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31. Imagine for @donyaakrida!

Imagine for @donyaakradi
“Baby, wake up” Justin’s raspy morning voice said as he gently shook me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him.
“Good morning sleepy head” he smiled, I groaned and closed my eyes again.
“Justin, why did you wake me this early?” I asked him as I turned around to ay on my stomach.
“Because I felt like it” he said, I could feel him getting on top of me and then I could feel his hands on my back as he gave me a massage.
“Mh, that feels so good” I moaned, Justin chuckled and stopped.
“Come on babe, sit up, I have something for you” Justin said as he got off me.
I groaned and then turned around once again. I sat up and slowly opened my eyes.
Justin came over to me with a tray filled with fruit, chocolate, hot chocolate and a vase filled with white roses. In his hands he also had some bags, one from M.A.C and one from Chanel.
“Justin! What is all this?” I asked him as he placed the tray on my lap.
“I just thought it had been a long time since I had spoiled you” Justin smiled as he sat down on the bed beside me.
“What are you talking about? You always spoil me, even though I always tell you not too!” I told him, as I looked him in the eyes.
“Just eat your breakfast” he said as he laughed, I playfully rolled my eyes and started eating the delicious breakfast.
“Oh, I got you something by the way” Justin smiled as I took a sip of the hot chocolate. I gulped and looked over at him with furrowed eyebrows. Justin started smiling even more and then he found the two bags.
“I noticed you were running out of some of your makeup, so I thought I would give you the best of the best makeup you could ever get” he smiled as he handed me the bag from M.A.C. I shook my head and opened the bag. The bag was filled with all the different things from M.A.C, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, foundation and lipstick.
“I noticed you already had a powder from M.A.C, so I took it with me down to the store and a lady helped me find the different things” he said as he started blushing.
“Justin this is so cute! Thank you so much baby, I love you” I told him as I gently bended down over my breakfast to give him a kiss.
“I also got you this” Justin said as he gave me the bag from Chanel. I opened and an oblong box came into my sight. I gasped and opened the box. It was a silver necklace with the Chanel logo and it had little diamonds in it.
“OMG Justin, this is too much!” I told him, as I looked him in the eyes.
“Nothing is too much for my princess, I would give you the world if you asked me to give it you” he cheekily said, I covered my mouth in awe and a single happy tear ran down my cheek.
“You’re the best Justin! But I don’t want you to give me all this, I want you to spend your money on you, not on me!” I told him as I grabbed his hands. Justin rolled his eyes and bit down in his lip.
“Can’t you see it? You’re mine, and that means I’m spending money on myself!” he explained as he squeezed my hands.
“Really? Do you really mean that?” I asked him as I smiled really big.
“Yeah, I do! You’re my world Y/N, I will spend all of my money on you!” he explained,
“But I only want your love! Money doesn’t matter! You could buy me anything, I would still love you the same way as when we met!” I explained to him.
“I love you so fucking much!” Justin explained, and then he removed the tray from my lap and pulled me on top of him.
“I love you too!” I told him, and then I kissed his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck. 
“Baby get ready, I’m taking you after for lunch” Justin told him after our passionate make-out session.
“Justin, can’t we just stay home? I just really want to stay inside and cuddle” I told him as I kept my arms locked around his neck.
“It’s an amazing day today Y/N, we need to go outside, beside I have something to show you!” Justin smiled and he wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Okay, only because I love you!” I told him, as I pouted. I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and went out to the bathroom.
After I had taken a shower, I got dressed in a pair of black high-waisted jeans, a spaghetti strop crop top, an army green military jacket and a pair of Nike shoes. I simply just curled my newly short cut hair and did a simple makeup. After I finished, I noticed Justin sitting on the bed fully dressed in a pair of black baggy-pants, a simple white T-shirt and a scarf from Louis Vuitton that I gave him for his birthday.
“You look amazing baby” I told him as I walked over to him. He smiled at me and stood up.
“You look even more amazing, now let’s go” he said, as he grabbed my hand. I quickly grabbed my bag and my iPhone and then I walked downstairs with Justin by my side.
I grabbed my favorite Ray-Ban sunglasses and took them on before walking out of the front door. Justin locked the door behind us, and then he pulled his Ray-Ban sunglasses on too.
“Baby, where are we going?” I asked Justin as we were driving,
“We’re going to this small restaurant to have lunch” he told me, as he quickly turned to look at me, but he quickly looked back at the road, which I was very thankful for.
“Have you ever eaten there?” I asked him as he came to a red light.
“Yeah, I ate there with mom once” he explained, then the red light turned green and Justin started driving again.
We finally arrived at the small restaurant, it didn’t seem like a lot of people went there, but it looked really cute (if you can say that about a restaurant?), Justin and I walked inside and immediately a waitress came over to us.
“What can I help you with?” she asked,
“A table for two, maybe in a corner or something” Justin told her, the waitress nodded her head and told us to follow her.
“There you go” she said as she showed us our table, I tanked her and then sat down, Justin sat down too.
“What would you like to drink?” the sweet waitress asked us,
“I will take a diet coke” I told her as I smiled at her, she smiled back and then wrote it down,
“And you sir?” she asked Justin, I couldn’t help but laugh a little, Justin was usually called sir. He sent me a glare, before turning his towards the waitress.
“I will take a beer” he told him; the waitress nodded her head and wrote it down.
“And what would you like to eat?” she asked us,
“Well, what would you recommend?” I asked her as I looked at her.
“A lot of our costumers says that our spaghetti is really good” she smiled,
“Then we’ll take two of them” Justin told her, the waitress nodded her head and then she left.

