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66. Imagine for @_.Andrieasilvaa!

Imagine for @_.Andreiasilvaa
It had been so long since I had seen my best friend Jack, Jack Gilinsky to be exact. And since Justin was out of town for the day, I decided to call Jack and invite him out for dinner. I had just said goodbye to Justin, and I was heading upstairs and into our bedroom to call Jack since my phone was charging. I sat down on the bed and found Jack’s number in my phone.
“Hey Y/N” Jack happily said as he picked up his phone.
“Hey Jack” I smiled, “Listen, I was wondering if you would like to hang out? It’s been so long since we last saw each other” I asked him and Jack chuckled.
“Is Justin out of town?” he asked as he continued to laugh, I sighed and licked my lips.
“Yeah, but that is not the reason why I’m calling you!” I told him, seriously.
“I know Y/N, I’m just kidding! I would love to hang out with you” Jack chuckled; I scoffed and playfully rolled my eyes.
“Great, meet me at the mall at 11 am then” I told him.
“Okay, see you there bestie” Jack said, I giggled, then I hung up on him. I quickly locked my phone, and then I got up from the bed and ran into the walk-in closet. I had already showered, actually Justin and I showered together this morning ;)
I found a cute, striped dress, a pair of black see-through tights, a leatherjacket and a pair of white, low converse. I had already done my hair and makeup, my hair was straightened and I had two pieces of hair behind my head secured with a beautiful, white bow. My makeup was normal, just some BB-cream, eyeliner and mascara. It was now time for me to leave since it was half past 10 and it would take me about 30 minutes to drive to the mall. I grabbed my phone, my purse and my sunglasses, and then I ran down the stairs and out of the front door. I locked the door behind me, and then I walked over to my Ferrari 458 Italia and got inside.

After driving for about 30 minutes I finally arrived at the mall. I got out of my car and went inside the mall. And immediately as I walked inside someone wrapped his or hers arms around me from behind. I gasped and was about to scream when the person turned me around, and I realized it was Jack. I gasped and hit his chest before rolling my eyes; Jack just laughed and smiled widely.
“That was so not funny Jack!” I whined, Jack just continued to laugh but eventually he pulled me close to him and hugged me tight.
“I’m sorry Y/N, but your face was priceless!” Jack finally said after a minute, I scoffed and pulled away from him. I tried to stay mad, but you can never stay mad at Jack, you can’t stay mad at Justin either!
“Why can’t I stay mad at you?” I asked Jack as I whined, Jack shrugged his shoulder and charmingly smiled.
“I just seem to have to affect of people” he smirked; I shook my head and chuckled a little.
“You just believe that!” I told him, and then I started walking. Jack was quick to follow behind me. But eventually he finally reached me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, of course only in a friendly way, Jack had a girlfriend, and I had a boyfriend.
“So, where do you wanna go first?” Jack asked me as he looked down at me.
“Somewhere where you can get food, I’m starving!” I told him as I sighed. Jack laughed and squeezed me tight.
“You really still are yourself!” he smiled; I furrowed my eyebrows and stopped walking.
“Why wouldn’t I be myself?” I asked him, Jack also stopped walking and looked at me.
“It has just been so long since we’ve seen each other, and I thought you had maybe changed a little bit,” he explained, I sighed and nodded my head.
“I know, but I have just been so busy lately” I told him as I looked down in the ground. Jack grabbed my jaw and made me look at him.
“Hey, I don’t blame you! You finally found the love of your life, you deserve to be happy!” Jack smiled, I sighed and smiled myself.
“Yeah, who should have thought that I would actually end up with my idol and biggest crush?” I asked Jack as I opened my eyes wide and smiled. Jack chuckled and nodded his head.
“I certainly wouldn’t “ he smirked, I gasped and playfully slapped him across his chest, and then I made my way over to the nearest restaurant.
“Hello, how may I help you?” a waiter as us, Jack smiled and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.
“A table for two” he told him, the waiter smiled and nodded his head before showing us over to a table.
“There you go, I will be back to take your orders” the waiter smiled, and then he left our table. Jack and I sat down and opened the menus, but as I was looking my phone went off. I furrowed my eyebrows and found my phone in my purse and saw that Justin was calling me. I furrowed my eyebrows once again before accepting the call.
“Hey baby” I said as I stood up from my seat. I signaled to Jack that I would be back in 2 minutes; he just smiled and nodded his head.
“Are you cheating on me?” Justin immediately asked, my eyes got wide and I furrowed my eyebrows.
“No! Why would you assume that?” I asked him harshly.
“Well, of what I can see all over Twitter, you are having out with some dude, and you guys seem really close” Justin explained, I sighed and sarcastically chuckled.
“Justin are you serious?” I asked him as I rolled my eyes. “Jack is my best friend, you know that! And it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen him!” I told him, when Justin didn’t say anything, I just ended the call and walked back inside the restaurant, I sat down in my chair again and sighed.
“What happened?” Jack asked as he noticed my mood.
“Justin thinks I’m cheating on him, with you” I told him as I rolled my eyes and sat down in the chair. “It’s so pathetic! He always assume I’m cheating on him when I hang out with guys!” I continued, Jack sighed and nodded his head.
“I know how you feel, Leigh always assume I’m cheating on her when I’m hanging out with you!” Jack said, I furrowed my eyebrows and leaned forward in my chair.
“How is that even possible? We are just friends!” I told him as I sarcastically chuckled. Jack chuckled too and shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know, but lets not talk about that anymore and enjoy the rest of the day” he said, I nodded my head and then the waiter came back to our table.  

I spent the whole day with Jack, but since we had so much fun the time flew by, and before I knew it, it was half past 9 pm and I needed to go home because I had a really important job the next day. As I arrived home, I noticed Justin’s car in the driveway, I sighed but eventually got out of my car. I grabbed all of my bags and went inside. As soon as I got inside the house the amazing smell of lasagna hit me. I moaned and placed my bags on the floor. I was actually getting really hungry, since Jack and I didn’t get any dinner. I pulled my jacket off and also my shoes before making my way inside house. I went into the kitchen where I saw Justin, he was covered in tomato sauce and cheese, but he looked really cute. I giggled and got Justin attention, Justin chuckled himself before making his way over to be.
“Hey baby” he said as he tried to dry some of the tomato sauce away from his face. I didn’t say anything, I just crossed my arms and looked up at him, he really owed me an apologizing.
“I’m sorry baby, I really am! It’s just that I’m scared of loosing you! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me” Justin apologized, I smiled and jumped into his arm, at that moment I didn’t care if he was covered in tomato sauce, I just needed to feel his strong arms.
“It’s okay! I understand,” I told him with a smile, Justin sighed and smiled widely.
“Thank you so much” he said, and then he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tight.
“Why are you home this early?” I asked him with furrowed eyebrows as we pulled away from each other.
“I wanted to apologize to my beautiful girlfriend” Justin explained, I nodded my head, then I quickly kissed his lips and pulled away from him.
“You’re so cute” I told him as I pinched his cheeks.
“No, you’re so cute!” he told him, “but let’s not talk about that, I made lasagna for us, and I know that you’re hungry” Justin smiled, then he followed me into the dining room and made me sit down, and then he sat down himself, and we spent the rest of the night on eating and cuddling before going to bed.   


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