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48. Imagine for @Ashleybenson1711!

magine for @Ashleybenson1711
“Congratulations Y/N, you’re pregnant” the female doctor told me, my eyes got wide, and immediately I started crying. Justin noticed and hugged me as tight, as he could.
“It’s going to be okay Y/N, I will help you though it! I promise” he sweetly said, I shook my head and started sobbing. You see, a month ago I was raped, and now I am pregnant with the raper’s child. I had already told the police, and sadly there were still looking for the mugger. Justin is not my boyfriend, sadly he is only my best friend, but it’s okay, it’s better to just have him as my best friend, than not even in my life!
“Why are you crying?” the doctor asked me, I sniffled and dried some tears away.
“I was raped about a month ago, so I am having the raper’s child,” I told her. She gasped and grabbed my hand.
“I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t know! You know it’s not too late to get an abort, right?” she asked me, my eyes widened and I shook my head.
“I won’t get an abortion, I will keep the baby” I told her harshly. The doctor nodded her head and carefully smiled,
“Well, why won’t we just make a new appointment for next month?” she then asked, I nodded my head and looked over at Justin, who was already looking at me. He had a small smile playing on his lips, as he continued to look at the pictures the doctor had given us. As I was looking at Justin, the doctor had found me some tissues to dry off the gel with. I thanked her and dried off the gel. Then I sat up and pulled my shirt down again. I got up from the examination couch and grabbed the pictures from Justin’s hands.
“Hey, I was looking at those” he whined, I playfully stuck out my tongue and then looked down at the pictures, where I easily could see my little baby. I was actually starting to like the idea about being a mommy; I mean how hard could it be?
“Okay Y/N, I will see you next time, hopefully a little more happy?” she said, I nodded my head and smiled widely at her.
“Of course, I will see you next time doctor” I told her, then I shook her hand and left with Justin.
“How are you feeling about this?” Justin asked me, as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, Justin was a lot taller than me, so I had to look up at him.
“I am actually starting to love the idea about being a mommy, I just maybe whished, I would have been pregnant with the love of my life’s child, instead of a raper’s child” I told him, as I slightly pouted. Justin nodded his head and quickly pecked my cheek.
“Well, just know that I will be here for you and the baby, I am not going anywhere, I promise” he sweetly said, I awed and stopped walking, when Justin noticed, he also stopped walking; he furrowed his eyebrows and just looked at me. Then I quickly ran over to him and jumped right into his arms.
“Thank you so much Justin, I don’t know, what I would have done if you weren’t here with me” I told him, I tightly hugged him, as I stood on my tiptoes, I could feel Justin started smiling, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.
“What kind of best friend would I be, if I wouldn’t be able to help you through a pregnancy?” he asked him; I lightly giggled and pulled away from him.
“I have no idea? I just know that you have been the biggest help, you knew what to do, when I came to your house around 3 am that night, you knew how to calm me down and how to make sure I would be able to smile again. Justin’s smile got even wider, he didn’t say anything, he just stared at me.
“Justin?” I asked him, immediately he got out of his trance and nodded his head.
“I told myself, that I would ask you this question, if you actually were pregnant” he started; I nodded my head and furrowed my eyebrows.
“It’s just that I really want to be a part of your baby’s life, and I don’t want you to be alone with him or her, so I was wondering if you would like to move in with me?” he asked, I gasped and immediately nodded my head.
“I would love to!” I told him, then I hugged him tight once again.




