me" Nora explained. I nodded my head and sighed. 
"And believe me, getting pregnant with you was the best thing that ever happened to me, but sweetie, I wasn't ready to have kids back then, and dad and I had only known each other for a few months, so we were both scared, but we loved each other, and we got through it" I told her. Nora nodded her head and sniffled. 
"But why does it hurt so bad then?" she asked me as she started sobbing again. 
"I don't know sweetie, it just does," I told her, "And you're going to go through this so many times" I continued. 
"Thanks, mommy, you're the best" Nora mumbled as she cuddled closer into me. 
"You're welcome sweetie, now since we both can't sleep, how about I bake us some cookies and then we can watch a movie of your choice?" I asked her. Nora looked up at me and smiled. 
"I would love that," she told me, then we both got up from the floor and went into the kitchen. 
"Mommy, why are you and Nora up this late?" my 6 years old daughter Ellie asked me as she came into the kitchen as Nora and I were baking cookies. 
"Nora and I couldn't sleep, so we're baking cookies," I told her as I went over to her and bended down in front of her. 
Ellie rubbed her eyes and yawned at the same time. 
"Can I bake cookies, too?" she asked me. I looked up at Nora who had a big smile on her face. 
"Of course, you can," Nora said, then she picked up Ellie and placed her on the counter. Ellie smiled and pecked Nora's cheek. 
"Thank you, Nora," Ellie said, which made me smile widely. 
Luckily we had never had any problems with Nora and Ellie, they had always had a very special bond and no one would ever be able to break that.  
"Nora, why do you have tears on your cheeks?" Ellie suddenly asked Nora as we were making the dough. 
Nora gulped and looked over at me, but I just shrugged my shoulders. 
"It's nothing Ellie, Jona and I just broke up," Nora told her. Ellie nodded her head and smiled widely, which made both me and Nora furrow our eyebrows. 
"Why are you smiling?" I asked her as I nuzzled my nose against hers. 
"I never liked Jona, so I'm glad you broke up with him" she explained. Ellie was very wise of her age, she understood most things and was ahead of her class since she almost just started 1st grade. 
Nora chuckled and went over to the oven to turn it on. 
"I NEVER LIKED JONA!" Ellie suddenly started singing as we were forming the cookies. 
I shushed at her and chuckled a little. 
"Daddy is still asleep, and we wouldn't want to him up, do we?" I asked her with a smile. Ellie shook her head and chuckled herself. 
"Well, that's a little too late" I heard Justin say behind me. I turned around and found him standing there in a pair of sweats and shirtless. 
"What's going on?" he asked us as he dipped his finger in the dough. 
"None of us could sleep," I told him, Justin sceptically furrowed his eyebrows, then he looked at Ellie. 
"Ellie, is mommy telling the truth?" he asked her as he picked her up. 
Ellie wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and hid her head in the crook of his neck. 
"Ellie?" Justin said as he started tickling her, "Tell daddy the truth" he continued as Ellie's laughter filled the entire room. 
"Nora and Jona broke up" she blurted out, which made Nora gasp. Justin immediately stopped tickling Ellie and placed her on the counter again, then he looked at Nora with the most disappointed eyes you could ever make. 
"Were you still going out with Jona? After I told you not to!" Justin asked her as he crossed his arms over his chest. Nora looked down and said nothing as she also crossed her arms over her chest. 
"Nora!" Justin said as he grabbed her face and made her look at him. 
"Were you still going out with Jona?" he asked her once again. Nora gulped and lightly nodded her head. She must have thought Justin would get really mad at her, but he surprised her by wrapping his arms tightly around her. Nora wrapped her own arms around Justin's waist and started sobbing loudly again. 
"I'm so sorry dad," she said between the sobs. Justin shushed at her and started rocking back and forth as he let her cry in his arms. 
I looked over at Ellie, who was on the edge of crying herself, so I went over to her and picked her up. Ellie let out a big sob as she wrapped her arms around me, wich made Nora looked up from Justin's shoulder. 
She lightly smiled as she realised Ellie was crying. She let go of Justin and took Ellie out of my arms. 
"Why are you crying?" Nora asked her. Ellie sniffed and dried her eyes. 
"Because I don't like seeing you sad" Ellie sobbed. Nora smiled widely and hugged Ellie tight. 
"Ellie, you don't need to be sad just because I'm sad" Nora explained as she started walking around with Ellie in her arms. 
Justin came over to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. 
 "We certainly did a good job raising these two," he said as he looked at Nora and Ellie. 
I sighed and nodded my head. 
"We sure did," I told him, then I pecked his lips and went over to the cookies. 
I grabbed the cookie sheets and put them in the oven, then I set the timer and went back over to Justin again. 
Ellie had finally stopped crying, so Nora placed her on the ground and grabbed her hand. 
"Do you guys wanna watch a movie while we wait for the cookies to bake?" I asked Justin, Nora and Ellie. 
"Of course, but I get to chose the movie" Nora said, then she and Ellie ran into the living room to find a movie.  
Justin sneakily wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled me closer to him, he placed his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss to its fullest. 
"Wanna make another baby?" he asked with a smirk as we pulled away from him. My eyes got wide, and I hurried to shake my head. 
"Oh no, two is more than enough" I told him, but Justin shook his head and gently started caressing my back with his thumbs. 
"I really want another one, and I think Ellie wants to be a big sister, too," Justin told me, then he started pouting, which made me roll my eyes. 
"But we're really old Justin!" I told Justin. Justin sighed and unwrapped his arms from around my waist and started walking away, but I quickly grabbed his hand and made him look at me. 
"I'll think about it, but I can't promise anything," I told him. Justin smiled widely and hugged me tight, then he picked me up and carried me into the living room, where he placed me on the couch right beside Nora. 
We spent the whole night watching movies and eating cookies, but eventually, we all fell asleep right beside each other and with smiles on our faces. 


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