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40. Imagine for @jmacbelieberfan! Cute and dirty ;)

Imagine for @jmacbelieberfan
“Princess, wake up” Justin sweetly said, as he gently shook me. I groaned and turned around, so I was lying on my stomach.
“Princess, you need to wake up! It’s your birthday” Justin whispered to me, and then I could feel a soft kiss on my neck, and another one and another one.
“Why can’t I just sleep a little longer?” I asked him, my voice was really raspy, which made Justin laugh a little.
“Because I have the whole day planned, so you need to get up now, so you can get your gifts and some breakfast” he said. I turned around again, so I was lying on my back again. Then I opened one of my eyes slowly, but I quickly closed it again, because the sun was burning my eye too much.
“Come one princess” Justin complained. I gasped, when I suddenly felt Justin’s lips on mine. I happily sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.
“Hey, let’s not get too caught up in this, I know you’re a virgin and I respect that” Justin said, as he pulled away from the amazing kiss.
“You’re so sweet baby! I love you,” I told him, and then I opened my eyes and smiled at Justin.
“I love you too! Now come on, your gifts is downstairs” Justin explained, as he got out of the bed. I groaned once again, but eventually I sat up in the bed. Justin kept smiling at me, which was the reason why I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Why are you smiling at me?” I asked him, as I kept having my eyebrows furrowed.
“Because you’re so beautiful without makeup,” he sweetly said, as he walked over to me.
“Aww, you’re the sweetest baby!” I cooed, and then I pulled his head down to mine and kissed his lips with as much passion, as I could.
“Baby, come on, other wise we won’t be able to get to do all the things we need to do today!” Justin explained.
“But I would rather stay here at home with you!” I told him, as I pouted.
“I’m not sure you want to do that, when you see what I have planned” Justin smirked.
“Are you sure?” I asked him, Justin playfully rolled his eyes, and then he picked me up and started running down the stairs! I was screaming and squealing all the way! Justin continued all the way outside, before placing me on the ground again. I lightly let out a breath, and then I turned around and gasped, when I saw the beautiful set breakfast table.
“Justin, you did all this?” I asked him, as I looked at him with loving eyes.
“You deserve the best baby,” he said, as he wrapped an arm around my waist.
“Where have you been all my life?” I asked him, as we walked over to the table.
“Apparently waiting for you,” he cheekily said, I playfully rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue to him.
“Don’t be mean! It’s my birthday,” I pouted, as I sat down in one of the chairs.
“I’m sorry baby! It won’t happen again” Justin said, as he started pouting. Justin sat down on the opposite side of me, and then we started eating.


“Baby, do you want your presents now?” Justin asked me, as he took the last bite of his pancake.
“Justin bought me presents? I told you I didn’t want anything!” I complained,
“I know you did, but I don’t care” Justin smiled, as he looked me deeply into the eyes.
“Okay, I would like my presents now!” I told him after a minute of a starring contest. Justin playfully smirked and handed me a small box. I furrowed my eyebrows and opened the small box.
“OMG!” I gasped, as I looked at the beautiful small ring.
“It’s not an engagement ring, at least not just yet! It’s a promise ring, where I promise you, that I will always love you and respect you!” Justin explained, “It has been my grandmas, she wanted me to give it to the girl I fell in love with, so I did” he explained.
“It’s beautiful!” I told him, as I still looked at the ring.
“Will you accept it?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head and covered my mouth with my free hand.
“Of course! I love you,” I told him, as I looked at him.
“Then slip it on your finger!” Justin impatiently said, I lightly giggled, and then I got the ring out of the box, and slipped it onto my finger.
“It’s like it was made to you” Justin told me, as he grabbed my hand over the table.
“Now, the next thing might not be as special as the first one! But I know you always talk about this place, so I thought we so go there” Justin explained, as he handed me two pieces of paper. I carefully looked at the papers and gasped, when I noticed it was tickets to Paris, the city of love!
“OMG, Justin are you serious? Are we going to Paris?” I asked him, as I looked him deeply into his eyes.
“Yeah, actually we’re supposed to fly in an hour, but I guess you’re not ready?” Justin said,
“WHAT? OMG, I need to pack!” I panicked; I pulled out my chair and stood up. Then I ran inside and upstairs. I tried to find my suitcase, but I couldn’t find it!
“Baby, no need to rush! I talked to your sister, and she told me what to pack for you, so all you gotta do, is to find something comfortable to wear on the flight” Justin explained, as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.
“You really scared me!” I told him, as I rested my head on his shoulder.
“I know, I’m so sorry baby” Justin apologized.
“No need to be sorry” I told him, as I looked up at him, when I puked my lips and waited for Justin to kiss them. Luckily he took my hint, so he did the same and finally kissed my lips.
“Now, go shower and get ready, then I’ll do the dishes” Justin explained. I nodded my head, and then I kissed his lips once again before running out to the bathroom.


After I had showered, I got dressed in a pair of denim short(because it was summer), a white football jersey and a pair of white Nike Air Force. I quickly just put on some foundation and some mascara, then I made a messy ponytail and lastly I found my favorite pair of round sunglasses.

