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53. Imagine for @vanessa__6720!

Imagine for @vanessa__6720
“Don’t worry Justin, I will be home in less than 10 minutes” I told Justin, as I pulled up to a red-light. Justin had called me, because I was running late at work. He only called, because there was a boy at work that kept checking me out ´, and he didn’t like that!
I closed my eyes, as I heard Justin sigh. Apparently I though the red-light had turned green, because I just drove, but the red-light hadn’t turned green, because suddenly I saw the light of another car, and suddenly the sound of two cars crashing together was heard.


* Justin’s POV *
As I was talking to Vanessa on the phone, I suddenly heard a crash, and I couldn’t come in contact with her. I started freaking out and called Vanessa’s name over and over again.
“Vanessa please, please” I begged, as I started crying, but there was no answer. Suddenly someone picked up Vanessa’s phone.
“Hello, is someone there?” a man asked,
“Yeah, what happened?” I asked him, tears started streaming down my cheeks.
“I just arrived here, both of what I can see, two cars crashed together, my wife is calling 911 right now” the man explained,
“Is Vanessa okay?” I asked him, the man sighed and didn’t answer for quiet some time.
“She is unconscious, but her heart is still beating” he explained, I happily sighed and went out to get my jacket and shoes on.
“Where are you? I need to see her” I told the man.
“I don’t think that’s a very good idea sir, just stay home until the hospital calls you, maybe call her nearest and make sure they know” the man said, then before I could say anything, he ended the call. I decided to be brave and call Vanessa’s mom, luckily she picked up after 3 rings.
“Justin? What a sudden surprise! How are you?” Mrs. Y/L/N asked,
“Hey Mrs. Y/L/N, not so good, Vanessa has just been in a car crash” I told her, Mrs. Y/L/N gasped, and I could her hear her cry.
“Is she okay? Where is she?” she asked, as she started sobbing.
“She is unconscious, but her heart is still beating, I don’t really know anything else, I was on the phone with her when it happened, and then all of sudden all I heard was a big crash, and a few minutes later a man picked up her phone” I quietly explained to her. Mrs. Y/L/N sniffled and kept quiet.
“So, you’re not with her right now?” she asked,
“No, I’m sorry Mrs. Y/L/N, the man told me to stay home until the hospital called me” I told her,
“I understand Justin, will you give us a call, when you hear anything?” she asked me,
“Of course Ma’am” I smiled, then I ended the call. I sat down on the floor in the hall and called everyone else that I knew wee very close with Vanessa.
Then just as I ended the last call, I got a call from an unknown number, I quickly answered and stood up from the ground.
“Justin here” I said,
“Hello, is this Justin Bieber?” a woman asked,
“Yeah, that’s me” I told her, I covered my mouth and started pulling on my shoes.
“I’m calling from UCLA Medical center, it’s about your girlfriend Vanessa Y/L/N, she has been in a car crash, and is unconscious, but she is still breathing, but her situation is very critical” the woman explained,
“Can I see her?” I asked her as I ran out of the door and out to my car.
“She is having a surgery right now, since she hit her hip really her and broke it, but as soon as she gets out, you’re allowed to see her” she explained,
“Thank you so much” I told her, then I ended the call and drove to the hospital.
As I arrived to the hospital, I turned off the engine and ran inside the hospital.
“Hello, I’m here for Vanessa Y/L/N” I told the woman in the reception.
“Yeah, she is currently in the operation room, but her room will be 409 on the 4th floor” she explained, as she looked at me with caring eyes, I thanked her and ran up the stairs, I hated elevators, but only when Vanessa wasn’t by my side!
I sat down outside room 409 and got my breath again, then I pulled out my phone and called Vanessa’s mom.
“Hello Mrs. Y/L/N, I just got a call from the hospital, Vanessa is in the middle of a surgery, but her room will be room 409” I told Mrs. Y/L/N as she picked up her phone.
“Thank you Justin, we will see you soon” she sweetly said, and then she ended the call.