After the delicious lunch, Justin and I left to where Justin had something to show me.
“Where are we going Justin?” I asked him as I placed my hands on my knees.
“Just somewhere” he told me as he smirked.
“You’re no fun Justin! Where are we going?” I asked him, as I started pouting.
“I am fun baby, this is a surprise, you wouldn’t enjoy it, if I told you what if is” Justin explained, I groaned and crossed my arms over my chest.
“We’re there soon baby, just be patient” Justin chuckled as he looked over at me.
“But you know I’m not patient!” I told him as I pouted once again.
“I know, but you have to try” Justin told me; I sighed and nodded my head before leaning back in my seat.
Finally, after 10 minutes more in the car, Justin parked the car. We were at some apartment area. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked over at Justin.
“Who do we know that lives here?” I asked him as I looked at him,
“No one” he smiled, I furrowed my eyebrows once again. I was really confused.
“Then what are we doing here?” I asked him as we got out.
We walked inside the building and got in the elevator. Justin was quick to grab my hand and squeeze it tight.
“Justin, it’s okay, we’re soon at our destination” I told him as I grabbed his jaw. Justin sighed and started smiling.
“How can it be, that you always manage to calm me down?” he asked me, I simply shrugged my shoulders and then the doors for the elevator opened.
Justin dragged me out and then walked over to a door. He let go of my hand and found his keys. I furrowed my eyebrows and watched him unlock the door.
“Welcome to our ‘escape from the famous world’ apartment” Justin told me as he looked at him. My eyes widened and I walked inside. The apartment was small, but it was very charming.
“Come on, I was something to show you” Justin told me as he dragged me with him over to the small balcony. There were duvets, pillow and all that set up; there even was a MacBook out there.
“Justin, what is all this?” I asked him, as I looked up at him.  
“We’re going to spend the night out here just watching movies and cuddling” Justin told him. I awed and got up on my tiptoes to kiss his lips.
“You’re so cute! I love you!” I told him before kissing his lips once again.
“I love you too baby!” Justin told me as he picked me up. He laid down on the duvets and then he laid down beside me.
We spend the whole night watching movies out there and we just had an amazing time, I knew for sure I would always remember it.  


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