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69. Imagine for @Raulzride!

Imagine for @Raulzride
I sighed as I walked in through the front door at Justin’s house. Immediately I took off my shoes and walked into the kitchen to grab something to drink. I closed refrigerator again and took a sip of my water. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the refrigerator, today had been such a terrible day. I sighed, then I screw on the cap onto the bottle again, I then grabbed my bag and made my way upstairs, I knew Justin was home because of the loud music from his home studio. I threw my bag onto the floor in front of Justin’s bedroom, then I walked over to his studio and opened the door, and there he was. He was completely caught up, so he probably hadn’t even heard me come home to him. I quietly tiptoed over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck from behind. Justin gasped and turned around, but when he saw me, he smiled widely and turned around in the chair.
“Hey babygirl” he smiled as he made me sit on his lap. I lightly smiled and wrapped my arms around his torso as I placed my head on his chest.
“How was school?” he asked me, I sighed and closed my eyes.
“Terrible, I hate finals!” I told him, Justin lightly chuckled and nodded his head.
“I understand baby, but just remember, as soon as you finish high school we’re going on tour to see the whole world together” Justin explained, I sighed and nodded my head before looking up at him.
“I know, and I really can’t wait!” I told him, Justin licked his lips and gently placed a peck on my forehead.
“Have you found a date for prom?” Justin asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“Justin, I already told you I’m not going! I don’t want to go without you,” I told him as I sat up. Not it was Justin’s turn to sight, he gently rubbed his temple, and then he looked up at me and placed my legs on each side of him.
“Baby, you can’t miss prom! It’s an opportunity of a lifetime! I’m sad about missing my own prom” Justin explained, as he looked me directly into my eyes. I nodded my head and looked away.
“Why don’t you just go with me then?” I asked him as I leaned forward and hid my head in the corner of his neck. 
“You I can’t that night, I have a concert” Justin said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Okay, well I better get ready for tonight” I told Justin, Justin nodded his head, and then he pecked my lips and helped me down from his lap.
“I love you baby,” he yelled behind as I left the room. I smiled widely and turned around, then I blew him a kiss.
“I love you too,” I told him, and then I turned around again and ran into Justin’s bedroom to find something to wear tonight. Justin had a concert tonight, so I needed to get ready.
I lightly curled my hair, and then I removed my makeup and made a new, really, really simple makeup. Then I went into Justin’s walk-in closet and found some of my clothes. I didn’t have a lot of my clothes here, but I was getting there. I found a pair of tight leather pants, an oversized, white T-shirt with a small print and an army green jacket to wear over it, and for shoes I would just wear my white, low converse. I went back into the bathroom, where I could hear the water running, Justin was taking a shower, because of course he needed to get ready for the concert too.

After both of us were ready to leave, Hugo picked us up. Justin was getting nervous, because he barely said anything and he sat completely still, he wouldn’t even hold my hand, until I forcefully grabbed it and made him look at me.
“Hey, why so nervous? You have never been this nervous before?” I asked him, Justin sighed and placed his head on my shoulder.
“I don’t know, it’s stupid” he said, and I nodded my head.
“But hey, everything will be okay” I told him with a smiled, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
“What would I do without you by my side baby?” Justin asked me as he sat up again, I playfully shrugged my shoulder as I smirked.
“I don’t know” I told him, Justin chuckled, then he leaned closer to me and placed his lips on top of mine. Then Hugo parked the car outside the big stadium Justin would be singing in tonight. Justin got out of the car first, then he grabbed my hand and helped me out, he tightly wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked inside, then paparazzi were going crazy, so were the fans, it was crazy. Justin said hello to a few of the fans, then we made our way inside the stadium. 

Half way through the concert Allison came over to me and sat down beside me.
“Are you enjoying the concert sweetie?” she asked me as she looked out at Justin on the stage. We were sitting backstage.
“Yeah, always am, always will,” I told her as I smiled. Allison nodded her head, and then she stood up and dragged me with her.
“Allison what are you doing?” I asked her as she dragged me over to the stage.
“Justin has a surprise for you” she said, I furrowed my eyebrows, then the music stopped and Justin looked over at me.
“Guys, I have a special person I would like to bring out on stage tonight! She has been really tired and stressed out lately because of school. And I really haven’t had time to acknowledge her, which I am very sorry for” Justin said, and then he walked over to me and grabbed my hand. He dragged me with him out on stage, and just as he did the crowd went crazy.
“WE LOVE YOU Y/N AND JUSTIN” they started yelling, I smiled and chuckled a little. Justin stopped walking as we made it out onto the middle of the stage.
“Baby, do you remember our song?” Justin asked me as he looked down at me and into my eyes, I smiled and nodded my head, then suddenly a man came out on stage and handed me a microphone, and then the music for “Just the way you are” started playing. I sighed and looked at Justin, who was already looking at me.
“Her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining. Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying. She’s so beautiful, and I tell her everyday” Justin sang as he looked me in the eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, I know, I know when I compliment him, he won’t believe me, and it’s so, it’s so sad to that he don’t see, what I see. But every time he asks me, do I look okay? I say” I sang as I grabbed his hand and placed my head on his shoulder. 
“When I see your face, there’s not a thing I would change, cause you’re amazing, just the way you are” both Justin and I sang. 
After finishing the song Justin turned me around and looked down at me.
“Y/N, can I please take you to prom?” Justin asked me, I bit down in my lip and smiled before nodding my head.
“Of course” I told him, then I wrapped my arms around his neck, and the crowd awed.
“I love you baby,” I mumbled into Justin’s neck, Justin squeezed me tight and kissed the top of my head.
“I love you too,” he mumbled back, then Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. Then he started walking backstage, and as we arrived out there, Justin placed me on the ground and kissed my lips.
“Thank you baby” I told him, then I kissed his lips once again. Justin smiled, and then he ran out onto the stage again to finish his amazing show.


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