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46. Imagine for @Omay.chaudhryx!

Imagine for @Omay.chaudhryx
“Justin I can’t do this anymore! All we do is argue, even over the smallest things like what we’re having for dinner,” I told Justin, as we once again were arguing.
“No, you can’t do that! I know we have been arguing a lot lately, but I love you so much! Please don’t leave me!” Justin desperately said, I sniffled as tears started running down my cheeks. I shook my head and grabbed my car keys. I took one last glance back at Justin before walking out of the front door for good. I got in my car and drove to my parents house, the drive was about 2 and a half our, but I didn’t care! I used the whole time on crying, because I just broke up with the love of my life. 
As I arrived at my parent’s house more tears started running down my cheeks. I turned off the engine and stepped out of my car. 
I sniffled one last time before making my way up to the front door of my parent’s house. I gently knocked on the door and waited for one of them to open the door. But it wasn’t any of my parents that opened the door; it was my long time guy best friend. I gasped and immediately ran into his arms. 
“Y/N, what’s happening?” Tyler asked me, I couldn’t say anything, I just kept sobbing into his chest.
“Aww princess, come here” Tyler said after a minute of me just crying. Tyler picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. Let’s get one thing straight, Tyler is gay, so I no worries in him picking me up like this. I couldn’t see where Tyler took me, until I heard my mom’s voice.
“Is that Y/N?” I could hear her ask Tyler,
“Yeah, she just fell right into my arms, as I opened the door,” Tyler explained, and then suddenly I was placed on the couch in the living room.
“Sweetie, what wrong?” mom asked me, as she wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I opened my eyes and looked at her.
“I broke up with Justin” I told her, I took a deep breath and looked over at Tyler, he was pouting, but eventually he send me a small smile.
“Why did you guys break up?” dad suddenly asked me. I sniffled once again and looked at him. “Lately we have just been arguing a lot over the smallest things like what we were going to have for dinner” I told him, dad lightly nodded his head and looked down.
“You’re welcome to stay here as long as you want honey, your mom and I are just glad you’re here” dad sweetly said, for the first time the whole day I was actually smiling.
“Not to be rude, but Tyler why are you here?” I asked Tyler, as I smiled at him.
“Mom and dad kicked me out, when I told them I was gay” Tyler simply explained, as he smiled at me. I lightly pouted and stood up from my seat. I walked over to Tyler and sat down on his lap.
“Your parents noticed me just walking around outside almost everyday, so they invited me to stay here, after I had explained everything to them” he continued, I nodded my head and looked at my parents. Mom was smiling, so was dad.
“You know you’re like a son to us, we have known you all you life” Mom told Tyler, Tyler gratefully nodded his head and looked down.
“What about Daisy?” I asked Tyler. Tyler gently laughed and pointed down at the floor. I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to see what he was pointing at. Finally I noticed Daisy, Tyler’s Bulldog lying on the floor. I quietly gasped and got off Tyler’s lap. I crawled over to Daisy, who finally noticed my existing. She ran over to my and jumped into my arms.
Daisy is only two years old, and I was living in LA when Tyler got her, but I still loved her like she was mine.
“Hey Daisy” I squealed, as I lightly petted her. Daisy started barking, and she stuck out her tongue.
The rest of the day I spent with my family and Tyler, even though Tyler also was family.
It was getting late, and I just wanted to go to bed, but then I remembered that I nothing here to wear, since I just left Justin’s house with any of my stuff. I loudly sighed, which got Tyler’s attention. He quickly came into my room and furrowed his eyebrows.
“What’s wrong princess?” he asked, as he sat down on my bed beside me.
“I have nothing to wear, since all my stuff is at Justin’s place” I told him, as I looked down at my hands.
“I have a pair of sweats and a big T-shirt?” Tyler shrugged; I looked up at him and nodded my head.
“And then tomorrow we’ll go shopping” Tyler cheered, and then he got up from my bed and went into his room to get me something to sleep in.   
Tyler came back after a minute or two. I quickly changed and then went back into my room. Tyler was still sitting on my bed, when I came out.
“Wanna have one of our sleep overs?” he asked, as showed me a whole bunch of chips and candy. I covered my mouth and nodded my head, and then I sat down and spent the whole night on staying awake with Tyler, as we watched movies.


