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30. Imagine for @jerryimaginez!

Imagine for @Jerryimaginez
I woke up to the feeling of someone shaking me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my precious little princess Nora, she was 4.
“Nora baby, what are you doing up so early?” I asked her as I sat up.
“Daddy promised me that we could have a fun-day today” she said as she got up in the bed and crawled into the middle of Justin and me.  
“He did? What did he tell you we could do?” I asked her as I smiled at her.
“He told me that we could go shopping and just make a lot of fun things” she smiled, then she laid down and looked up at me.
“He did? Well, then we better get up and make breakfast for daddy and then after we’ve gotten ready we can leave” I told her, and then I crawled out of bed and pulled my hair up in a messy bun.
“YEAH!” Nora screamed, I quickly hushed at her, of course in a nice way.
“UPS, I forgot daddy was sleeping” she said as she crawled out of the bed. I smiled and picked her up,
“What should we make for daddy?” I asked her as we walked downstairs.
“Pancakes! Daddy loves pancakes!” she said, and then I placed her on the ground and found the ingredients for pancakes.


We had just made the last pancake, so as I found the things to set the table, I sent Nora upstairs to wake Justin. I had just finished setting the table, when Justin came downstairs with Nora in his arms. Did I mention that he was shirtless? I didn’t? Well he was and he looked so sexy.
“Good morning Justin“ I said as I walked over to them. I gently pecked Justin’s lips and then I took Nora from his arms.
“We made you breakfast daddy” Nora told Justin as we sat down at the table.
“Yeah I can see that baby, it looks delicious” he told her as he took a bite of his pancake.


After breakfast I went upstairs to get ready. Justin and Nora stayed downstairs and did the dishes. I quickly showered and then I went inside Justin and I’s walk-in closet. I found a grey, sweat dress and paired it with a pair of black tights. I found my favorite pair of New Balance and then I went back into the bathroom and made a simple makeup. I also pulled my hair up in a cute, messy bun. Then I walked out to the bedroom and saw Justin and Nora lying in bed watching something on Disney Junior.
“Oh, Nora look, Mommy is out of the shower” Justin told Nora as he turned off the TV.
“Mommy! Can I please wear a dress like you today?” Nora asked as she crawled out of bed.
“Of course you can baby, come on then we’ll get you ready and then daddy can get ready too!” I told her, and then I picked her up and walked into her room. We found a red dress for her to wear, I found her a pair of thick tights and a cardigan, and I didn’t want her to freeze.
“You’re beautiful princess!” I told her as I had just finished braiding her long hair.
“Thank you mommy, you look beautiful too” she said,
“Aww, thank you sweetie, now let’s see if daddy is ready so we can leave” I told him as I picked her up. Yeah, I liked to carry around my own daughter.
“Daddy promised we could buy some new clothes” Nora said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
“Really? Well then we better find you something,” I told her. We were about to open the door into the bedroom, when Justin opened it. Nora got a big shock, so she started screaming and she covered her eyes with her hands.
“Nora, it’s okay, it’s daddy” I told her as I lightly chuckled.
“Daddy, you scared me!” Nora said as she pouted,
“I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” Justin asked her as he took her from my arms.
“Of course daddy, always” she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Thank you princess” Justin smiled, then he grabbed my hand with his free hand, and then we walked downstairs and got ready to leave.

