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57. Imagine for @Jenny1013 - this imagine contains sexual activity!

Imagine for @jenny1013
I was getting ready to go to Pattie’s house with Justin. Of course Justin felt like he had been ready for hours, but I didn’t care. I wanted to look presentable, also even though I had met Pattie a couple of times. I had finished showering, and I had also done my hair and makeup, my hair was in a fishtail braid and my makeup was simple. No the only thing I needed was something to wear, which I had already found. I wore a set of floral lace panties and bra, and then on top of that I had a cute simple black dress and a long grey cardigan.
 My shoes were a cute pair of white pumps. After making sure I looked okay I went downstairs and into the living room, where Justin was sitting with his phone in his hand. He heard my pumps and turned off his phone before looking at me, and when he did, he opened his mouth widely. I chuckled and bit down in my lip. I knew he would have that reaction, he always liked it when I wore that dress, not only because I looked good in it, also because he had access to look down at my cleavage. As Justin was still in his trance, he got up from the couch and walked over to me. He finally made it over to me and as he did, he smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist.
 “Hey sexy” he whispered against my lips. I smirked back and wrapped my arms around his neck.
 “Hey” I said as I bit down in my lip again, Justin groaned, and finally he placed his lips on mine. I moaned as Justin deepened the kiss and added his tongue.
 “Are you ready to leave?” Justin asked me as we pulled out of the kiss. I nodded my head and grabbed his hand. Even though I was wearing heels, Justin was still higher than me, which was a really good thing since I liked wearing heels.
 Justin and I made our way out to our car after we had grabbed our stuff.
 As we drove to Pattie’s house, Justin kept placing his hand on my thigh close to my private place. I kept pushing his hand away, but only to tease him.
 “Baby, why can’t I have my hand on your thigh?” Justin whined as we pulled up to a red light. I smirked to myself and shrugged my shoulders.
 “I’m not in the mood for that Justin” I simply told him even though it wasn’t the truth. I was really horny, and I had been the whole day, only because Justin decided to tease me as he woke me up this morning. We had already had sex once today, but I was still really horny and nothing would help not even masturbation! I knew Justin felt the same way, because you could easily see his hard on through his tight jeans. He was also wearing a black button-up shirt; all in all he just looked really sexy! Justin groaned once again and placed his hand in between my thighs, I squeezed my thighs together as Justin carefully started caressing the insides of my thighs. As he moved closer to my sex, I quickly removed his hand, and once again Justin groaned.
 We finally pulled up in Pattie’s driveway, and immediately I got out of the car. I waited for Justin to come out and after he did, he made his way over to me; he wrapped an arm around my waist and quickly pecked my cheek, before we made our way up to the front door. After knocking three times on the door Pattie opened it with a huge smile playing on her lips.
 “There is my favorite son and daughter-in-law” she squealed as she pulled us in for a hug.
 “Hey Pattie” I smiled as we pulled out of the kiss, I handed her a small present from my bag. It was just two small Easter eggs wrapped in cellophane, nothing much.
 “Aww, thank you so much sweetie” Pattie smiled, then she gently hugged me again.
 After our little hug we went inside and into the living room, where Jeremy, Jazmyn and Jaxon also were. When Jazmyn and Jaxon noticed us, they immediately ran over to us, Jazmyn hugged me first and Jaxon hugged Justin first. I picked up Jazmyn, and she wrapped her legs around my waist as we hugged.
 Afterwards I hugged Jaxon and then Jeremy. After that Justin and I sat down on the other couch and started talking with Jeremy, as Pattie was in the kitchen making dinner for all of us.
 “So, how are you guys?” Jeremy asked Justin and I as he placed Jaxon on his lap.
 “We’re good” I told him as I looked up at Justin with a smile, Justin nodded his head in agreement, and then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.
 “That’s good” Jeremy smiled, I nodded my head and smiled.
 “Yeah, what about you?” I asked him, Jeremy chuckled and smiled.
 “I’m good, Jazmyn and Jaxon are too, they’re just have a lot of energy” he chuckled; Justin and I chuckled too and nodded our heads.
 “Yeah, but they’re young, they’re supposed to have lots of energy” I told him, Jeremy nodded his head, and as he was about to say something Pattie called our names.
 “Dinner is ready” she yelled, and I think Justin thought it was about time, because his tummy growled loudly.
 “Justin, your tummy is growling” Jazmyn laughed, Justin pouted and nodded his head.
 “Yeah, because I haven’t gotten anything all day, because Y/N can’t cook” he told her, I gasped and slapped his chest.
 “I can cook” I told him as I got up from the couch. Justin chuckled and nodded his head.
 “I was only making fun baby” he said as he got up as well. Justin grabbed my hand and together we walked into the dining room. Justin quickly pulled a chair out for me, and I sat down and thanked him. Justin sat down beside me and placed his hand on my thigh again. I rolled my eyes and tried to remove it again, but Justin just tightened his arm, so that I couldn’t remove it. I sent him a glare, but that didn’t seem to make him stop.
 “Mhh Pattie, this looks delicious” I told Pattie as we started placing the food on our plates.
 “Just like you” Justin sexily whispered in my ear as I got some spaghetti onto my plate. I quietly gasped and started blushing as Justin nibbled my earlobe.
 The whole night Justin kept his hand down by my thigh, but as we got to dessert, Justin moved his hand closer to my sex, and I was so turned on, that I didn’t even care about spreading my legs for him. Justin smirked as he moved my panties to the side and took a spoon full of ice into his mouth. He gently started rubbing up and down my folds to feel how wet I was, and I was really wet! Once again Justin smirked, and just like that as I took a spoonful ice into my mouth, Justin inserted one of his fingers inside me. I gasped as he started moving his fingers in and out me, and Pattie just looked at me.
 “Are you okay Y/N?” she asked me as she took some ice into her mouth.
 “Yeah, the ice was just really cold” I told her as I smiled. Pattie nodded her head and chuckled.
 “What did you expect, ice is supposed to be cold” she chuckled; I blushed and nodded my head.
 “I just think I forgot,” I told her as I chuckled. Justin kept moving his fingers inside of me; luckily I could stop myself from moaning. But sometimes a moan or two slipped out of my mouth. Justin just sat there eating his ice with his other hand as he fingered me. But as he felt me clench around his fingers, he moved closer to me and kissed my cheek.
 “Do you want to let go?” he asked me as he smiled, I nodded my head and my mouth did an O-shape.
 “Then let go” he told me, and just like that I let go and climaxed. I don’t think I have ever had such an amazing orgasm!
 Finally Justin pulled his fingers out of me; he pulled them up to his face and started licking them, as he looked me into my eyes.
 “Justin, you know you’re not supposed to eat with your hands!” Pattie hissed, Justin turned to look at her then he looked at me again.
 “I’m sorry mom, the ice is just so good” he told her as he continued to look at me, then he winked and sucked the last bit of my cum of his fingers.
 Finally after a long, but nice evening at Pattie’s house, we had finally arrived at home. And just as we got inside, Justin just made his way upstairs, but I wouldn’t let him. So I jumped onto his back and wrapped myself around him.
 “Where do you think you’re going?” I asked him seductively in his ear. Justin moaned and immediately stopped walking.
 “I was going to bed?” he explained, I shook my head and bit his ear.
 “Oh no, not that easy tiger, I need my payback” I told him, then I jumped down from his back and dragged him into our private cinema, where we had some of the most amazing sex we’ve ever had! 


Hope you liked this one?
- Amalie xo

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