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28. Imagine for @amberthompson_!

Imagine for @amberthompson_
Justin and I were on our way to Justin’s studio. Justin wanted to make a last song before he took a break from the music, because I was pregnant in 9th month with our first child.
“Baby, are you sure it’s okay that we go to the studio? If you wanna stay home, we can” Justin said as he parked the car. I sighed and rolled my eyes,
“It’s fine Justin, it’s not like my water is going to break just like that, there is still half a month until my due-date” I told him, then I opened the car door and got out. It was a very sunny day, so I was just wearing a tight black dress that made my tummy look even more perfect, then I was wearing a long baseball jacket on top of it, my shoes were just simply wearing a pair of white leather shoes, not real leather! The sun was burning my eyes, so I found my sunglasses and wore them.
Justin came over to me and grabbed my hand, he quickly pecked my cheek and then we walked inside.
Scooter was standing in the reception waiting for us, when he saw us; he quickly locked his phone and walked over to us.
“Whoa, someone is getting big!” he playfully said as hugged me,
“Yeah, the doctor says I’m way bigger than other pregnant women” I told him as I pouted,
“But you still manage to make it look good, like always” he said as he smiled,
“Thank you” I told him, I couldn’t help but smile, it was always nice to get a compliment.
“Hey Justin” Scooter said as they bro-hugged.
“Should we get to work?” Justin asked as we walked into the studio, both Scooter and I nodded our heads and then Justin grabbed my hand again, and then we walked into the studio. Luckily it was cold inside the studio, so I felt amazing. I sat down on the couch, pulled my sunglasses off and then relaxed. I rested my hands on my belly as he or she started kicking. Justin and I had decided not to know the gender so it would be a surprise.
I pulled my phone out of my jacket and saw a text from Pattie,
“Hey sweetie, would you and Justin like to come over for dinner tonight? I’ll be making pancakes since it’s the international Pancake Day. :D” the text said, I smiled and then texted her back.
“We would love to! You know I love pancakes, so I’m always up for it :D” then I sent the text and locked my phone again.
The baby started kicking even more and they became harder and harder, so I was actually in a lot of pain. Apparently Justin had noticed, because he stopped singing and walked out of the booth.
“What’s wrong baby?” he asked as he bended down in front of me.
“He or she is just kicking a lot, and they are very hard, so it hurts a lot!” I told him as I once again rested my hand on my belly.
“Is there anything I can do?” Justin asked as he also rested one of his hands on my belly,
“Nah, it’ll probably stop in a minute” I told him as I faked a smile. Justin nodded his head, he gently pecked my belly, and then he stood up and kissed my lips.
“Just call if there is anything. Scooter is here, so he can help if I don’t notice” Justin told me as he walked back to the booth, I nodded my head and then I leaned back in the couch. Suddenly the kicks went away and I actually fell asleep to the sound of Justin’s calming voice.


I don’t know how long I had been sleeping, but suddenly I woke up. I sharp pain ran through my body and I started screaming. Scooter stopped the music that was playing and then he ran over to me.
“Hey, it’s okay Amber” he said as he tried to calm me down. I shook my head as tears started running down my cheeks. Justin was quick to come out of the booth and over to me.
“Baby, just breath” he said as he started caressing my belly,
“Stop touching my belly!” I harshly told him as I leaned back. Suddenly something wet and sticky ran down my legs and I started screaming once again.
“JUSTIN!” I screamed as I harshly grabbed his hand and squeezed,
“What’s happening baby?” he asked as he stood up,
“My water just broke!” I told him, my breathing got faster, and it really felt like I couldn’t breath.
“Are you serious? Are you going into labour right now?” he asked, as his eyes widened.
“Do you think I’m joking?” I asked him as I sent him a glare. I was seriously in so much pain.
“Uhm, well then we better get you to the hospital!” he said as he suddenly started freaking out. Both him and Scooter helped me up from my seat and slowly we walked out to the car.
“Justin, it hurts!” I cried as I rested my head on his shoulder.
“I know, I’m sorry baby!” he said, finally they got me in on the back seat. Justin threw his car keys over to Scooter,
“I need you to drive, I have to help Amber with her breathings” Justin explained as got in the car beside me.


