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64. Imagine for @Antoniabuelta00!

Imagine for @Antoniarebuelta00
I can’t believe this! This is the fourth time Justin forgets our dinner dates, only because he was busy in the studio! I sighed as I went upstairs and into our bedroom again to change into something else! I slipped out of my black tight dress and got into a pair of workout pants and a muscle T-shirt. Because I had decided to go for a run to get some of my aggressions out. I got on my favorite Nike shoes, and then I went downstairs and outside. I didn’t even bother cleaning after my and Justin’s forgotten date. I wanted him to feel bad when he got home. I locked the front door, and then I just found my earphones and listened to some music as I ran. I don’t know how long I had been running, but I was feeling really good, so I ran a little more, until I magically found my way back to Justin and I’s house. As I ran into our driveway, I noticed Justin’s car was parked outside. I smirked to myself, and then I opened the front door and went inside. Justin must have heard me because a few seconds later he was standing right in front of me.
“Where have you been?” he asked me as he looked at me. I decided to ignore him, so I went into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. As I closed the refrigerator Justin stood right behind it. I scoffed, and then I turned around and opened my bottle of water, which I downed in less than 20 seconds.
“Why are you ignoring me?” Justin asked me as he turned me around and held my wrist tight. I winced in pain and tugged my arm away from him.
“Why do you think?” I asked him harshly as I pointed towards the beautiful dinner table.
“OMG, baby I’m so sorry!” Justin apologized, I sarcastically chuckled, and then I turned around and made my way upstairs.  
“Baby please! I forgot!” Justin begged, immediately I stopped walking and turned around.
“You forgot? How can you forget 4 dates in a row?” I asked him, when Justin didn’t answer, I just rolled my eyes and made my way into the bedroom.
“You know I’m busy in the studio, I need to finish this album” Justin explained as he gently grabbed my hand. I shook my head and took my hand out of his.
“You could at least have texted me or something!” I told him, I could feel how upset this made my, so a few tears ran down my cheeks. I quickly dried the tears away, and then I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, before Justin could open the door again. I took a deep breath, and then I quickly undressed myself and got into the shower.

After showering and getting dressed into a grey, loose dress, a pair of black see-through tights and a pair of adidas shoes I went downstairs and stopped my tracks, when I saw Justin standing at the end of the stairs with a beautiful red rose in his hands. Actually he was also wearing a button up shirt in white and a pair of ripped jeans instead of his other clothes. I furrowed my eyebrows and went down the last few steps.
“Justin, what are you doing?” I asked Justin, Justin just lightly smiled and grabbed my hand, then he followed me over to the dinner table, where the food I had made had been heated.
“I thought I would make for all the times betrayed you” Justin explained, I simply nodded my head and let Justin push out my chair. After I had sat down, Justin went over to his own side and sat down.  Justin scooped some of the Spaghetti Bolognese onto my plate and then on his own.
“I’m so sorry for all the times I stood you up! I have just been so busy lately, I wanted to write you the perfect song, but I just can’t seem to get all my words out, because whenever I come up with something, it’s just not enough! You deserve so much more!” Justin explained as he grabbed my hand over the table. I gulped and held his hand tight.
“Is that the reason why you have been in the studio all this time?” I asked him with furrowed eyebrows; Justin nodded his head and gently caressed my hand.
“I wanted to write you a song, that only you and I would get to hear, but my words are stuck! I just can’t describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me” Justin explained, I awed and suddenly it was like all the times he had stood me up had disappeared.
“But luckily I actually finished the song today, it’s not what I wanted it to be, but it’s close too!” Justin continued, and then he stood up and went to get his guitar.
“I hope you’ll like it baby” Justin smiled, and then he started playing the guitar.
“Say you love me as much as I love you yeah. Would you hurt me baby? Could you do that to me yeah? Would you lie to me baby? Cause the truth hurts so much more. Would you do the things that drive me crazy? Leave my heart still at the door?
Oh, I can't help it I'm just selfish, there's no way that I could share you that would break my heart to pieces. Honestly the truth is if I could just die in your arms I wouldn't mind. Cause every time you touch me, I just die in your arms. Ooh, it feels so right so baby baby please don't stop girl” he quietly sang, I covered my mouth, because I was so amazed. I can’t believe he would write me such an amazing and perfect song! He really is the best!
As Justin finished singing I immediately got up from my chair and ran over and into his arms. He had barely removed his guitar…
“Thank you so much baby! The song is amazing!” I cried into his chest. Justin lightly chuckled, then he started rubbing my back as I just continued to sob into his chest.
“I’m so sorry for being mad at you” I told him as I pulled away from his chest. Justin eyes were wide and he was shaking his head like a little child!
“Why are you apologizing? I was the one being a jerk!” he told me; I chuckled and nodded my head.
“Yeah, you actually were” I told him as I continued to chuckle. Justin playfully gasped and started tickling me, but the tickling didn’t last long, because suddenly Justin got serious again.
“I actually need to ask you something very important” he explained as he helped me of his lap and over to my chair. I furrowed my eyebrows and dried some of my tears away.
“Why so serious suddenly?” I asked Justin, Justin cleared his throat, and then he pulled something out of his pocket in his pants and got down on one knee. I gasped and got the biggest smile on my lips, as my mouth was open wide.
“OMG!” I mumbled to myself. Justin chuckled, then he opened the box and looked me into the eyes.
“Y/N, my beautiful girlfriend and soul mate in life. The last few years has honestly been the best years of my life! I remember when I saw you the first time, you had just bought a coffee, and because I am so clumpy, you spilled the coffee all over yourself, because I bumped into you” Justin explained, I nodded my head and chuckled a little. I remember that day like it was yesterday!
“But that day changed everything, you finally came into my life and turned my world upside down, but in a good way! And that is why I would like you to continue doing that for the rest of our life’s” Justin continued. I chuckled once again and nodded my head.
“So Y/F/N, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife, my Mrs. Bieber?” Justin asked me, he gently bit down in his lip, as I didn’t answer. Finally I nodded my head and embraced him in a big hug.
“Of course I would do you that honor” I playfully told him; Justin chuckled and laid down with me on top of him.
“Oh, how I love you” he said, and then he took the beautiful ring out of the box and sled it onto my finger.
“I love you too” I told him, then I connected our lips in a kiss full of passion and love.
“Where did you get this ring? It looks really antic and expensive” I asked Justin as I placed my head on his chest as we continued to lie on the floor.
“It was my great-grandmother’s engagement ring from my great-grandfather,” he explained.
“They lived together for 80 years, and I hope the ring will give us their luck” Justin smiled; I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“I’m sure it will” I told him, then I connected our lips once again.  


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