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68. Imagine for @dreambigselena!

Imagine for @Dreambigselena
I was getting ready to go to a party with Justin. I had just showered, so now I was just getting dressed. I decided to wear a black, tight dress with a pair of white heels to. I curled my hair and made my makeup. Then I also found some jewelry and of course I was wearing my engagement ring. Recently Justin had proposed to me, and tonight we would tell our friends, and honestly I couldn’t wait! Lastly I quickly just found a black clutch and put my phone into the clutch along with my driving license and some money. Then I slowly made my way downstairs to Justin. Justin smiled as he saw me walking down the stairs.
“You look stunning my soon to be Mrs. Bieber” Justin smirked as I walked down the last step. I smiled and pecked his cheek before grabbing his hand.
“Thank you my soon to be husband” I told him as I smiled widely. Justin smiled too, and then he pecked my lips and squeezed my hand tight.
Justin and I walked out of the door, and Justin locked the door behind us, then we both got into our car and drove over to the party.

We had finally arrived at the party, it wasn’t a big party, it was a rather small party with only people we knew, so I felt more comfortable.
Justin and I made our way inside together hand in hand. As we closed the door behind us, Hailey, Kendall and Ryan noticed us, so they were fast to come over to us.
“Hey guys” Kendall yelled over the loud music, I could already tell that she was drunk.
“Hey” Justin and I said at the same time.
“So, what did you guys want to tell us?” Ryan asked as he wrapped an arm around both of the girls. I looked up at Justin and smiled widely, Justin was smiling too. He grabbed my hand again and showed it to Hailey, Kendall and Ryan, and immediately Hailey and Kendall started screaming. They grabbed my hand and dragged me over to them as they admired my ring.
“Congratulations!” Hailey yelled, I smiled and giggled a little bit before looking over at Justin who was already looking at me. I winked and blew him a kiss, and he did the same thing, it was kind of our ritual, when we weren’t together, together.
“When did he propose?” Kendall asked and got me out of my trance.
“A few days ago” I told her with an even bigger smile as I looked down at my ring, my ring was silver, it had a diamond heart in the middle and two diamond butterflies beside the heart diamond, and then there was little diamond stones all around the ring, to be honest the ring was just me and absolutely perfect!
“You’re so lucky!” Haley whined as she smiled at me, I chuckled and looked over at Justin again, who was now talking to Ryan and some other dude.
“Come on, let’s celebrate with a drink!” Kendall yelled, I nodded my head and went over to the bar with the girls.

