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62. Imagine for @_Ciarahamill_!

Imagine for @_ciarahamill_
I woke feeling amazing, today my best friends and I were going to Coachella. We had traveled all the way from London over here just to experience Coachella one time!
Maddie, Ella and I had rented this really big mansion close to were Coachella was, of course we had rented the house with a lot of other people, that we talked to. I crawled out of my big, comfy bed and went into the bathroom. I quickly showered, then I got dressed in a pair of black, ripped, jean shorts and a white see-through shirt with a floral bra. I decided to just let my hair stay loose. Then I just found my white, low converse and my favorite sunglasses. I also found some cute jewelers to match the outfit. After making sure I looked presentable, I went downstairs to the girls.
“Good morning girls” I smiled as I finally got inside the living room. Maddie and Ella both looked up from their phones and smiled.
“Morning girl, how did you sleep?” Maddie asked me as I sat down beside them and sighed.
“Like a dream, I wish my bed was so comfortable at home” I told them, then I bended over and grabbed a pancake from the coffee table.
“I feel the same way, I just wish I could pack it into my suitcase” Ella whined, both Maddie and I laughed and shook our heads.
“You’re crazy girl” I told her; Ella playfully scoffed and rolled her eyes.
“You wish” she smirked, I gasped and gave her a little push. Ella pushed back, and we both started laughing like crazy.
“Girls” Maddie said as she looked at us with the eyes like a mother. Ella and I laughed once again and started pushing her.
“Okay, okay! STOP!” Ella finally said, both Maddie and I stopped fooling around, so did Ella.
“Who will be on stage today?” I asked the girls after a minute of silence. Both of the girls shrugged their shoulders, so I stood up and went over to my bag. I found a small program and looked through it.
“Today Madonna, Drake, Ariana Grande will be on stage, of course they’re not the only ones, but they sounds like the most interesting people” I told the girls, Maddie and Ella nodded their heads, then they stood up and grabbed their bags.
“Then let’s go! We can grab breakfast on the way” Maddie smiled, I nodded my head and so did Ella, then I grabbed my bag and followed the girls outside. 
“What do you girls want for breakfast?” I asked the girls as we started walking towards the city.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I am up for a coffee and a muffin at Starbucks” Ella sighed, Ella had always had a big obsession with Starbucks, but who could blame her? I certainly couldn’t! Maddie and I nodded our heads, then we made our way towards the nearest Starbucks. We went into line and looked at what we wanted. I decided to go with a normal coffee and a chocolate muffin. So when it was finally our turn, Maddie and Ella ordered first, then I ordered after them.
After getting our order we went outside again and made our way towards Coachella.  
We finally arrived and let me tell you, the atmosphere was amazing, happy people everywhere that were singing a long the artist that was on stage at the moment.   
“This is amazing!” I told the girls, both Maddie and Ella nodded their heads in agreement as they continued to look around.
“What time is it?” Maddie asked me, I shrugged my shoulders, so I found my phone and checked the time.
“Half past 12, so Justin Bieber will be on stage soon” I told the girls with a little squeal, yes I was a big fan of Justin, also even though I was 19 years old!
“Well then lets go over to the stage so we can stand in the front row” Ella smiled, I nodded my head and grabbed bot Ella and Maddie’s one hand, then I dragged them with me over to the stage. I found my phone again and went into SnapChat. Then I got a man to take a picture of us. After thanking the man, I quickly just made the picture my wallpaper, and then I locked my phone and put it back into my pocket. Then finally Justin made his way onto stage, he looked around as he smiled because of all the screams.
“Thank you” I could see him say, but his microphone wasn’t on just yet, so you weren’t able to hear him.
“Hey everybody, my name is Justin Bieber, and I will be singing a couple of songs for you guys, I hope you’ll like them” Justin smiled after he had turned on his microphone. The crowd began cheering, so did the girls and me. Justin chuckled, then music started playing and Justin started singing.
“I gave you the key when the door wasn't open, just admit it see, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it. Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping. Tell me, where are you now that I need you? Where are you now? Where are you now that I need you? Couldn't find you anywhere. When you broke down I didn't leave you, I was by your side. So where are you now that I need you? Where are you now that I need you?” Justin beautifully sang, of course I sang a long, Justin noticed me singing a long, so he walked across stage and over to me, he looked directly into my eyes as he kept singing, I myself stopped singing and bit down in my lip because I was smiling like crazy.
Sadly Justin’s little performance ended 15 minutes later. The girls and I decided to look around Coachella, so we left the stage and went out to look at everything. We decided to take a ride in the Ferris wheel. But as we stood in line someone poked me on the shoulder. I turned around and was about to scream because Justin stood there. Before I could get to scream, I quickly covered my mouth, my eyes were opened wide, and I must have looked like a fool.
“Haha, hey cutie” Justin chuckled; I removed my hand and smiled widely.
“Hey Justin” I smiled as I started blushing. Justin chuckled once again, then he looked at my friends.
“Would you mind me stealing your friend for a couple of minutes?” he asked them, both of the girls started smirking, then they both shook their heads. Justin thanked them, then he looked at me.
“Can I steal you for a few minutes? I just want to talk to you” he asked, I eagerly nodded my head and smiled widely. Justin smiled too, and then he grabbed my hand and dragged me away from my friends.
“What’s your name cutie?” Justin asked me as he intertwined our fingers. I started blushing even harder, but luckily Justin didn’t notice.
“I’m Y/N,” I told him quietly.
“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he cheekily said, I laughed and playfully rolled my eyes, I was slightly getting used to the thought of actually talking to Justin.
“You really think I’m beautiful?” I asked him, as I placed my sunglasses in my hair. Justin nodded his head and looked down at me.
“You are really beautiful, and you have really pretty eyes” he smiled, I lightly giggled and looked down in the ground, because I was blushing so hard!
“Do you think you and your friends would like to hang out with me and my friends tonight? I am hosting a party in one of the houses close to Coachella” Justin asked, I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“We would love to” I told him, Justin started smiling even wider.
“Perfect, can I have your number then?” he asked me, I nodded my head, and Justin handed me his phone. I quickly typed in my number, then I handed Justin his phone back.
“Well, then I’ll see you tonight” Justin smiled, then he kisses my cheek, actually it was really close to my mouth.
“Bye beautiful” he smiled, then he left and I went back to my friends.
“What was that about?” the girls asked as they got down from the Ferris wheel, I smiled widely and started blushing again.
“Justin invited us to his party tonight, he will text me the details” I told the girls with a smirk. Maddie and Ella’s mouths opened wide, then they turned them into really big smiles.
“OMG Y/N YOU ARE THE BEST!" they squealed, and then all they attacked me with hugs. I really couldn’t wait for tonight!   


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