* 4 months later *
I was finally moving on from Justin, Tyler had been such a big help. But I couldn’t help but feel jealous, whenever I read and article about Justin and his new girlfriends Hailey. But luckily for me, I also started dating a guy, we had actually been dating for two months, and right now I was getting ready to go out on another date with him. I was going to meet him at Starbucks, so I wasn’t wearing anything too fancy. I was just wearing a simple black dress, my favorite tweed jacket in white, a pair of white pumps, since I wasn’t that tall, I could easily wear heels beside William. I had just braided my hair and wore a simple makeup. Then finally I was ready, so I went downstairs and out to my car. I got in and drove to Starbucks. As I arrived, I noticed William standing outside just waiting for me. I quietly awed to myself and then walked over to him. As he saw me a big smile formed on his lips. He slowly started walking over to me, and as we met, William immediately pulled me in for a loving kiss. I have to say, William was amazing, but he was nothing compared to Justin…
“Hey baby” William smiled, as we pulled out of the kiss. He grabbed my hand, and we started walking inside Starbucks.
“I missed you,” I told him, as we stood in line to get some coffee. I got on my tiptoes and gently pecked his cheek.
“I missed you too baby” he said, and then he quickly pecked my lips.
“Y/N, is that you?” someone asked behind me, I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around, only to notice Justin standing there. My eyes got wide, and I hurried to turn around again.
“Y/N, stop ignoring me, I know it’s you” Justin said, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I quickly took a deep breath and looked up at Justin.
“Hey Justin” I sweetly said, I held William’s hand tight. I wanted Justin to be jealous, just the way I got jealous of him and Hailey.
“Where is your girlfriend?” I asked him, as I rolled my eyes. Then I turned my attention towards William, who was looking down at me. I gently smiled and caressed his hand with my thumb.
“Oh you mean Hailey, we’re not together anymore, I realized I love someone else” Justin explained, I looked over at him and noticed how his jaw was clenched. William let go of my hand and wrapped it around my shoulder, and then he quickly pecked my cheek.
“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your boyfriend?” Justin asked with clenched teeth.
“William, this is my ex-boyfriend Justin, and Justin this is my boyfriend William” I said, as I introduced them to each other, William shook Justin’s hand with his free hand.
“Y/N, could I possible talk with you under four eyes?” Justin asked, as he completely ignored William. I looked up at William, who was nodding his head.
“I’ll just order for you” he sweetly smiled; I nodded my head and pecked his cheek, before following with Justin.
“What do you want to talk about Justin? I moved on, so did you” I told Justin, as we finally came to a stop outside Starbucks.
“You clearly didn’t understand me in there, I talked about you! You’re the love of my life, and I regret letting you go” Justin explained, I gulped harshly and looked down at the ground.
“I’m with William now, and I really like him” I told Justin, as I continued to look down.
“I can see that, but you clearly don’t love him, you have never looked at him the way you looked at me” Justin explained, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up.
“What do you mean?” I asked him, as I bit down in my lip.
“Stop it, didn’t you think I noticed how you looked at me, you were practically admiring me all the time we were together” Justin smiled, he got closer to me, so now I was pushed up against the wall, as Justin’s was standing chest to chest with me. He looked me in the eyes and then down at my lips. And finally he placed his plumb lips on top of mine; I had missed his lips like crazy. Justin deepened the kiss, but someone clearing his or her throat interrupted us. I pushed Justin away from me and looked at William, who was standing there with two coffees.
“William, I’m so sorry” I cried, as I walked over to him, William shook his head and handed me my coffee.
“No, I understand, you never really loved me” he smiled; I furrowed my eyebrows and looked down in the ground before shaking my head.
“But I really like you, I just think I needed a rebound or something” I told him; William nodded his head and smiled to Justin.
“You better take good care of her man, she is a special lady and she needs all the love you can give her,” William told Justin, as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I gratefully smiled at William and then looked at Justin, who was nodding his head.
“Take care of yourself Y/N, and if you ever need me, you have my number” William said, and then he left. Justin came over to me and pulled me in for a kiss.


And just like that all of our problems disappeared, it was like we completely started over, except the fact that all of my stuff still was at Justin’s, and I moved in right away again.       


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