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54. Imagine for @Swaggie.Alejandra!

Imagine for @Swaggie.Alejandra
I was getting ready to go to Justin’s house, since we were going to do a video for my YouTube-channel. I am a famous YouTuber and recently I had told my followers, that I had gotten a boyfriend, I just didn’t want them to know who just yet, but Justin and I had finally come to the point, were we wanted the world to know that we were together.
I had just finished showering, and now I was looking for something to wear, which was never an easy thing for me to found. I finally found a cute black dress, I paired it with a floral kimono, a pair of see-through black tights and my beloved low white converse. I went out to the bathroom again and did my makeup. I’m am kind of a mixture between a beauty YouTuber and a vlogger, so my makeup was pretty important. I did a kind of Smokey eye and a thin line of eyeliner, and then of course I couldn’t forget the mascara. As I ran downstairs to gather all of my important stuff, I just braided my hair into a fishtail braid. After making sure I had everything, camera, camera tripod, lighting and a microphone. I grabbed my back and went out to my car. I quickly drove to Justin’s house, and as I arrived, Justin was quick to come outside and help me with all of my stuff. As we had gotten everything inside I sighed and turned around to look at Justin, Justin was already looking at me with a big smile on his face.
“Hey baby” he smiled, as he walked over to me and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.
“Hey” I quietly said, as we pulled out of the kiss, I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck and just started him into his eyes.
“I missed you,” he truthfully said, as he kept our eye contact.
“I missed you too,” I told him, and then I pulled him in for a kiss more. Before we got too caught up in the situation, I pulled away from the kiss and unwrapped my arms.
“Ready to tell the world our little secret?” I asked Justin, as I grabbed some of my stuff and started walking upstairs.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to see how they react” Justin said, as he gently chuckled. I chuckled too and went inside Justin’s bedroom.
“I know, it’s going to be so funny! I don’t think any of my followers ever thought about us dating,” I told Justin, as I started unpacking my camera, camera tripod and my lighting.
“So, what can I do?” Justin asked me, as I placed my camera on the tripod.
“You could turn on your laptop, so that we can see the questions” I suggested him; Justin nodded his head and ran downstairs to get his laptop. When he got back I was done setting everything up. Justin had his mouth open wide, as he looked around.
“Do all YouTuber’s set all of this up, when they’re about to film?” he asked, as he sat down on his bed. I confidently nodded my head and sat down beside him. Justin handed me his laptop before finding his iPhone. As I opened Justin’s laptop, I heard the sound of a camera clicking; I looked up from Justin’s laptop and noticed him taking a picture of my gear.
“Can I post this picture of Instagram?” he asked me, as he sat down beside me and showed me the picture; I nodded my head and quickly pecked him on the cheek.
“Just be careful not to reveal too much” I told him, Justin nodded his head and posted the picture on Instagram with the caption: “About to film a video for you guys with this really special person, I can’t wait for all of you guys to see it! #AmIaYouTubernow ??” I laughed of his little hashtag. I had finally found the questions, so I handed the computer to Justin, and asked him to go behind the camera and press record and stay back there until I called him out. Justin quickly pecked my lips before doing what I told him to. He gave my thumbs up, as he started recording.
“Hallo guys and welcome back to my channel! My name is Y/F/N and today I am going to be doing the boyfriend tag,” I explained, as I looked at the camera.
“And now you’re probably wondering why am I filming a boyfriend tag, when I don’t have a boyfriend?” I continued, I made a face pretending to be thinking.
“But here is the truth, I have been dating this guy for quiet some time, and we have now decided to tell you guys about it!” I explained, as I did a lot of illustrations with my hands.
“So, Justin come out here” I told Justin, Justin chuckled and went over to me. He quickly pecked my lips, and then he sat down beside me.
“So, this is Justin guys, but I’m sure you already know that” I said, as I chuckled and kept my eyes on the camera.
“Justin say hey to all my dear followers” I told Justin, as I grabbed his hand and rested my head on his shoulder.
“Hey guys” he smiled, I chuckled and Justin started blushing like crazy.
“He is a little shy guys, but can you blame him?” I asked the camera, even though I knew it wouldn’t answer me. Justin chuckled and looked down, before wrapping his arms around my shoulders.
“Okay, so Justin will be answering some questions about our relationship” I explained, Justin nodded his head and took a deep breath.
“Are you ready?” I asked him, Justin shook his head and took a deep breath more.
“I’m so nervous” he said, I nodded my head and kissed his cheek.
“You will do perfect” I told him, and then I looked down at the computer screen and looked at the first question.
“So, where did we meet?” I asked him, as I looked him in the eyes, Justin let out a sigh and smiled.
“We met through at Ariana Grande’s concert, we’re both really good friends with her. I was there to sing with her, and you were there to hang out with her both before and after the concert” Justin explained with a big smile on his face. I nodded my head and gave him two big thumbs up.
“That’s right, so where was our first date?” I asked him, I tipped the computer screen a little bit.
“That’s easy, I took you to the theater, we were going to watch Aladdin, because I knew it was your favorite movie and play” Justin smiled, I nodded my head and bit down in my lip.
“It was really sweet guys, Justin had been asking Ariana a whole bunch of questions about me” I chucked, Justin chuckled himself and started blushing once again.
“Where was our first kiss and how was it?” I asked him.
“I think our first kiss was after our third date, I had just droved you home, and as you where about to get out of my car, I grabbed you and kissed you, the kiss was okay, but it was also pretty awkward” Justin explained, I nodded my head and giggled, because I remembered that day like it was yesterday.
“Did you know I was the one?” I asked Justin, after looking at the questions again. Justin nodded his head and smiled really big.
“I have always known you were the one, right from that day we met a Ariana’s concert” he told me, I awed and quickly pecked his lips.
“I have always also known that you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with” I told him; Justin smiled and kissed my lips once again. 

Justin and I finally finished filming the video. I transferred the video over to Justin’s laptop and started editing. I didn’t know where Justin went, but suddenly he came back with a bunch of different food. I smiled and picked up his laptop before sitting down on the bed beside him.
“Is the video good?” he asked me, as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and took a bite of a strawberry.
“It’s amazing, and I really adore the way you look at me, when I’m not looking at you” I told him, as I looked up at him. Justin giggled and nodded my head, before feeding me the last bit of his strawberry.
We finally finished editing the video, and I posted it on my channel, and Justin posted it on his channel. Then he went on Instagram and took a picture of us. “Filmed a video with this beauty, go check it out on YouTube, you will be surprised ;)” he wrote, I chuckled and went into my YouTube and started reading all the comments that we had already gotten.
“OMG, ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS? THIS IS AMAZING!!” someone wrote, I awed and so did Justin. And the rest of the day we just used on reading the positive comments about our relationship.        


Please tell me what you think! I know I have already written a simliar imagine, but I like this one better!

- Amalie xo

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