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43. Imagine for @cast.of.pll! Sad/cute

Imagine for @cast.of.pll
“Do you really have to go?” I asked Justin one last time, before it was time for him to leave with the other soldiers.
“You know I have to, but it’s only Kosovo, nothing dangerous will happen” Justin happily in hopes to cheer me up.
“But me and Aubrey will miss you” I cried, I picked up our precious little baby girl, she was only 6 months old!
“I know baby, but this is my job, I have to do this, so I can give my princess everything they deserve” Justin explained, he lightly grabbed my jaw and pulled me in for a kiss.
“I will see you guys in three months” he smiled, after we pulled out of the kiss.
“Okay, remember to call every single day, and remember to just Skype us once in a while” I told him, as more tears ran down my cheeks.
“I will baby, I promise! But please don’t be sad! Remember that I will be home by your side in only three months! We’ve been through worse” Justin smiled; I nodded my head and smiled too.
“You’re right, the days will go by really quick” I told him, then I handed him Aubrey, so they could say goodbye.
“Goodbye princess, remember to take good care of mommy and be a little easy on her” Justin told Aubrey; I lightly chuckled and wrapped my arms around Justin from behind.
“I love you” I whispered to him, Justin looked away from Aubrey and over at me, as good as he could.
“I love you too baby” he whispered back. Then suddenly Ryan, Justin’s best friend in the military came over to us.
“Justin, we have to leave now” he sadly said, Justin sighed and nodded his head. He turned around and handed me Aubrey, then he pulled me in for one last kiss before he had to leave.
“You’re so beautiful” Justin explained, as he got teary eyes, I lightly smiled and kissed his lips again.
“I’m going to miss you so much” I cried, then I pulled away from Justin’s embrace and let him take his bags.
“I will miss you too baby” Justin explained, then he swung one of his bags over his shoulder.
“Goodbye my princesses” he said, he slowly started walking backwards, his eyes were still on Aubrey and I, and you could see a tear running down his cheek.
“I love you” I murmured to him, he gently smiled and murmured it back. Then just like that he was out of my sight. I started crying even more, he was gone, and I wouldn’t be able to see him in three whole months.
“It still doesn’t get easier” someone said behind me, I turned around and noticed Elena, Ryan’s girlfriend. I shook my head and walked over to her.
“Luckily it will be the last time I’m sending him away, he promised to get a new job when he gets home” I told her with a small smile, Elena nodded her head looked down.
“This is their passion, we should let them have for as long as they want” she explained.
“Yeah, but it’s just hard to send them away for three months, especially when you have a 6 months old daughter” I told her, more tears started to run down my cheeks, but I didn’t care, Elena didn’t care either, she had makeup all over her face, I had been smart enough to not wear any, because I knew I would be crying.
“It must be, Ryan and I will have one the next time, I’m pregnant and I just told him before” Elena explained.
“Really congratulation!” I told her, as I started to smile.
“Thank you, but I just don’t know how to get through a pregnancy without Ryan by my side” she cried.
“Don’t worry, me and Aubrey will be there to help you” I told her, I quickly placed Aubrey in her pram and then hugged Elena.
“Really? That would be amazing” she smiled,
“OF course, you were there for me, of course I will be there for you, you’re my best friend” I told her in the hug.
“What would I do without you?” Elena asked,
“I don’t know? I think you would’ve been lost” I playfully told her, Elena started chuckling, so did I, it was nice to finally be able to laugh again.
“Come on, let’s leave and get a cup of coffee somewhere” I told her, Elena nodded her head and found her bag. I made sure Aubrey was lying down with a dummy in her mouth and then I started walking out of the airport.


* 2 months later *
It had now been 2 months since Justin left to go to Kosovo. The last few days Justin hadn’t been calling me like he used to, which was very weird, since he never missed the opportunity to call Aubrey and I.
I was on my way to mothers' group with Aubrey, we had been hanging out with this mothers' group since Justin left. They were really nice and one of the mother’s actually knew how to handle your boyfriend going to war. Her boyfriend had been gone for 9 months now, and he wouldn’t be home for another 3 months. I was lucky that Justin would be home in less than a month. I was about to run upstairs to get the last few things for Aubrey, when the doorbell rang. I furrowed my eyebrows and went out to open the door. I covered my mouth, when I saw to soldiers standing in the door.
“Are you Y/F/N?” one of them asked, I nodded my head and started crying, normally soldiers would only show up at your house, if you boyfriend/ Husband/ brother were dead.
“Is he really dead?” I asked them, as I started to sob.
“No, your boyfriend isn’t dead, but he has been shut right in the leg, so he’s coming home, because he can’t walk” one of the men explained, I gasped and started to smile.
“When will he be home?” I asked them,
“He’s right outside in the car” one of them smiled, I covered my mouth and ran outside to their car. Justin noticed me and opened the car door.
“I thought I lost you,” I told him, as I weirdly hugged him. Justin wrapped his arms tightly around me and hugged me.
“I would never leave you, you know that” he smiled, I nodded my head in his chest and started to cry happy tears.
“Is this why you haven’t been calling?” I asked him, as I helped him out of the car.
“Yeah, I wasn’t able to call you in any of the airports, so I thought I would surprise you instead” he explained, one of the men handed Justin some crutches, Justin gladly took them and humped inside the house.
“Thank you for the ride” Justin told the men, the men nodded their heads, and then they left.
“What about Ryan, is he still in Kosovo?” I asked Justin, as I helped him get out of his shoes, he was shut in his left leg, so he was only wearing one shoe.
“Yeah, he told me he would fight for me, and also for his girlfriend and son” Justin smiled,
“Yeah, Elena and him are getting a son to October, so our son-in-law will soon be born” I told Justin with a small chuckle. Justin chuckled too and took of his jacket, as I helped him stand.
“Where’s Aubrey?” Justin suddenly asked, I smiled and helped him sit down in the couch.
“She’s outside in her pram, we were actually on our way to our mother’s group, but I’m going to cancel” I explained, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
“Would you mind getting her? I mean I would do it myself, but I can’t” Justin chuckled; I nodded my head and went out to get Aubrey, who luckily has just woken up.
“Daddy’s home” I told her, as I picked her up. She started squealing and clapping her tiny hands together.  
“I know baby, I missed him too” I told her, then I walked inside again and handed her to Justin. Aubrey started grabbing his face and she was squealing a lot.
“Dada” she suddenly squealed. Justin and I stopped laughing and looked at each other.
“Did she just say her first word?” Justin asked me, I covered my mouth in happiness and nodded my head.
“She did” I told him; I sat down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. It was so nice to finally have him home, right where he belonged. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tell me what you think! 
I was crying writing this one! - Amalie xo    
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