Doing my pregnancy, Justin was around me all the time, he made sure everything was perfect, and he also made sure I was okay, which I actually was, then pregnancy had been very easy for me, at least so far, I was 8 and a half month pregnant, and I could feel now tired I was getting, I was also constantly hungry and craved that I always had something to eat with me. Justin didn’t care, which I thought was really weird, it must have been a hard time living with me the last couple of months? But Justin didn’t seem to mind. Right now we were sitting on the couch, or actually Justin and I were spooning, because lately we had become closer, and I actually liked it. I wasn’t sure if Justin knew that I really liked him, no liked wasn’t the right word I loved him! And I planned on soon telling him, but I just didn’t know how.
“What are you thinking about? You are so quiet” Justin said and got me out of my trance, I shook my head and looked at him. I shrugged my shoulders and just smiled at him.
“I don’t know, I just think I am tired” I told him, I was clearly lying, I just didn’t know what to tell him.
“You also look really tired” he told me, and before I could answer him, the doorbell rang. I groaned and sat up, so that Justin could get up and open the door. He quickly pecked my cheek and then got up from the couch. I sighed and gently started caressing my baby bump. I had decided, that I didn’t want to know the gender, I wanted it as a surprise, luckily Justin understood me, he actually also had nothing to say about it, it was my child and only mine, I know it was a little harsh, I was just protecting myself. Suddenly Justin, Ryan, Khalil, Kendall and Hailey came into the room. I happily smiled and tried to get up from the couch, but I couldn’t. Justin noticed my struggling and hurried over to me to help me up. I quickly thanked him and then went over to the others.
“Hey guys” I smiled, I hugged each and everyone and then just looked at them.
“How are you feeling Y/N/N?” Kendall asked me, I quietly sighed and chuckled a little.
“I just want him or her to come out now” I told her, she nodded her head and then she grabbed my hand.
“Hailey and I actually have something to the little one, it’s a unisex thing, so if it’s a girl, she can use it, and if it is a boy he can use it” Kendall smiled; I furrowed my eyebrows and slowly followed behind them. Hailey grabbed my free arm and locked then together.
“We got it made just for you, we know you have been talking about it for a long time, but you never found one” Hailey told me, I still had my eyebrows furrowed, but my smile became even bigger!
The girls opened the door out to Justin’s and actually also my garage. I gasped when I saw the beautiful white, rocking cradle. I had been talking about that cradle, since I was in second month! I had a cradle like that, when I was a baby, and I wanted one to my baby too!
“OMG, girls you are the best” I told the girls, and then I started crying. Both Kendall and Hailey furrowed their eyebrows and hurried to hug me.
“Why are you crying baby?” Kendall asked, I lightly chuckle and dried some tears away.
“It’s just the hormones, and because I just think my water broke!” I told her, both of the girl’s eyes got wide and then hurried to help me inside.
We slowly made it into the living room where the guys were.
“Dude, why don’t you just ask her to be your girlfriend, you both act like a couple, and it is easy to tell that Y/N likes you too” Ryan told Justin, I lightly smiled, but soon started screaming, when I got a contraction! The guys turned their heads towards me, as their eyes got wide.
“Y/N, what’s happening” Justin asked me, as he got up from his seat. I grabbed Kendall’s shoulder and dug my nails into it, as the contraction continued.
“Her water just broke, we need to get her to the hospital” Hailey told him, Justin’s eyes got wide, and he hurried to carefully pick me up and take me out to the car.
“Ryan, you drive, my keys are on the table” Justin told Ryan, as he got me into the car. Finally the contraction stopped, and I could finally breath again.
Justin ran over to the other side and got into the car himself, he sat down beside me and placed my head on his lap.
“Do you really like me in that way?” I suddenly asked Justin, as Ryan drove me to the hospital.
“What do you mean?” he asked, like he was completely clueless.
“You know- you know what I mean! I heard you,” I told him, then another contraction hit me.
Justin nodded his head and helped me with my breathing.
“I do, and I actually wanted to ask you tonight, if you wanted to be my girlfriend” he explained in between the breathings. I stopped doing the breaths and just looked at him, it was like the pain completely stopped, and it was only me and Justin in the world.
“Are you serious?” I asked him, as I started smiling widely.
“Heck am I serious! I love you” he smiled, and then finally his lips were on top of mine, in a kiss full of passion.
“Guys, we’re at the hospital now” Ryan told us; he had completely ruined the moment, because suddenly the pain was back, and I started screaming. The guys helped me inside, as Kendall and Hailey followed behind them.




Finally 5 hours later, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I had decided to name her Eleanor Bieber Y/L/N, just because Justin had been such a big help through my pregnancy and because we had talked about it before. I was breast-feeding Eleanor, when Kendall, Hailey, Khalil and Ryan came into the room. They all awed, as they saw little Eleanor. Then they noticed that Justin had his arm wrapped around my shoulder, as he just stared down at Eleanor.
“Are you guys finally a thing?” Ryan asked, as he started smirking. I lightly giggled and looked at Justin.
“I don’t know, Justin hasn’t asked me, so I guess not” I told them, as I smirked. All of them knew that I liked Justin, so they got a big grin on their faces.
“Well, Y/F/N, will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend and hopefully also my future wife, when I someday get the courage to ask you that question, and will you let me adopt Eleanor, so that she also will be mine, because I feel like she is mine?” he asked me, he had gotten down from the bed, and down on one knee. I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“There is nothing in this world I want more, than to be your girlfriend and future wife, and of course you can adopt Eleanor, even though I also feel like she is yours” I told him, the others started clapping, when Justin got up and kissed my lips.
“Yes, now you’re finally together, we have been waiting for that!” Khalil cheered and high-fived Ryan! Justin and I nodded our heads and kissed each other’s lips again.   

After a few days I was able to go home, Justin had already signed the papers about adopting Eleanor, so now she was also his, oh and my raper is in jail now, and he has no right to ever see Eleanor! All in all, everything was perfect!                                                




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