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41. Imagine for @iz_kxx! Badass Justin

Imagine for @Iz_kxx
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I groaned, opened my eyes and sat up. Then I stopped the alarm and got out of bed.
It was Friday, so I just needed this day to pass, and I could go party all weekend.
I am one of the most popular girls in school, not because I dressed slutty, or because I dated the sport jerk, no simply because I was always smiling and lots of people had told me that I was beautiful.
Since I showered the night before, I just found a striped white and black dress, a pair of black see-through tights, my favorite adidas sneakers. Then I went into my bathroom and did a simple makeup, and for my hair I just braided some of it and made a ponytail of the rest of the hair. Then I grabbed my DAY-bag from Birger et Mikkelsen and went downstairs to eat a quick breakfast. Because I was running late, I just grabbed a granola bar and an apple. Then I grabbed my car keys and went to school. I parked my car in the parking lot and got out. I locked the car and then went inside school. I rolled my eyes, when I saw Justin Bieber, the badass and also my stalker, standing in front of my locker with a smirk playing on his lips.
“Good morning babe” Justin said, as I finally made it to my locker.
“Bye Justin” I told him, and then I pushed him away from my locker and opened it.
“Why so mad?” Justin asked with a smirk, as he stood close to me from behind.
“I’m nor mad, I just can’t tolerate you right now, or never actually” I told him, as I grabbed my books for my first period, math…
“Sure about that? Your body tells me something else” Justin smirked, as I closed my locker and turned around.
“Well, let’s see” I told him, and then I hit him in the balls with my knee, so he fell down on the ground. People started cheering, as I started walking away with a smirk playing on my lips.
“Hey girls” I squealed, as I finally found my two best friends, Katie and Ashley. The girls turned around and hugged me.
“Why are you so late? We thought you were sick or something,” Ashley explained, as we pulled away from each other.
“I totally forgot time” I told them, they both nodded their heads, and then the school bell rang. I groaned and the hugged the girls one last time, before I went to class.
I was one of the first students in the class, so I sat down in one of the seats in the middle. I placed my books on my table and found my pencil case, so I could write notes.
Mr. Moore arrived a few minutes later, he wasn’t an old teacher, actually he was quite young, if you of course would say 30 was young?
 “Good morning class, today we will be learning about trigonometry,” Mr. Moore said, as the last few students arrived in the classroom. Students started groaning, but not me, I actually like math, it’s actually very interesting.
“Can anyone tell me what you use trigonometry in connection with?” he asked, as he looked at us. I reached my hand up in the air, so did a few other students.
“Yeah, Y/N?” he said, I nodded my head and was about to answer, when the door opened and Justin came walking in. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.
“I’m glad you could join class today Justin” Mr. Moore said, as he looked at Justin.
“You’re very welcome” Justin replied, as he smirked. He looked around and unluckily for me; the only seat left in the room was behind me. Justin started smirking even more, as he realized that the only seat left was behind me. He slowly walked over to the seat and sat down.
“Y/N you were saying?” Mr. Moore asked me,
“You use trigonometry in connection with triangles” I told him with a smile. Mr. Moore nodded his head and smiled.
“That’s right, now I want you guys to make these tasks with different triangles, and I want you to finish it by tomorrow” he explained, as he started to give us at least 15 pages of triangles. Again the rest of the class started groaning.
“Missed me babe?” Justin suddenly whispered in my ear when Mr. Moore had walked past us.
“Please just shut up, I’m trying to learn something,” I told him with gritted teeth’s.
“Nah, I will only shut up, when you finally agree to go out on a date with me” he explained, and then I could feel a soft kiss being planted on my right cheek.
“Y/N and Justin, relationship stuff happens outside the classroom” Mr. Moore suddenly yelled, oh’s were heard everywhere in the classroom. Now it was my turn to groan, while Justin was just smirking.
“I’m sorry Mr. Moore, it won’t happen again, since Justin isn’t my boyfriend” I told Mr. Moore, as I smirked, more oh’s were heard I just continued to smirk, and then Mr. Moore continued the class.
“I want you to walk in pairs, so Daniel and Lilly is together, Pete and Vanessa, Y/N and Justin” Mr. Moore explained, as he continued to talk. I stopped listening when Justin’s name and mine was said.

The day had finally passed, and I was now on my way over to my locker to get my homework. I opened my locker and found my math homework. Then I closed the door, and screamed when I saw that Justin was standing right there.
“Hey gorgeous, ready to make some homework?” he asked, as he crossed his arms and leaned up against the lockers.
“Let’s just get it over with” I told him, as I rolled my eyes. I turned around and started walking outside. I found my car and got in. Justin got in a few seconds later.
“What happened to your car?” I asked him, as I had furrowed my eyebrows.
“I drove over here with a friend” he said, I nodded my head and sighed. Then I turned on the engine and drove home. We finally arrived home, so I turned off the engine and got out of the car. I locked the doors behind us and then went up to the front door. I unlocked it and went inside. Justin was right behind me all the time; I couldn’t help but notice, that he was looking at my ass. And I couldn’t help but wriggle a little more with it. To be honest, I actually always thought Justin looked really sexy, but he had always been so annoying, because he thought he could have ever girl in this world, just because he knew he looked good. Justin took off his shoes, and so did I. Then we went upstairs and into my room.
“Sorry for the mess, I was kinda in a hurry this morning” I told Justin, as we went inside my room.
“Don’t bother, you should see my room, that’s what you can call a mess” Justin joked, what happened to him? He was acting like a completely different person.
“Thank you” I told him, as I lightly giggled.
“Okay, well let’s make the homework” I told him, as I sat down on my bed. Justin nodded his head and at down too.
“Okay, to solve this one, we got to use sine (90
°+ A)” I explained to Justin, as I looked at the triangle. I looked over at Justin, who was sitting really close to me. He was already looking at me, like he was admiring me? I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful hazel brown eyes. He had the kind of eyes you could get lost in.
“Why won’t you give me a chance?” he then suddenly asked, I quickly cleared my throat and looked away.
“Because you think you can get every girl in this world, because you know you look good” I told him, as I looked down at my legs.
“Haven’t you noticed?” he asked me, as he furrowed his eyebrows.
“Noticed what?” I asked him, as I also furrowed my eyebrows.
“That I’ve only been with other girls to get your attention, to make you jealous, because you’re the only girl I want” he explained, I gasped and started smiling.
“OMG, are you serious?” I asked him, as I covered my mouth with my hands.
“Of course, I wouldn’t joke about this” he told me, and I started smiling even more.
“I really like you too, I jus didn’t want you to think I was easy to get, because I’m not” I told him, as I started blushing. Justin started smiling really big,
“So, does this mean you will give me a chance?” he asked, as he continued to smile.
“Yeah, but I just have one question” I told him,
“And that is?” he asked,
“Why do you act so different in school, than you do right now?” I asked him,
“Because I need to keep my façade, everyone thinks that I’m just badass with no heart, but truth to be told, I do have a heart, and I can actually be quite romantic” he explained, as he grinned, I giggled and looked down.
“I think you need to prove that” I told him, as I started blushing like crazy.
“Well okay then, Y/F/N will you please do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend and let me take you out on the most romantic date you’ve even been on?” he asked, he grabbed my hands and made me look at him.
“Of course” I told him, as I nodded my head. Then Justin grabbed my jaw and pulled me closer for a really passionate kiss, filled with butterflies.   


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