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52. Imagine for @Jenny1013!

Imagine for @Jenny1013
Today Justin and I’s daughter was having sleepover with a couple of her closets friends, it was her first sleepover, so we wanted it to be perfect! So when we woke up that morning, I started cleaning the house, I didn’t know what else to do, since I had woken up at 6am, because I was so excited, I think I was more excited than Evelyn was, but that was because it was her first time being at one, and we had to have at our house, so I wanted everything to be perfect for her sleepover, because my first sleepover was disaster, my dad wasn’t home, and my mom was drunk the whole time, so that was probably the reason why I wanted everything to be perfect. I had promised Evelyn that her and the girls could have the living room the whole night, and that Justin and I wouldn’t disturb them with everything. I was cleaning one of our couches, when Justin came downstairs. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and a pair of sweatpants.
“Baby, why are you up this early?” he asked me, as he took the cloth I was cleaning the couch with out of my hand.
“I need everything to be perfect for when Evelyn’s friends are coming over” I told him, then I took the cloth out of his hand again and continued cleaning. Justin sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me away.
“Baby, everything will be perfect, I promise no need to stress” he smiled, as he turned me around and grabbed my jaw, so that I looked him into the eyes.
“I’m sorry, I just want to give her the best experience” I told him, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. Justin smiled, when we pulled out of the kiss.
“If you go make some snacks for them, then I will clean the rest of the room, and then we can get ready, how does that sound?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head and smiled at him.
“Thank you baby” I said to him, Justin smiled, and then he kissed my lips once again. After making out for a minute or two we pulled away, and I went out to the kitchen to make some snacks for the girls. I cut some fruit in different shapes, and then put if in the fridge, so that it would be nice and fresh, when the girls wanted snacks. I could hear Justin turn of the vacuum cleaner, and soon after he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.
“Ready to wake up Evelyn and get her ready?” Justin asked, as he gently placed a peck on my shoulder.
“Of course” I told him, and then I turned around and grabbed his hand before running upstairs. Both Justin and I were really young when we got Evelyn, but neither of us has ever regretted it, she is the most perfect little girl, and she has been so easy! But now that Justin and I are 28, we’re thinking about getting a child more, but haven’t had any luck, so I think we will just have Evelyn, and that’s it! Evelyn is 8 now, and she is always talking about how the other kids have other siblings, and both Justin and I are really trying, but we just don’t have any luck.
Justin quietly opened the door into Evelyn’s room, and weirdly enough she was still asleep, she always use to be up early when she is doing some exciting?

“Evelyn, sweetie you need to wake up” I gently told Evelyn, as I sat down on the edge of her bed. I lightly caressed her back, since she was sleeping on her stomach. She lightly groaned, but eventually she opened her eyes.
“Good morning baby” Justin smiled, as he sat down beside me. Evelyn lightly smiled and turned around, so that she was laying on her back.
“Morning mommy, morning daddy” she sleepily said, I smiled and removed some hair from her face.
“Are you ready to have the girls over?” I asked her, as I grabbed her and placed her on my lap.
“Yeah, I can’t wait!” she smiled; both Justin and I smiled and agreed.
“We can’t either” Justin told her,
“But daddy, please don’t come into us, you embarrass me sometimes” Evelyn giggled, Justin playfully gasped and grabbed her from me and started tickling her.
“I embarrass you?” Justin asked her, as Evelyn kept laughing. Evelyn nodded her head and screamed out of laughter.

After all of us had gotten ready and eaten breakfast, Evelyn’s three best friends arrived, we had actually never met them before, but both them and their parents seemed very sweet. The girls names were Harper, Nora and Leah, Nora and Leah both had blonde hair and blue eyes, actually they looked a lot like each other, Harper had brown hair and brown eyes just like Evelyn. Evelyn hugged all of them, and immediately they ran into the living room, where Justin and I had placed mattress’ everywhere, so that they could lay everywhere, Evelyn had also taken her dolls with her downstairs, so that they could play with them.
I smiled and sat down in one of the chairs in the kitchen and just listened to the girls laughing, they surely had an amazing time.
When dinnertime came around, Justin and I made a batter for a pizza, we called the girls out to the kitchen, so that they could make their own little pizza. They all seemed thrilled with the idea, and made sure their pizza looked really good.
Justin and I also made a pizza, we just made one together, and we both thought it turned out pretty well.
After dinner the girls ran into the living room again and started playing. Justin and I cleaned the table, but Justin was a little bored, so he started flicking me with a dishcloth. I squealed and started laughing, and then I also grabbed a dishcloth and started flicking Justin, even though I of course didn’t hit him as well, as he hit me. But we had so much fun. Justin started chasing me around the house, and the girls had apparently heard me squeal, so they hurried out to us, they were quick to help me get away from Justin, by grabbing his legs so he couldn’t move at all!
“That’s good girls, hold him, and then I will start tickling him” I told the girls, as I looked at Justin with a smirk. Justin’s eyes widened, and he tried to get away from the girls, but they held him tight, so I quickly started tickling him, and he started laughing like crazy. The girls let go of Justin’s legs, so I could lay him down. I finally got him down, and then girls started tickling Justin, Justin laughed, until he started couching like crazy, and we needed to let go of him, just so that he wouldn’t die.
Around nine the girls were getting tired, so we found their duvets and pillow, and put on a movie they could watch until they fell asleep, which they did really fast, all of them! I happily sighed, as I turned off the television and looked at the girls. Justin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist; he gently rested his head on my shoulder and looked at the girls.
“What would you say if we had our own little sleepover?” Justin whispered in my ear, he gently nibbled my earlobe, and I quietly let out a moan.
“I would love that,” I told him, and then I grabbed his hand and ran upstairs and into our bedroom. Justin locked the door behind us, I waited for him to turn around, and when he finally did, I attacked his lips with mine. I moaned when Justin bit my lip and made me jump into his arms. He carried me over to the bed, as we continued to make out.
Justin gently placed me on the bed and slowly took off his shirt.
“With or without condom?” Justin asked me, as he crawled on top of me, and hid his face in the crook of my neck.
“Without, I think Evelyn deserves a brother or a sister” I moaned into his ear. Justin smirked against my skin and started kissing my neck. As he did so, I pulled my jeans down, so that I was left in my bra, panties and a white V-neck shirt. Justin pulled away from my neck, and took off my glasses, normally I would wear contact lenses, but since we were just staying home the whole day, I didn’t wear them.
“You’re so beautiful my Mrs. Bieber” Justin smiled, I giggled and pulled him down to me by grabbing his neck. I gently kissed his lips, not with tongue or anything, just a regular kiss, but it was filled with even more love, than I think Justin and I had ever tried before?
Then Justin removed his pants, and I removed my shirt and my bra, so I was only left in my panties, and Justin was only left in his boxers, Justin teasingly pulled my panties down, and I couldn’t help but moan. Justin finally pulled his own boxers off, and then he entered me, and as he did, both of us moaned out loud!

Justin woke up around 9 the next morning; we both got out of bed and showered together. Then we got ready and went downstairs to make breakfast for the girls and us.
As we were eating breakfast, Evelyn spoke up.
“Mommy, daddy, did you also hear those weird sounds last night?” she asked us, Justin and I looked at each other, and I started blushing like crazy.
“No we didn’t sweetie, what did they sound like?” Justin asked her,
“It sounded like you were hurting mommy, since she was screaming your name” Evelyn said, as she pouted, I couldn’t hold in my laughter anymore, I just started laughing, this was so embarrassing, they had heard us having sex!  


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