A few hours later everyone at the party was pretty drunk, Hailey and Kendall wanted to play truth and dare, so we found the guys and sat down in one of the available couches.
“Okay everyone! No really dirty dares, and if you’re not brave enough to take your dare you have to drink 2 shots” Hailey yelled and all of us nodded our heads.
“Okay, Kendall truth or dare?” Hailey asked Kendall, Kendall smirked and looked around.
“Dare” she said, and Hailey smirked.
“Burp as loud as you can” she laughed, Kendall gasped and pouted a little bit, everyone knew Kendall couldn’t burp at all, so we just laughed. As Kendall tried to burp, Justin wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.
“Hey sexy” he whispered in my ear, I giggled and rested my head in the corner of his neck.
“Hey” I whispered back, and then I gently kissed his neck.
“Sara, truth or dare?” Kendall said, which made me sit up again and looked around.
“Uhm, dare?” I quietly said, and everyone clapped and screamed.
“Uhm, take of your panties and give them to Justin” she smirked, I laughed and covered my head in embarrassment, but I stood up and pulled down my lace, black panties and gave them to Justin. Justin laughed, and then he put my panties into his pocket.
“Ryan, truth or dare?” I asked Ryan, Ryan cleared his throat and smiled.
“I’m gonna pick dare too” he said, I smirked and nodded my head; I had the most perfect idea.
“You gotta make out with Chaz,” I told him, everyone started laughing except Ryan and Chaz. Both of them groaned, but then they leaned in and started making out with each other, but only for 10 second or so.
After a few round Kendall asked Hailey, and Hailey picked dare.
“Kiss the boy that sitting closets to you on your left side” Kendall said, Hailey looked to her left side and saw Justin, and immediately I though she would just take two shots, but no, she started making out with my FIANCÉ! After 5 minutes of them making out I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I got up from my seat and walked away, I was furious! How could they do that to me?
As I was about to walk out of the front door someone grabbed my arm and turned me around, sadly it was Justin.
“Hey, why did you just leave like that?” he asked me as he dried some of Hailey’s lipstick off his lips. I scoffed and shook my head.
“Why do you think?” I harshly asked him,
“I don’t know” he said as he shrugged his shoulders, I scoffed once again and slapped his hand away from my arm.
“Why don’t you just go back to Hailey and start making out with her again?” I sarcastically asked him, Justin furrowed his eyebrows, and then he chuckled.
“Are you mad at me, because I kissed Hailey?” he asked him as he chuckled, I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes before slapping him right across his cheek.
“Kissed her? Oh no, you guys were practically dry humping each other!” I told him, and then I picked off my engagement right and threw it at Justin.
“NEVER! And I mean it, NEVER contact me again” I told Justin, and then I turned around and left. At that moment I never wanted to talk, let alone see Justin again…
Lucky Justin and I had planned that I would be driving home, so I had his car keys in my clutch. I unlocked the car and got inside, and then I started the engine and drove away. I drove to my old apartment, which Justin and I had decided to keep. I got inside and looked the door behind me that was when I broke down in tears.

* Justin’s POV *
I woke up with the biggest headache ever, I groaned, then I turned around to wrap my arms around Sara, but no one was there. I furrowed my eyebrows and opened my eyes. Where was Sara? I sat up and looked around in the bedroom, but there were no sings of her. I got out of bed and pulled the pants from last night on, but as I did something fell out of my pocket. I furrowed my eyebrows once again and bended down to pick it up. But I immediately stopped, when I saw that it was Sara’s engagement ring. I gulped harshly and picked it up, nothing had happened to it, but still I really worried, why would she take it off?
I quickly found a shirt and ran downstairs and looked everywhere, but still no signs from her. I ran back upstairs and found my phone and called her, but she wouldn’t pick up the phone. After trying a few times I decided to call Hailey, who was quick to pick up her phone.
“What up Justin?” she asked,
“Have you seen Sara? I can’t find her anywhere?” I asked her,
“No, I haven’t seen her since she left last night because of us making out” she sleepily said, my eyes got opened wide and I gulped harshly.
“Did we make out?” I asked her, and Hailey chuckled.
“Yeah, because I got dared to make out with you” she explained, I didn’t want to hear more, so I ended the call and ran downstairs again. Suddenly it hit me, Sara must have taken our car and she we was now at her old apartment. I grabbed my other set of car keys and ran outside, I wasn’t wearing shoes or anything, I hadn’t time for that. I opened the door into my car and drove over to Sara’s old apartment. Immediately as I arrived, I got out and ran up the stairs and knocked on the front door.
Finally after a few minutes Sara opened the door, her eyes were red and puffy, and I could see she hadn’t got any sleep.
“What are you doing here Justin?” she asked me, I sighed and looked down.
“Baby, I’m so sorry! I was so drunk last night” I apologized, Sara sniffled and grabbed my hand before dragging me inside.
“I’m sorry for getting so mad at you! I know you were drunk, and I know we were playing truth or dare, but I just can’t stand seeing you with other girls” Sara cried into my chest. I gulped and wrapped my arms tightly around her; I never wanted to let go.
“I love you so much baby!” I told her as I tear ran down my cheek, yeah now you know it, Justin Bieber does cry!
“I love you too baby” Sara cried, I smiled, then I leaned back and made her look at me.
“Will you please be my girlfriend and fiancé again?” I asked her, Sara smiled and nodded her head. I quickly found her ring in my pocket and slipped it on her fingers, then I pulled her closer and connected our lips, she was finally mine again…


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