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34. Imagine for @shinexarianax - Cheating Justin!

Imagine for @shinexarianax
“I’ll see you tomorrow Sara” I told Sara, my colleague.
“We do Y/N, say hallo to Justin from me” she smiled; I nodded my head and then worked out of the door.
It had been a long exhausting day, so all I wanted was to go home and cuddle with Justin. I got in my car and turned on the engine, and then I started driving home.
I finally arrived home after 15 minutes of driving; I turned off the engine and then got out of the car. I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw a completely strange car parked in our driveway, but I quickly shook it off, Justin probably had a friend over. After I had unlocked the front door, I opened it and walked inside. All the lights were turned off and there were so signs of Justin or anybody else. Once again I furrowed my eyebrows, I walked upstairs only to hear the sound of someone moaning. I quietly gasped, when I opened the door into Justin and I’s bedroom and saw Justin on top of some blonde girl.
They hadn’t heard me, so they kept fucking. Well until I incidentally let out a big sob. Justin immediately stopped moving and pulled out of the blonde girl.
“Y/N, this is not what it looks like!” he said as he got out of the bed and pulled on his Calvin Klein boxers.
“It’s not? Because it certainly looks like you’re fucking some slut!” I told him
“HEY! Justin will you just let her call me a slut?” the slut asked. Justin rolled his eyes and shushed at her.
“Baby, I’m sorry! This was a mistake! I only love you, know that” Justin said as he walked over to me and grabbed my hands.
“Don’t you dare touch me!” I yelled as I got out of his grip. I shook my head and dried some of the tears away, before I walked downstairs.
“Get out of my house, I don’t ever want to see you again Hailey” I could hear Justin yell, as I pulled on my shoes.
“But Jussy, I’m so much better than her! Why would you let me go for her?” the slut that apparently was named Hailey asked Justin.
“Because I love Y/N with all my heart and Y/N is so much better than you, I just missed her being around because she has been working a lot lately!” Justin told her, I didn’t want to listen anymore, so I opened the front door and walked out to my car. The tears were streaming down my cheeks as I got inside my car. I never thought Justin would ever cheat on me! I actually thought he loved me, but of course, how could he love such a boring girl like me? I let out a loud sob, as I turned on the engine. I was about to drive away, when Justin came running out only in his boxers.
“Y/N WAIT!” I could hear him yell, I shook my head and carefully started driving over to the gate.
“Y/N STOP! I ONLY LOVE YOU! PLEASE! HAILEY WAS A MISTAKE!” he yelled as he started banging on my window. I took a deep breath and opened my window.
“I will have someone come and pick up my clothes tomorrow, good bye Justin!” I cried, and then the gate opened and drove away. In the rear-view mirror I could see Justin started crying. A loud sob let my mouth as I watched him disappear, as I kept driving.
I decided to go to my best friend Paul’s house. Paul and I were working together and from day one we had just had this special connection, but of course not in a boyfriend-girlfriend way. The ride to Paul’s house was about 30 minutes, but I didn’t care! I just needed to see him. I parked in his driveway and got out of my car, after I had turned off the engine. I grabbed my back and walked up to his front door and knocked on it. A few seconds later the door opened and Paul stood in the door.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked as he pulled me in for a hug.
“Justin cheated on me!” I told him as I continued to sob. Paul hugged me even tighter and closed the door behind us.
“Shh, it’s okay! We will never be able to hurt you again, I’ll be sure to keep you safe” he said as he caressed my back. I nodded my head in his chest, and then I pulled away and looked up at him.
“What would I do without you Paul?” I asked him as I dried my tears away.
“I don’t know” he smirked; I shook my head and then followed Paul into his living room.
“So, would like to explain what happened?” Paul asked me as we sat down on the couch.
“Well, I had just got home from work, when I noticed that a strange car was parked in our driveway” I told him, Paul nodded his head and I kept going, “I just thought Justin had a friend over, so I just shook it off, until I came inside and all the lights were turned off. I once again got confused, so I walked upstairs and that’s when I heard moans from Justin and I’s bedroom” I continued, I took a deep breath and looked down, “That’s when I opened the door into our bedroom and noticed Justin on top of some blonde slut, apparently her name was Hailey” I told him, more tears started running down my cheeks. Paul moved closer to me and hugged me from the side.
“It’s okay Sweetie” he comforted; I nodded my head and rested my head on his chest.
“Did you bring any of your clothes, so you could get changed into something more comfortable then your work clothes?” he asked, I shook my head and dried some tears away.
“No, I just left, I couldn’t be in the same house as him” I told him,
“Well, I have a pair of sweats and a T-shirt you could borrow” Paul said, I smiled and chuckled a little.
“Please” I said, Paul chuckled himself and got up from the couch.
“Come on then” Paul said, I giggled and got up from the couch myself.
“Are you going to change too?” I asked him as we had made it upstairs and into Paul’s room.
“Yeah, I’m always wearing my work clothes, remember?” he told me as he pointed towards himself.
“That’s right, I’m just used to see you in that kind of clothing” I told him as I smirked. Paul shook his head and then found a pair of sweats and a white T-shirt.
“You can change in the bathroom,” he told me; I nodded my head and went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.
After I had changed, I walked out of the room, I looked around but Paul wasn’t in the room. I furrowed my eyebrows, and then I walked downstairs.
“Please Paul, I just need to talk to her, all this was a mistake, she’s the only one I love!” I heard Justin say,
“No Justin, you hurt her, you broke her heart man! I can’t let you see her, she’s my best friend, and I will do everything for her!” Paul explained to him,
“Have you ever tried doing something that you regret because you hurt the one person you loved the most?” Justin asked Paul. Paul didn’t say anything; there was only the sound of me walking down the stairs. Both of the guys turned their attention toward me. Paul rolled his eyes; I just shook my head and walked over to them.
“What are you doing here Justin?” I asked Justin,
“I came here to apologize, I need you to know that I love you!” he explained,
“But I don’t want your apologize! I’m done Justin, you got your chances!” I told him, I could hear Justin gulped harshly, as he looked down.
“I’m sorry…” he said, and then he turned around and left. I started crying really hard, as I closed the front door. I slide down the door and pulled my knees up to my face. I wrapped my arms around my knees and started sobbing really loudly.
“Hey, don’t worry, everything will be alright!” Paul said as he sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.
“No” I sobbed,
“What do you mean with no?” Paul asked as he made me look at him.
“I’m pregnant, with Justin’s child” I told him as I kept crying…


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