Finally after 2 and a half hour, Vanessa was out of surgery, and she was slowly waking up after 4 hours. It was getting late, but neither her parents nor me would leave her side. We wanted to be there as soon as she woke up. I quickly grabbed Vanessa’s hand as she started groaning. I happily sighed as she opened both of her eyes. She thought she could sit up, but since her hip was broken, she couldn’t. So she quickly laid down again and in turn she looked at her parents and I.
“What happened?” she asked, her voice was raspy, and I could easily tell she wasn’t feeling well.
“You were in a car crash Sweetie” her mom explained, Vanessa’s eyes got wide, and she started freaking out.
“It’s okay now baby, the doctors made sure you okay” I told her as I tightly grabbed her hand and squeezed it. While I was talking to Vanessa, her dad pressed the red button, and a doctor quickly got into the room.


Your POV *
My body and my head were hurting like crazy. I really just wanted to cry, but I couldn’t since my parents and Justin were there, and I did not want them to feel any worse, so I kept it to myself, I wanted them to think everything was perfect even though it wasn’t.
As I was talking to Justin, I noticed dad pressed the red button, so a doctor would come into the room, and not even half a minute later there was a doctor by my side.
“Good, your awake Vanessa, my name is Doctor Johnson” a male doctor explained, as he looked me in the eyes.
“How are you feeling?” he continued, in turns I looked at my parents and Justin, and then I looked at Doctor Johnson.
“Horrible, I feel like I’m going to die or something” I told him, and then the tears started running down my cheeks. Justin was quick to stand up from his chair, he gently crawled into the hospital bed with me, and since I was laying in the right side of it, he could easily be there. He wrapped my arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. I hid my head in his chest and started sobbing loudly.
“I guessed so, that’s why I brought some painkillers, so you will be able to get some sleep” he explained, I nodded my head and looked up from Justin’s chest. Doctor Johnson handed me the painkillers and a glass of water, I quickly swallowed the painkillers, and then I rested my head on Justin’s chest once again, and soon enough I was fast asleep.


Finally after 3 days at the hospital I was allowed to go home, but Doctor Johnson had been very strict and told me to relax and be sure not to walk too much, since my hip still was very sore. I understood and as soon as Justin and I got home. Justin picked me up in bridal style and carried me upstairs to our bedroom. Since I was still wearing some hospital clothes, Justin quickly went into our walk-in closet and found me a pair of his sweatpants, my favorite adidas hoodie and a pair of fluffy socks.
“I love you” I told Justin, as he helped me out of the hospital clothes. Justin looked up at me and smiled.
“I love you more, and thank you for staying by my side” he smiled; I bit down in my lip, and carefully pulled on the sweatpants. Justin gave me the socks on, and then he went up to me, and helped me put on my hoodie.
“Do you need anything, a glass of water, some painkillers, anything?” he asked, I just shook my head and grabbed his hand.
“I’m fine Justin, I got some painkillers before we left the hospital, I really can’t feel any pain right now, I promise, and I promise to tell you if I need anything” I told him, Justin sighed and nodded his head.
“I just want to make sure you’re okay” he explained as he sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Please come lay down beside me” I told him, Justin smiled and nodded his head before standing up. He walked over to my side and lay down beside me. Justin was also wearing a pair of sweatpants, his were also grey, but they had zippers and pockets in them, and then he was also wearing a striped grey and white T-shirt.
“Thank you for taking care of me” I told him as I turned onto my left hip and hid my face in his chest. It was my right hip I had hurt, so I couldn’t really lay on my right side, which I was used to, but it was okay.
“No thank you” Justin smiled, I furrowed my eyebrows and just looked at him.
“For what?” I asked him as I still had my eyebrows furrowed.
“For still being alive, I really don’t know what I would have done without you” he explained, I awed and placed a peck on his clothed chest.
“I love you so much” I told him, and then I closed my eyes and started listening to Justin’s heartbeat.
“I love you too baby, s much more than you will ever know” Justin explained, then I felt him kiss the top of my head, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep dreaming about Justin and I, and our future kids.


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- Amalie xo

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