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39. Imagine for @Rohinilove

Imagine for @Rohinilove
* Justin’s POV *
“Come on Justin, you can’t be heartbroken forever! You need to go out and have fun! Selena was just a chapter in your life, now you need to meet new people!” Ryan explained, as he removed me comfortable covers. I groaned and put up my fuck-finger for him to see it.
“Do you think I care? I loved Selena, I actually thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together!” I told him, Ryan sighed, and then he grabbed my hands and pulled me out of my bed.
“Selena has already moved on, now it’s your turn!” Ryan explained.
“If I go tonight, will you leave me alone then?” I asked him, as I rolled my eyes.
“Yeah, but you gotta have some fun, find a girl, make out with her, maybe even have sex with her!” he told me.
“Okay, I’ll do it, it sound kinda fun” I told him with a smile, who actually wasn’t fake.


Your POV *
Finally my friends and I had graduated, and we were now ready to party all summer long. Right now I was getting ready to go to the grand opening of a new club in town. The girls and I had made an agreement on meeting each other outside the club at 10 pm, and right now it was 9.10 pm, so I was in a hurry. To get into the club you had to be at least 21, so we were pretty much underage, but we had our fake-ID’s, so hopefully everything went, as it should?
I had just finished my hair and makeup, so now I had to find a dress and a pair of pumps.
I had found lots of dresses, but not one I wanted to wear. So when I finally found a black, okay tight dress with strings on the front too, I was happy. I found a pair of mint green pumps to style the dress with, and then I was actually ready to go, or well I needed to find a purse, where I could have my money and my phone.
After I had found a purse, I grabbed my car keys and walked downstairs. I found my tweed jacket in black and a cute scarf, and then I left the house. I lived by myself, so my parents couldn’t control me anymore. I made sure to lock the front door behind me, and then I drove off to the new club.
As I arrived, I noticed Amanda, Zoey and Amber were standing outside only waiting for me. I got out of my car, locked it, and then I ran over to them, as fast as I could in heels.
“Y/N! We thought you bailed us!” Amber yelled, as I mad it over to them.
“NEVER!” I told her, I lightly chuckled, then I hugged all of them, and then we got into line.
A few minutes passed, then it was finally us to show our ID’s.
“ID please” the doorman said, I nodded my head and pulled my ID out of my purse.
“Are you sure you’re 21?” he asked me.
“Yeah, I am” I told him, as I looked him deeply into his eyes.
“You’ll need to wait out here until I checked your friends ID’s” he told me; I groaned and rolled my eyes, before walking over to the side.
The doorman had checked all of our ID’s, but he still wouldn’t let us in.
“Why don’t you wanna let us in?” I asked him,
“Because you’re underage” he explained.
“Hey, why won’t you let my friends come inside? They’re here with me” someone said from behind us. I turned around and gasped, when I saw Justin Bieber standing there.
“I’m sorry Mr. Bieber, I didn’t know they were your friends” the doorman said, now he’s being sweet!
“Well, they are” Justin said, and then he grabbed my hand and dragged us with him inside.
“ Thank you so much” I told him; I gently bit down in my lip and looked up at him.
“You’re welcome sweetie, but you owe me a drink” he winked. I playfully rolled my eyes, as I lightly giggled.
“Deal” I told him, “Girl, I’m going to buy Justin a drink, just go have fun, I will find you eventually” I told the girls, they whistled and send me dirty looks, I just playfully rolled my eyes, but I send them a dirty look back. Of course I wanted to fuck Justin, and I would make sure he knew.
“So, what’s your name?” Justin asked me, as we made it to the bar.
“I’m not going to tell you, you will have to do a lot more, than just getting me into a club, to get my name” I told him with a smirk. Justin bit down in his lip, and grabbed my hand.
“You’re playing hard to get, I like that” he told me, as he moved closer to me. I giggled and turned around.
“What can I get for you?” a bartender asked me.
“I would like a Mojito, what about you Justin?” I asked Justin, as I looked at him,
“Hm, I think I would like a Mojito too” Justin said, I nodded my head and turned back towards the bartender again.
“Two Mojito’s” I told him, with a sweet smile.
“Coming up” he told me, as he winked. I smiled and blew him a kiss. What? If you don’t flirt with the waiters, you won’t get the drinks to a cheaper price!
A few minutes later, the waiter handed me, Justin and I’s drinks. I paid and then handed the drink to Justin. Justin thanked me and grabbed my free hand. He dragged me with him over to a couch, but there wasn’t enough space for us to sit beside each other, so Justin sat down and pulled me onto his lap. I smirked to myself and made sure I was sitting right on top of his dick.
“So, what are you and your friends doing here tonight?” Justin asked me, after he had taken a sip of his Mojito.
“We’re here to celebrate” I told him; I leaned back, so my head was right beside his and took a sip of my Mojito.
“What are you celebrating?” he asked me,
“We just graduated, like today, so we wanted to go clubbing” I told him with a smile.
“Congratulations” Justin smiled; I smiled even bigger and thanked him.
“So what are you doing here tonight?” I asked him, I took a sip of my drink and looked at him.
“I’m here to get over my ex, we broke up a week ago, so it’s kind of hard” Justin told me, immediately I felt bad. It is not funny to break up with someone you love. I know all about that!
“I’m sorry,” I told him, as I pouted.
“Don’t be, let’s just forget this and have fun,” Justin told me, I nodded my head and took the last sip of my drink. Then I stood up and took Justin’s hands.
“Come dance with me” I told him over to music. Justin nodded his head and got up from the couch. We walked out to the dance floor and started dancing.