After a long, but amazing flight. We had finally landed in Paris. Justin and I had eaten dinner on the plane, so we had no need in going out for dinner. Justin had gotten us a limousine that would be driving us to our last destination for the day.
“Thank you” Justin told the chauffeur, as he helped me out of the car. Some people from the hotel took our suitcases.
“Mr. Bieber, this way” a young man told Justin, probably also me. Justin grabbed my hand, and together we walked inside and over to the elevator. We got inside and the doors closed. Justin squeezed my hand tightly, as the elevator took us up to our floor. Which apparently was the last floor, in the top.
“Welcome to your suite, the wedding suite” the man said, I quietly gasped and looked at Justin.
“You got us the wedding suite?” I asked him, as my eyes widened.
“Yeah, you deserve the best, remember?” he told me, as he looked down at me.
“Thank you” I told him, Justin smiled and nodded his head. Then he turned his attention towards the man.
“Thank you, you can leave now” he told him, the man nodded his head, and then he left the suite.
“So, what do you wanna do?” Justin asked me, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Can’t we just stay here? I mean, we already ate” I asked him,
“Of course we can stay here, everything for you” Justin smiled, why does he keep being so sweet?
“Why do you keep saying things like that? It actually kind of annoys me” I told him,
“I have no idea, I just think I’m trying to show you how much I love you” he explained.
“You don’t need to, I already know!” I told him, then I kissed his lips.
“What would you do, if I told you that I was ready?” I asked him, after we pulled out of the kiss.
“Ready for what?” Justin asked, I groaned and looked down.
“You know, ready to have sex,” I quietly told him, as I continued to look down. When Justin didn’t answer me, I looked up at him, only to see him with wide eyes and a smile playing on his lips.
“Are you serious? I don’t want you to rush into something you’re not comfortable with” he explained.
“I am, I know that you won’t judge my body, because I’m not the thinnest girl in the world, I know you will love me no matter how I look, so I’m comfortable and ready” I told him with a little laughter.
“Well, then I would be flattered, that you chose me, because I’m so madly in love with you!” Justin explained, then he pulled me closer and we started kissing. Justin gently picked me up and walked into the bedroom.
“I love you so much” he explained, as he placed me on the bed. He moved his kisses down to my jaw and then down to my neck, where he started searching for my sweet spot.
“OMG” I moaned, as he finally found it right behind my ear. Justin started smiling, as he kept sucking on it. His hands made their way down to the bottom of my T-shirt. His cold hands made contact with my skin, which made me gasp. Justin pulled my shirt up, so when he made it to my head, he stopped kissing my neck. He pulled my shirt off completely, and started placing kisses down my breast and further down to my shorts.
“You’re so beautiful,” he breathed, and then he started unbuttoning my shorts. He pulled them down, and then he stood up. He looked down at miserable little me, as he started undressing. Sadly he kept his boxers on, but I knew they would soon lie on the floor.
Justin crawled on top of me again, and we started kissing. Justin’s hands started exploring my body, while I wrapped my arms around Justin’s waist and started pulling his boxers down. I pulled down and used my feet’s to pull them off completely. 
My breathing was quick, when I looked down at his big member.
“Relax, it will only hurt for a little while, then it will turn into pure pleasure” Justin sweetly whispered in my ear, I moaned back as an answer.
Justin then unclasped my bra and pulled it down.
“You’re so perfect baby, don’t ever doubt that” he explained, as he looked at my body. His staring didn’t even make me feel uncomfortable; it actually made me feel more than comfortable!
 “You’re the best, thank you,” I told him, then Justin started kissing my neck again, as he pulled my lace panties down. Then in one shift move he gently pushed himself inside of me. I gasped, as the pain ran through my body. I put my hands on Justin’s back and placed my nails in his skin. Then I started moving them, so I made scratch marks.
“You’re so tight beautiful,” Justin moaned, as he carefully started moving.
“OMG” I moaned, as the pain turned into the purest pleasure I had ever felt. I closed my eyes and moved my body with Justin’s. I could feel my walls started tightening, as Justin continued to move in and out of me. He had his head hidden in the crook of my neck, as he moved uncontrollably.
“I’m Cumming Justin” I moaned, as he grabbed a fistful of his hair.
“Me too baby, just hold it a little longer” he told me, as he started moving even faster.
“Okay, you can let go now” Justin finally told me, I could feel Justin filling me with his cum, and that sent me over the edge. The most amazing feeling ran through my body, as I came. Justin stayed inside me a little longer before pulling out of me. He lied down beside me and wrapped an arm around my stomach.
“You were amazing baby” he breathed, as he rested his head on my bare chest.
“Oh God, why didn’t we do this before?” I asked him, as I finally got my breath again. Justin chuckled and lifted his head from my chest.
“I’m glad we waited, because otherwise this wouldn’t have happened” Justin explained, as he smiled down at me.
“You’re probably right,” I told him, then I closed my eyes. I felt Justin laid his head on my chest again, as I was about to fall asleep.
“Goodnight baby and happy birthday” Justin whispered, then we both fell into a deep sleep.


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