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44. Imagine for @tiffanyhartensteiner!

Imagine for @tiffanyhartensteiner
I was standing in the bathroom home at my parent’s house, I skipped my period twice, so I thought I would take a pregnancy test, since Justin and I have had sex without a condom. I had already decided to break up with Justin, if I actually was pregnant. Justin is only 21, and I’m 19! We’re not ready to have a baby; at least I know Justin isn’t. My mom respected my decision about keeping the baby, my dad didn’t understand my decision, but he promised he would always help me, so I knew that they would help me take care of the baby.
They even told me, that we could move back to Canada, so I was sure Justin wouldn’t contact me, they never really liked him.
5 minutes had passed, so I went back into the bathroom, mom and dad were sitting in my room waiting for me to come out with the answer. I took a deep breath and finally looked down at the test. Positive… I started crying to the point where I started sobbing. I didn’t want to leave Justin, he didn’t deserve that!
I grabbed the test and went into my room, mom and dad looked at me with hopeful eyes.
“It’s positive,” I told them, as I continued to cry. Mom started crying too, but eventually she got up from my bed and hugged me tight.
“It’s going to me okay sweetie, dad and I already found a beautiful house for us to live in” mom said, as he tried to comfort me.
“I don’t want to leave Justin” I sobbed in her chest.
“I know honey, but you two already had the talk about kids, he’s not ready” dad explained, as he stood up and hugged me too.
“I’ll just change my clothes and then go over to Justin’s house” I told them, after we pulled out of the hug. Both of them nodded their heads and left my room.
“We’ll leave tomorrow morning sweetie” mom explained, then she closed my door. Immediately as the door closed I started crying even more. My whole body was hurting.
After about half an hour of crying I decided to change my clothes and go to Justin’s house. I changed into a sweet loose black dress, a pair of tights and a pair of adidas shoes. Then I quickly just put on some mascara and my glasses. I decided to just let my hair stay the way it was. Then I quickly grabbed my black bag and left. Since I knew I would start crying, I had been sure to put on waterproof mascara. After driving for about 20 minutes I arrived at Justin’s house. I felt so bad, when I got out of my car and went up to his door. I took a deep breath before knocking on his door. A few seconds later Justin opened the door; he started smiling really big, when he noticed that it was me.
“Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked me, as he pulled me in for a hug.
“I need to talk to you” I told him; Justin quickly pecked my lips and then let me inside.
“What did you want to talk about baby?” he asked, as he took off my jacket.
“I think you should sit down,” I told him, as I looked down in the ground.
“Okay?” he said, as he furrowed his eyebrows. Together we walked into the living room and sat down.
“So what is it? You’re making me nervous” Justin explained, as he sweetly looked at me.
“I am moving to another country” I quietly told me, Justin’s eyes got wide, and he stood up.
“WHAT? You can’t just leave!” he said, as his lips started to tremble.
“I need to, remember when we talked about getting kids?” I asked him; Justin furrowed his eyebrows and nodded his head, as he sat down again.
“Well, you told me that you weren’t ready to get kids, and I respect that, but I’m pregnant and it’s too late to get an abort” I told him, Justin didn’t sat anything, he just sat there looking at anything else but me.
“I thought it would be better, that I moved away and got the baby! I don’t want to ruin your career or you to be honest! You told me you weren’t ready, so I’m leaving, and there is nothing you can do about it” I told him, and then I stood up and walked away.
“Y/N wait, you can’t just do this!” Justin yelled behind. I started crying, as I took on my jacket.
“But I need to” I told him, then I opened the door and left. Justin wasn’t fast enough, because as he got out of the door, I was already driving away. I didn’t want to go home, so I to Justin and I’s secret place. It was a place in the woods, it was nice, and I actually felt safe there.