A few hours had passed, and I was so drunk! Justin and I had been dancing, talking and having fun all night. Right now we were actually sitting on a couch making out. I was on top of Justin and I was grinding against his hard member.
“Can I still not know your name?” Justin asked me, as we quickly pulled out of our kiss to breath.
“Nah, not yet” I told him, and then I connected our lips once again.

Justin and I ended up having sex in one of the bathrooms here on the club, but of course I couldn’t remember that the next morning. All I could remember was that I had a really good time with this guy, who I didn’t remember the name of.
Two weeks had passed, since I was at that new club, and yet I wasn’t able to forget about that mysterious boy! The girls and I had decided to go out for dinner tonight, nothing special. So I was just wearing a pair of white Dr. Denim Jeans, a blue Ralph Lauren button up shirt and a pair of adidas shoes. My makeup was simple and my hair was in a messy ponytail. I arrived at the restaurant and went inside. Weirdly I was the first one to arrive? I was always used to being the last one. I got the girls and I a table and then waited for them to show up. Luckily there didn’t pass more than 5 minutes, before they arrived. We said hello, ordered some food and talked.
“You’re that girl from the club I never got the name from” someone said behind me, I turned my head around and saw a pretty familiar guy standing there, but I couldn’t quite recognize him.
“I’m sorry, I think you got the wrong girl” I told him,
“No, I helped you and your friends inside the club” the guys said, then he pulled off his sunglasses, and I gasped.
“OMG, hey Justin, I couldn’t recognize you” I told him, as I stood up. All the memories from the night at the club came back, and suddenly I remembered everything.
“You remember now?” he asked me,
“Yeah, I do” I told him, as I chuckled, Justin chuckled too, and then he gave me a hug.
“Listen, I never got you out of my head, so maybe we could go out for dinner sometime?” Justin asked.
“Yeah, of course, that would be amazing” I told him with a smile. Justin started smiling and he pulled his phone out of his pocket.
“Great, can I maybe get your number and your name then?” he asked, I chuckled and nodded my head. Justin handed me his phone and I put my number in it, with my name.
“I hope to see you around” I told him, and then I kissed his cheek and turned around.
“Yeah, we’ll do Y/N” he said, “Oh and you have a really beautiful name” he told me.
“Thank you” I told him, then I sat down and continued to eat with the girls.


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