We finally arrived at the mall; I got out of the car and pulled my sunglasses on before opening the door for Nora.
“Thanks mommy” Nora said as she got out. I smiled and then I grabbed her hand, Justin grabbed her other hand, and then we walked inside and started looking through the stores.
“Mommy, daddy wants us to go to H&M, while he goes somewhere else” Nora told me after Justin had whispered something in her ear.
“Well, then we better do” I told her,
“Find her something nice to wear for tonight” Justin whispered in my ear, then he pecked me cheek and walked away. I chuckled and grabbed Nora’s hand again.
“Wanna find a pretty dress?” I asked her as we walked inside H&M.
“Yeah” Nora said as she smiled really big.
“Okay, then let’s find you a dress!” I told her. I picked her up and then we started looking around for dresses.
“Mommy, I like that one!” Nora said as she pointed at a black dress that was decorated with lace.
“You do? Well then you gotta try it on” I told her, I found her size and then we walked over to the dressing rooms.
We found the biggest room and walked in. The dress fitted her body like it should and she just looked so adorable in it.
“Princess, you look beautiful! Let me take a picture for daddy, so he can see how beautiful you are!” I told her, she nodded her head and started smiling. I pulled my phone out of my pocket in my jacket and took a picture of her.
“Wanna see the picture?” I asked her as I bended down in her height.
“Yeah” she said, so I showed her the picture and she started smiling even more.
“You’re right mommy, I do look beautiful in this dress” she said as she started laughing. I started laughing too and then we got her dressed again.
We walked over to the cashier and paid for the dress. Then we walked out of H&M and found Justin right outside the store.
“Hey my beautiful princesses, did you find something?” he asked as he picked up Nora.
“Yeah, I bought a dress daddy! Mommy took a picture of it” Nora told him as she smiled.
“Really? Can I see it?” he asked her, Nora nodded her something, so I found my phone and found the picture.
“You look beautiful baby, do you wanna wear it tonight?” Justin asked her, Nora nodded her head once again,
“What are we doing tonight?” Nora asked him as we walked back to the car.
“I’m taking your and mommy out” he told her, Nora clapped her tiny hand together and then looked over at me.
“Mommy! We forgot to buy you a dress!” she said as she pouted.
“It doesn’t matter baby! I have one at home” I told her, and then I quickly pecked her lips and got in the car. Justin got Nora secured, and then he got in himself. 


After we had gotten home Justin told me to go upstairs and get ready, then he would get Nora and himself ready.
“What should I wear?” I asked him as he pushed me upstairs.
“Nothing too fancy” he told me, and then he pushed me into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. I playfully rolled my eyes before walking into our walk-in closet to find a dress. Finally after 5 minutes of looking I found a nude dress with beautiful flower, lace details on the front and on the back. It was so beautiful and I felt really beautiful and comfortable in it. I paired it was a pair of white heels and I just let my hair down from the bun and made sure it looked okay. Then I walked downstairs and met Justin and Nora.
“Mommy, you look beautiful” Nora sweetly said, I smiled and bended down in front of her.
“You look even more beautiful princess” I told her, then I got up again and kissed Justin’s lips.
“Are my princesses ready to go?” Justin asked as he grabbed Nora’s and my hand.
“We are” I told him.

Half an hour later we arrived at this beautiful little restaurant. It had so much charm.
“Hey, I have a reservation in Bieber” Justin told the waiter. The waiter smiled and looked down at his papers.
“Yeah, come with me this way” the smiled. We followed the waiter until we arrived to our table.
“Your food will be here soon” the waiter said and then he left.
“You already ordered our food?” I asked him, Justin smiled and nodded his head.
“Yeah, I did” he said, then he pulled my chair out for me and I sat down.
We where talking and eating, and we just had so much fun.
“Jessica, do you remember that day it is today?” Justin suddenly asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him.
“It’s Saturday?” I told him as I continued to have my eyebrows furrowed.
“No mommy, today you and daddy met each other, 8 years ago” Nora explained as she playfully rolled her eyes.
“Is that today? I completely forgot” I told them as I covered my mouth. This was so embarrassing; I didn’t even get Justin something.
“I’m sorry, I forgot baby!” I told Justin as I pouted.
“It’s okay baby, I don’t blame you, 8 years is a long time” he said as he grabbed my hand.
“But Jessica, you know how we talked about getting married?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head and smiled.
“Well, I think it’s about time, that I make you mine” he continued, my eyes widened and my smile grew even bigger.
“So, will you marry me?” he asked as he pulled out a box, he opened it and showed me the most
gorgeous ring with a heart shaped diamond.
“Of course!” I told him as I covered my mouth. Justin smiled and looked down at Nora who was just sitting there smiling.
“YAY! You’re finally getting married!” she squealed, I nodded my head and Justin slipped the ring on my finger.
“I actually also have something to tell you guys” I told Justin and Nora. Both of them furrowed their eyebrows, I smiled and bit my lip.
“Lately I’ve been feeling nausea in the morning, so I took a pregnancy test, Nora you’re going to be a big sister” I explained to them. Both Justin and Nora’s eyes got wide, and they both got a smile on their face.
“Really?” Nora asked, I nodded my head and looked over at Justin.
“Could this day get any better?” Justin asked as he looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.
“You’ll never know” I told him and then we continued to eat.  


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