Scooter quickly drove us to the hospital in less than 10 minutes. Justin had helped me with my breathings, so I was more relaxed now. Scooter ran inside and got some nurses and doctors to come help me out of the car and into a room where I could give birth. We finally made it into the room; the nurses and Justin got me over and into the bed.
“Well. Amber it looks like you’re ready to give birth, you have already opened 4 inches, so when I say you can push, you just started pushing” the doctor said, I nodded my head and looked up at Justin who was hold my hand tight.
“We’re going to be parents” he told me, then the doctor yelled; Push. So I started pushing.
“ARGH!” I screamed as I continued to push, the sweat was running down my face, I even think my hair was soaked.
“Amber you’re doing great! Just one last push and then we will be able to see a face” the midwife told me as she grabbed my free hand. I quickly took some small breaths and then I started pushing again. Finally I heard the beautiful sound of crying and it was like my body was all relaxed. Justin quickly kissed my forehead before looked down at our baby,
“Congratulations, it’s a girl” the doctor said as she looked at us.
“Justin, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” the midwife asked Justin, Justin nodded his head, and then he took the scissor and cut the umbilical cord.
Suddenly the pain came back and I started screaming.
“What’s happening?” Justin asked as his eyes widened. The doctor handed him our little girl and then looked at the midwife,
“There is another one on it’s way!” the doctor told him, my eyes got wide, but then I shut them tight and started pushing again. Justin couldn’t hold my hand since he was holding our little girl, so I had to squeeze the midwife’s had even harder.
“Amber it’s so cute, I can see a head now!” the doctor said, with the sound of my precious little girl crying and the support from the doctors, the nurses and the Midwife, I finally pushed one last time.
“It’s a girl too” the doctor smiled, I smiled too and then leaned back. Justin handed me our first-born girl and I held her close into me. Justin cut the umbilical cord again and then the doctor handed her to him. The feeling of happiness rushed through my body as the doctors, the nurses and the midwife left the room.
“I’m so proud of you baby!” Justin said, and then he kissed my forehead and sat down in the chair beside me.
“Did I just really give birth to twins?” I asked him in disbelief, Justin nodded his head and his smile grew even wider.
“How are we ever going to know the difference between them?” Justin asked me as he handed me our youngest,
“Faith has a birthmark right beside her nose and Hope doesn’t have a birthmark” I told him,
“Faith and Hope?” Justin asked me as he smiled at me,
“Yeah, I always want two girls named Faith and Hope and now that they’re identical twins, it’s perfect!” I told him as I looked down at my two precious baby girls. There weren’t crying anymore, so now you were able to see their beautiful big hazel eyes. They defiantly got Justin’s nose, but they had my nose and their lips were a mixture of Justin’s and mine.
“Maybe you should call your mom? She invited us over for dinner, but we can’t come” I told Justin, Justin chuckled, then he pulled his phone out of his pocket, I looked down at Faith and Hope with a loving smile, then I heard the sound of a flash, so I looked up and noticed Justin had taken a picture of us.
I playfully rolled my eyes, then I could hear Justin called Pattie, he had put it on speaker.
“Hey baby!” she cheered as she picked up her phone,
“Hey mom” Justin smiled,
“Where are you guys? The pancakes are getting cold!” she asked, I chuckled and looked down at the twins again,
“Yeah, about that…” Justin said as he looked over at the twins and me.
“Amber suddenly got this huge pain in her stomach, so we’re at the hospital right now” he explained. Pattie was about to say something when Faith started crying,
“OMG, did she give birth?” Pattie asked as she started squealing, in the background you could hear her standing up.
“Yeah, she did” Justin smiled, I was still trying to calm Faith down, but she continued to crying,
“Is it a boy or a girl?” she asked as she started to fumble with something,
“Well, why don’t you see yourself, I’ll just put on the camera” Justin smiled, the pressed on the FaceTime button. He pointed the camera towards the twins and me.
“OMG, hey Sweetie!” Pattie said as she saw me,
“Hey” I smiled. I could feel Faith started pulling in my shirt. Justin noticed, so he grabbed Hope and let me feed Faith.
“Wait! Did I just see two babies?” Pattie asked, as her eyes got wide. I giggled and nodded my head. Then I pulled my shirt down and placed Faith in front of it. The midwife had explained to me over a hundred times what I had to do.
“Yeah, you did! I gave birth to twins, two girls!” I told her, and then I could feel that Faith started sucking.
“OMG! I’ll be at the hospital in a minute or two!” she said, then she ended the call and Justin took his phone and locked it.

And Pattie was right, because a few minutes later she stood in the doorway and looked at the twins.    


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