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58. Imagine for @s__a.xo!

Imagine for @s__a.xo
I had finally arrived in LA again after three weeks in England with my crew. I had to go without Justin, because he still had some music to make, but we had made sure to keep in contact, Justin just didn’t know that I was on my way home. I wanted to surprise him. Gerry my bodyguard drove me to my apartment, so that I could change my clothes and get ready to finally see my amazing boyfriend again.
“Thank Gerry, just go home I will take my own car” I thanked Gerry as I got out of the car. Gerry nodded his head, and then he drove off. I quickly went up to the front door and got my suitcases inside, then I locked the door behind me and went upstairs to take a quick shower. After showering I blow dried my hair and just made a cute braid bun, then I just made a simple, but cute makeup. I ran into my walk-in closet and found a pair of Boyfriend Jeans, then a black sweatshirt and a pair of adidas shoes. After finishing I grabbed my phone and my bag. Then I went downstairs and went outside, I locked the door behind me, and then I went over to my white Audi R8. I unlocked it and then got inside. After making sure everything was fine I turned on the engine and drove off. Since the weather was so amazing I rolled down my window and turned up the volume of the music.
Finally after 14 minutes I arrived at Justin’s house, but there was a completely strange car parked in his driveway. I furrowed my eyebrows and got out of my car. Then I went up to the front door and to my luck the front door was unlocked. I quietly made my way inside to the living room, but there was no one in there? I furrowed my eyebrows once again, then I went upstairs, and as I got closer to Justin’s bedroom, I heard both male and female moans. I gasped and quietly opened the door, and there on his bed Justin was having sex with another woman. I tried to hold in my sobs, but one slipped out as I heard Justin moan the girl’s name. Both of them immediately stopped moving and opened their eyes. As Justin saw me he immediately pulled out of the girl.
“Y/N, what are you doing here?” he asked as he got out of the bed and pulled on a pair of boxers. I didn’t say anything; I just turned around and left the room. As I heard Justin’s footsteps behind me I started running down the stairs, and just as I was about to open the front door Justin grabbed my arm and turned me around.
“Y/N please, don’t leave me!” he begged as a tear ran down his cheek. I sobbed and dried a tear or two away before glaring at him.
“Why should I stay with you, huh Justin? You fucking cheated on me, and even with a SLUT!” I told him, I yelled the last word, and then I heard a gasp from the stairs.
“I am not a slut,” the girls said as she wrapped MY robe around her naked body.
“Oh, you’re not? Because you certainly looks like one, and please get out of my robe!” I told her as I walked over to her and pushed her. The girl gasped and looked at Justin.
“JUSTIN! Tell that psycho to stop saying such mean things to me” the slut whined as she looked at Justin with a pouty face. I scoffed and rolled my eyes before turning around.
“I hope you get so fucking happy with that slut Justin, because I certainly wasn’t enough for you” I told Justin, then I slapped him across the face.
“JUJU!” the slut yelled, then she ran over to him and tried to grab his cheek.
“Don’t fucking touch me Yovanna! Get the hell out of my house!” Justin hissed at the slut whose name apparently was Yovanna. I sarcastically chuckled, and then I left his house without even saying goodbye. Justin ran behind my far for quiet some time, but he had to give up because I speeded up and just drove away from him.
As soon as I got home to my penthouse again, I quickly just ran inside and as I did, I noticed Esther Justin and I’s dog come over to me. Mom must have been here with her.
“Hey Princess” I said as I picked her up and squeeze her in my arms. Esther sweetly barked and licked my cheek. I chuckled and then the tears started streaming down my cheeks. Esther whimpered and hid her head in my neck. I quickly kissed the top of Esther’s head, and then I went upstairs with her in my arms. I placed Esther on the bed before walking into the bathroom to remove my ruined makeup. After that I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I went into my walk-in closet and changed my pants into some sweatpants, I just kept my sweatshirt on, and then I went into the bedroom again. Esther was already lying on the bed on her back, I chuckled and dried some new tears away, then I went over to her and got under the covers in my bed. Esther got up and walked over to me, she lie down on my belly and let go of a sigh. Then suddenly my phone went off, I sighed and reached my hand over to my nightstand, I finally found my phone and accepted the call.
“Y/N here” I sniffled,
“Y/N, sweetie are you okay?” mom asked on the other line, as I heard her voice I broke down in tears.
“No mom” I cried, mom gasped, and I could hear her start walking around.
“What happened?” she asked, and I sniffled once again.
“I just got home, which you already know, but I wanted to surprise Justin, I was just the one who got surprise” I told her, I quickly took a deep breath and continued, “I found my in bed with someone else” I told her, and then I started sobbing loudly.
“Sweetie!” mom whined, and then I could hear the front door being opened downstairs.
“Mom, I need to go, I think Justin just got here,” I told mom,
“No sweetie, it’s me, I hadn’t left yet” mom smiled in the doorway. I gasped and quickly removed Esther from my chest, and then I got up and ran over to mom. I jumped directly into her arms and hugged her tight.
“Mom, I missed you so much” I sobbed into her chest. Mom chuckled and caressed me in the hair.
“I missed you too sweetie” she smiled. I pulled away from her, and then I started sobbing.
“Aww, you’re really heartbroken” mom pouted, I nodded my head my head was aching and hurting like crazy.
“Come here” mom smiled, then she sat down on my bed, I sat down beside her, and then mom pulled the covers over our bodies. Esther barked and crawled on top of mom.

After hours and hours of talking with mom both of us fell asleep, but at 4 am the sound music woke us up. Mom smiled widely, I just furrowed my eyebrows and went over to the window to see Justin in my garden, alone with his guitar. As he played the guitar, he started singing. I opened the window and just admired him as he sang to me.    
As Justin finished the song I had started crying again.
“Y/N, I’m so sorry for hurting you! I never meant to do that! But I just missed you so much, and I needed your touch” Justin yelled as he looked me into my eyes. I quickly closed the window, and then I ran downstairs and opened the front door, immediately I ran into Justin’s arms and hugged him tightly.
“I’m so sorry princess, I never meant to hurt you! I love you so much” Justin said as she hugged me tight, his voice was really raspy meaning he was crying just like I was.
“I forgive you, and I love you too” I told him, and then I pressed my lips against his.     


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