After sitting there for a couple of hours I drove home. I packed all of my stuff and the next day we left to Canada.
Mom and dad were right, the new house was beautiful, it was big, but it was perfect for us and soon also a baby.
As the months passed mom and dad got more exited, they couldn’t wait to be grandparents. I couldn’t help but get excited myself. Actually I already knew the gender, I was having a beautiful baby boy, I had already decided to name him William Noah Bieber. Bieber because I didn’t want him to get my last name, and so that he also had something of his dads.
I was actually 9 months pregnant, but there were still a few weeks until my due date, so I wasn’t worried about it, at least not just yet. I was sitting in my room, watching The Vampire Diaries on my laptop, when I suddenly felt pain in my stomach. I made a face and laid my hands on my stomach. William suddenly started to kick like crazy; I couldn’t help but let out a whimper.
“MOM” I yelled on top of my lungs, I gently started to caress my stomach, as I waited for mom to come upstairs. Suddenly mom came running into my room, her eyes widened, as she noticed my face.
“Why does it hurt?” I asked her, as I once again whimpered. The pain was hurting so much that I actually started crying!
“Oh sweetie, I think you have contractions” mom explained, as she sat down beside me in the bed. Another contraction came a few minutes later.
“Mom, they hurt!” I cried, I laid my head on her shoulder, as I rubbed my belly.
“I know sweetie, but you just gotta ignore them, we can’t go to the hospital before your water breaks” she explained, I nodded my head and sat up. I reached over for my phone and saw that Justin had tried to text me, he always text me to see how I am and how our baby is. He doesn’t know where I am, so the only way we can stay in contact is to text.
I decided to call him instead of answering the text. So I dialed his number and pressed call.
“It’s Justin” he said, as he finally picked up his phone.
“Hey Justin, it’s me” I whimpered, because I got a contraction more.
“Y/N, hey! What’s wrong?” he asked, I could hear he sat down on a chair.
“Nothing much, I just got the contractions, so I’m basically waiting for my water to break” I told him, I looked over at mom who was already looking at me. She was smiling like a fool, as she rubbed my belly to prevent William from kicking any more.
“What, are you actually going into labor?” Justin asked.
“Yeah, I just really whished you could be here, I have made a terrible mistake, you are ready to be a daddy, I just know it, because you have been so interested in this pregnancy” I told him, I started to smile, as I heard Justin chuckle.
“Well, where are you?” he asked,
“I’m in Canada” I told him,
“Really? You’re in Canada? I’m in Canada too” he told me, I gasped and started to smile even more. Maybe he now had a chance to come and be with me, while I give birth to our child.
“Really? That’s amazing; can you meet me at the hospital? Because my water just broke” I told him,
“Yeah, of course, I will be there as soon, as I can” he said, I smiled and then ended the call.
“Can you please drive me to the hospital mom?” I asked mom, as she helped me out of the bed. Mom nodded her head and drove me to the hospital.
As we arrived, Justin was standing outside waiting for us. The first thing he did, when he saw us, was to walk over to us and kiss my lips with as much passion as possible.


I pushed one last time and finally I was able to hear my baby boys crying. I happily sighed and leaned back in the bed.
Justin was cutting the umbilical cord, as the doctor held William tightly in his arms. As Justin has cut the umbilical cord, the doctors handed him our son. I started to cry happy tears, as I looked at my two boys. Justin came over to be with the biggest smile on his face, he looked down at me and noticed I was crying.
“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, as he sat down on the edge of the bed. I nodded my head and placed my hand on his knee.
“I’m more than okay, my two boys are united” I told him, Justin’s smile grew eve bigger, he bended down over to, and finally he placed his lips on top of mine.
“I love you,” he whispered against my lips, I cheekily smiled and nodded my head.
“I know, and I love you too” I told him, and then I looked over at William, who had finally calmed down in Justin’s arms.
“Can I please hold him?” I asked Justin, Justin nodded his head and handed me William. William was wide awake, he had beautiful hazel brown eyes, a small nose and perfect lips. He was a beautiful combination of Justin and I.


After a few days at the hospital, it was finally time for us to go home. Justin had bought a beautiful, big house here in Canada, so he asked us to move in, which we gladly accepted.
Mom and dad where happy to see Justin and I together again, they knew I had missed him, and they knew he was the love of my life, so they had let me move in with him, as long as the house was close to theirs, which it actually was. It was only a few streets away. All in all everything ended perfectly, just like I wanted it to.       


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