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32. Imagine for @_ciarahamill_! FETUS JUSTIN!

Imagine for @_ciarahamill_
I was making my homework, when there suddenly was a knock on my window. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked over at the window. Justin was standing outside in the rain, so I quickly got out of my bed and opened the window.
“Justin, what are you doing here?” I asked him as I closed the window behind him.
“I just wanted to be with my best friend” he casually said, best friend, I hate that word! I’ve been in love with Justin since 7th grade and knowing that I would never be more than his best friend, broke me!
“Oh, so you just ran over here in the pouring rain, just to be with me?” I asked him, “Normally you would’ve asked your mom if she could drive you” I told him as I sat down on my bed again.
“Well, she wasn’t home, she’s at a meeting with some man who think that I have a talent” he explained as he sat down beside me.
“Really? Is he willing to sign you?” I asked him as a huge smile grew on my lips.
“He already did, we’ve been working on some songs, but nothing huge” Justin explained, my eyes widened and I covered my mouth.
“So, my best friend is going to be a celebrity?” I asked him as I did a little dance.
“No, I’m not!” Justin said as he tackled me. He got on top of me and started tickling me.
“OMG! JUSTIN STOP!” I laughed as I tried to remove his hands from my stomach.
“Nope” he said, as he laughed, he started tickling me even more.
“OMG! JUSTIN PLEASE!” I screamed in laughter,
“I’m not going to stop until you say: I love you Justin!” he laughed as he continued to tickle me.
“Okay, okay! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!” I screamed and to be honest, I meant the words.
“Aww, thank you! I love me too!” he said as he got off me, he flipped his hair and sat down. His phone then started ringing, so he found his phone in his pocket and accepted the call.
“Hey it’s Justin” he said as he stood up from my bed.
“Yeah, I’ll come home mom, no I understand, see you” he said, as he ended the call.
“What did your mom say?” I asked him as I stood up.
“I need to go, Scooter wants to talk to me” he explained. I started pouting, but eventually I nodded my head. Justin smiled and pulled my in for a hug.
“Bye Y/N” he said as he continued to hug me. I furrowed my eyebrows and hugged back, normally we would just say goodbye, no hugging.
“Goodbye Justin” I said as we pulled out of the hug.
“Wanna hang out tomorrow after school?” I asked him, as he opened the window.
“I can’t, I’m going somewhere with Scooter” he said with no emotion.
“Well okay then, I’ll just see you in school” I told him, and then he jumped out of the window. I closed the window, and waved until I couldn’t see him anymore.


Next day Justin wasn’t in school. Maybe he was already with Scooter? When I arrived home, mom and Pattie stood in the kitchen.
“Hey?” I said as I walked into the kitchen. Pattie sighed and walked over to me, before pulling me in for a hug.
“I thought you were going with Justin and Scooter?” I told her as we pulled out of the hug.
“I can’t just quit my job Y/N” Pattie explained,
“Why should you quit your job? Justin is only gone for a day” I told him. Pattie’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth.
“Didn’t he tell you?” she asked, as she looked at me with caring eyes.
“Tell me what?” I asked her as I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Justin is moving to Atlanta, he won’t come home” she explained. It was like my whole life broke down, how could he do this to me? After everything we had been through, he was willing to stop that just to get a career, how pathetic? Even though I wanted to be mad, I couldn’t! Justin was the love of my life, I couldn’t just let him leave without telling him!
“Has he left?” I asked Pattie, as I ran out to get my jacket and shoes on again.
“No, he’s on his way to the airport now, why?” she asked,
“I need to see him, I need to tell him something!” I told her,
“Well, then let’s go!” Mom said as she grabbed her car keys. I grabbed my bag and ran out to mom’s car. I got in on the backseat and waited for mom and Pattie to get in too.


Finally, after 45 minutes in a car with to older women’s, we finally arrived at the airport. Before mom could even stop the car, I was out of it.
I ran inside and started looking around. He couldn’t have left; we saw his car on our way over here!
Someone laid his or her hand on my shoulder, which made me turn around. Sadly it was mom, not Justin.
“Let’s ask that lady if she has seen him” Pattie told me as she pointed at a woman. I nodded my head and ran over to her.
“Excuse me, have you maybe seen this guy?” I asked her as I showed her a picture of Justin and me.
“Yeah, I saw him a minute ago, he went that way” she told me as she pointed to the direction he went.
“Thank you so much!” I told her, and then I started running over there. 
I finally spotted a guy who looked exactly like Justin. I started running even faster, but when I finally reached the guy, it wasn’t Justin.
“Oh, sorry I thought you were someone else!” I told the guy, he politely smiled and nodded his head.
“It doesn’t matter,” he said and then he continued to walk. I sighed and tightened my messy ponytail.
Suddenly my phone beeped, so I pulled it out of my leatherjacket and saw a message from mom.
“We found him! He’s at gate three and about to board the plane!” she wrote. I quickly looked up and tried to find gate three, which luckily was 19 feet’s away. I started running and finally I saw him, he didn’t look happy, he was talking to someone, but he ever smile. I was about to reach him, when he showed his passport to the lady and started walking in through the door.
“JUSTIN!” I yelled, the sound of my voice made Justin stop walking and turn around. He looked around and finally his eyes found me. They widened, but they looked happy. Justin let go off his bag and ran over to me. He finally reached me and pulled me in for a giant hug.
“I never thought you wanted to see me again!” he mumbled in the crook of my neck.
“Why would you say that?” I asked him, as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Because I let you down!” he explained, as we pulled out of the hug.
“Justin I have something to tell you before you leave!” I told him as I got really serious.
“Yeah?” he asked, as he suddenly grew little.
“It’s just that I have been having this weird feeling lately, like butterfly’s in my stomach every time I saw you” I told him, my whole body was shaking, what if he didn’t like me back. I took a deep breath and looked up at Justin.
“The feeling made me- made me realize that I really like you! No, like isn’t the word, I love you!” I told him. Justin’s eyes got wide as he pulled away from me.
“What? You love me?” he asked, as he furrowed his eyebrows. I knew he wouldn’t feel the same way…
“Yeah” I told him as I looked down.
“OMG, you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that! I love you too,” he said. His words made me look up at him. Did he really feel the same way about me? I covered my mouth in pure happiness and then jumped into his arms. Justin squeezed me tight, as he placed me on the ground again. Then he looked into my eyes and down at my lips.
“May I?” he asked as he looked down at my lips again, I nodded my head and finally his plumb lips met mine. Everyone around us started clapping, and mom and Pattie started squealing. Justin and I pulled out of the kiss and looked at each other.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Justin asked, as he looked me into my eyes. I nodded my head and quickly pecked his lips again. “Will you also come on tour with me?” he asked him, I bit down in my bottom lip and looked over at mom who was nodding her head.
“YES!” I told him and then I hugged him tight.


Everything ended up with Justin staying in Canada for a little longer while I packed some of my stuff. Mom and Pattie decided to move to Atlanta to keep an eye on us, and when Justin was going on tour, I went with him! I couldn’t have whished for a better life!


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I have never actually written a fetus Justin imagine, so it was nice to try!

- Amalie xo

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