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29. Imagine for @sir_bizzle_luv!

Imagine for @sir_bizzle_luv
I was on my way to jail, I was only going to pick up my twin brother Dylan and his friend Justin. They had been in jail for robbing.
I had never been a good girl, Dylan had never been a good guy, but we still managed to get good grades in school and we had never really been in trouble, until now of course, at least for Dylan.
My not good girl attitude was also the reason I was dressed in a pair of ripped black jeans, a check patterned button up shirt, a leather jacket, white low converse and a beanie, of course I was also wearing my Ray-Ban glasses because it was a sunny day.
I arrived at the jail, so I got out of my car and locked it. Then I walked over to the gate.
“Hey, I’m here for Dylan Y/L/N and his friend Justin Bieber” I told the man, he looked up from his papers and looked at me, then he looked down at his papers once again.
“Are you Y/F/N?” he asked as he looked at me with sceptical eyes.
“Yeah, I am” I told him, I showed him my driver’s licence.
“Okay, you can walk in, they are ready to go” he said, I nodded my head and walked in. As I got inside, I removed my sunglasses and looked around. I finally spotted Dylan, he was sitting with this really hot guy, from what I could see, he was muscular, just how I like guys.
I started smiling and then I started walking over to Dylan and I guess, Justin.
Dylan had his back turned towards me, so Justin was the first one to see me.
“Dude, that’s your sister” I could hear him say. Dylan turned around and immediately stood up. He ran over to me and picked me up.
“Hey sis” he smiled and he hugged me.
“Hey, I missed you!” I told him, Dylan placed me on the ground again and then smiled.
“I missed you too sis” he said. Dylan and I had always had a good relationship, so now that he had been gone for a year and a half, I was so happy to see him.
“Y/N, this is Justin my really good friend” Dylan explained, I turned around and looked at Justin, who had gotten up from his seat. He was biting his lip as he looked at me.
“Hey, I’m Y/N” I told him as I reached my hand out for him to shake it.
“Hey Y/N, I’m Justin, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you” he smirked, then he took my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth. He gently pecked it before letting it go. I bit down in my lip and smiled.
“Dylan told me a lot about you” Justin then said as he and Dylan grabbed their stuff.
“Really? He did?” I asked him as I smirked and looked at Dylan.
“Yeah, I had to talk about something white I was here” he said back, I scoffed and grabbed my bag. Then we walked out to my baby, you know my car :’) My BMX M6 in black.
“Whoa sis, you upgraded your car?” Dylan asked as he smiled,
“Yeah, mom and dad thought it was time to finally give me new car, so I told them that I wanted this one and they got me it” I told him as I smirked, Dylan would never get anything from mom and dad anymore after what happened. They never understood why he would rob a store, when they had lots of moneys and could buy him everything. Dylan rolled his eyes and threw his bag inside the trunk, Justin did the same. I got inside the car and closed my door.
“Dude, you never told me you had such a hot sister!” Justin said to Dylan, he probably thought I couldn’t hear them, but my window was open, so it was pretty easy to hear.
“Don’t you dare hurt her! She’s my sister and I will be make sure to never let you hurt her!” Dylan told Justin, and then they got inside the car. Dylan sat in the passenger seat and Justin sat in the back.
“You’re pretty hot too, Justin” I told Justin as I looked up in the mirror. Don’t ever doubt my self-confidence, I had always been self-confidence and I never thought about stopping it.
“You heard us didn’t you?” he asked as he started blushing, I smirked and nodded my head.
“I did” I told him as I chuckled. Then I drove out of the parking lot and out onto motorway.
I got over the speed limit, but I didn’t care. I liked the feeling of the adrenalin rushing through my body,
“Dylan, are you on for a game of Call of Duty when we get home?” I asked Dylan as I continued to look at the road. I could see Justin was smirking in the rear-view mirror,
“Of course! Always, but you know I’ll always win” Dylan smirked; I playfully rolled my eyes and drove even faster.
“So Justin, do you play Call of Duty?” I asked Justin as I quickly looked up in the rear-view mirror.
“I do, I love that game” he smirked,
“Cool, then I’m sure you won’t mind me winning over you?” I asked him as I smirked myself,
“I’m not quite sure about that? I always win, even over you brother!” he smirked,
“I’m used to winning over Dylan, so I’m sure I can beat your ass too” I told him. Then before he could say a thing, I turned up the volume of the music and started singing along on “Side Bitch Issues”.
I only hit it two times now, she blow it up my phone, I think Shorty loves me, but I don't love them hoes” I sang, not to be more selfish, but I would say that I have a pretty amazing voice and so would my friends and my family.
“So Justin, any girlfriend?” I asked Justin as the song ended and I turned down the music.
“Nope, she left as soon as I got arrested” he said as he rolled his eyes.
“What a bitch! She must have never been loyal?” I told him, Justin chuckled and shook his head.
“No, she was only with me because I have a lot of money” he said as he chuckled once again. Then finally we arrived at my apartment; Dylan and Justin would be staying with me for a while, while they had no apartment themselves.
“I would’ve broken up with her anyway, because she was a really bad kisser” he continued as we got out of the car.
“I bet you’re a good kisser” he then suddenly said as we got their bags out of the trunk.
“Oh really? Well there is only one way to find out” I told him as I smirked, I placed the bag I had just taken out of the trunk on the ground, then I walked over to Justin and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me. Then I laid my lips on top of his and we started kissing.
Just to prove that I was a good kisser, I added tongue. So I gently slipped my tongue inside Justin’s mouth. The weird thing was that I actually felt something weird in my body as we were kissing, like we had a special connection. Justin started playing with my tongue, but before we could take a step more, Dylan interrupted us.
“Yo, I think you proved enough sis!” he said as he pulled me away, aww there was my protective twin brother.
“Were you right?” I asked Justin as I looked at him, I picked up the bag from the ground as I smirked at him.
“Yup, I defiantly was” he smirked, then he grabbed a bag himself and we walked inside and up to my penthouse. And to let you know, yeah I paid it myself.
“Whoa, I never imagined you living like that” Justin chuckled as he placed his bags on the ground.
“Well, this is how I live” I told, and then I pulled off my shoes and walked into the kitchen to grab something to drink. Justin was right behind, so after I had opened the fridge, I pulled out two bottles of waters. Then I closed the fridge again and turned around. But as I turned around, I got slammed right into the fridge and the nice feeling of Justin’s lips on mine once again got to me again. I smirked and started kissing back, I let go of the water bottles, and then I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. Justin picked me up and walked over to the counter and placed me on top of it.
“Would you like to go on a date with me?” Justin asked as we pulled out of the kiss. I smiled and nodded my head.
“Yeah, I would like that!” I told him and then we started kissing again.
After that Justin took me out on a date, he actually turned out to be a real gentleman and I really liked that.


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