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51. Imagine for @94swaggy!

magine for @94swaggy
I was getting ready for a day out with the girls, Justin was also going to hang out with his friends, and then tonight we would meet up at our local club. I couldn’t wait to just have a day with the girls, since it hat been a long time since we had a day like that. Since it was midsummer, I decided to wear a pair of denim jeans, a simple black crop top, a long white cardigan, a pair of black low want, a fanny pack to have across my chest, and my favorite pair of Ray-ban sunglasses. I only wore mascara and my hair was braided in a crown around my head. I went downstairs to say goodbye to Justin. Justin was in the living room playing Call of Duty with Ryan, Ryan had been sleeping at our house, so that was why he was here.
“Okay, I will leave now, I’ll see you guys tonight at the club” I told Justin and Ryan, as I stepped in front of the television. Justin immediately paused the game and stood up.
“Okay, but promise me you will wear something sexy tonight?” Justin asked me, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, I nodded my head and bit down in my lip.
“Of course sir” I whispered in his ear, and then I gently nibbled his earlobe and turned around.
“See you tonight Ryan” I smiled to Ryan, Ryan nodded his head and shook his head. Justin was quick to grab my hand, before I could leave the house.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked me, as he pulled me close. I pretended to think, but of course I knew what I had forgotten.
“Why did I forget?” I asked him playing really dumb.
“You forgot to kiss me goodbye baby” Justin smirked, and then he grabbed my jaw and passionately kissed me.
“See you tonight sexy” he smirked, as I turned around and started walking away.
“Of course” I told him, and then I continued to walk, until I felt Justin grab my ass and squeeze it tight.
“JUSTIN” I squealed, as I pulled away his hand and gasped.
“I am going to miss that pretty little butt of yours all day” Justin smirked, then he closed the front door behind him. I shook my head in disbelief, but got into my car and drove to Crystal’s house first to pick her up. Crystal lived alone, so as I parked in her driveway, I honked three times and waited for her to come out.
Finally she came out of the door almost wearing the same outfit as me, but whatever we loved to wear almost identical clothes.
“Finally girl, I have been waiting forever!” I joked, as Crystal got into the car.
“Whatever, it takes time to get sexy” she smirked, then she chuckled, and I drove off.
We finally pulled up in Mindy’s driveway; luckily she was already standing outside waiting us.
“What took you guys so long?” Mindy asked, as she got into the car. I playfully rolled my eyes and looked at Crystal.
“Crystal took forever to get ready” I told Mindy, Mindy nodded her head and smirked.
“You are and will always be the slowest one of us” she teased Crystal, Crystal scoffed, but eventually she started laughing along with Mindy and I.
“Where do you guys wanna go?” I asked the girls, after we finished laughing.
“Can we please go to the mall? I have nothing to wear tonight” Mindy complained, I looked at Crystal through the rear-view mirror and both of us were smirking.
“Still trying to impress Ryan?” I asked her, as I lightly chuckled. Mindy started blushing like crazy, and she hurried to look down in the ground.
“Whatever, can’t we just go there?” she asked, as she continued to look down. I nodded my head and chuckled one last time, before driving towards the mall.

After shopping for an hour or two, the girls and I decided to get something to eat. We all felt like we had gotten what we needed, I had bought a dress for tonight, it was black, a little short, and then it had these cute straps in the front, it was really cute. Mindy ended up buying a cute white dress, and Crystal bought a black dress too.
After we had eaten, we decided it was time to go to Justin and I’s place, so we could watch a movie, then make some light dinner and then finally get ready for the club.
“What are we watching?” I asked the girls, as I sat down on the couch, I had just found some sweets for us, popcorn, candy and lastly some coke for us to drink, not the drug!
“We’re watching mean girls” Crystal told me, I nodded my head and filled my mouth with popcorn, before leaning back in the couch, so that I could watch the movie.
“Why do I think this movie reminds me of us?” Mindy asked us, as we were half way through the movie.
“Because you and I were the two most popular girls along with Ally, and when Y/N came to our school, we thought we were friends with her, but secretly she was just trying to pull us down, so that we could all be normal” Crystal told Mindy, as she laughed, Mindy and I started laughing too, it was a good memory.


After watching the movie, and eating dinner, the girls and I got ready to go to the club. I had curled my long Ombré coloured hair, made a natural Smokey eye as my makeup, and then I was wearing a pair of mint blue heels to my new dress.
“Okay, are you guys ready to leave?” I asked the girls, as I looked at myself in the mirror making sure I looked presentable.
“Yup” both of them said, I nodded my head and then went downstairs, where I saw Hugo sitting in the living room.
“Hugo what are you doing here?” I asked him, as I walked over to him and gave him a hug.
“Justin wanted to make sure you girls came to the club safe, so he called me” he smiled, I nodded my head and smiled by the thought of Justin, he was always so sweet, but he was also really overprotective, which I sometimes didn’t like.
“Well thank you, me and the girls are ready to leave” I told him, Hugo nodded his head and grabbed the car keys to Justin’s SUV. 
The girls and I got into the car, and Hugo drove off to the club. As we arrived, we noticed another SUV holding in front of the club, I smiled, when I saw Justin getting out of the car, when he noticed us arriving. He looked really hot; he was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a black T-shirt. I knew Justin was only wearing the leather pants, because he knew he would get a boner through the night, and he knew that he pants were so tight, they would hide it.
The girls and I got out of the car, Justin greeted Crystal and Mindy first, and then he came to me, he smirked and pulled me in for a kiss.   
“Hey sexy” he smirked, as we pulled out of the kiss, he playfully grabbed my butt and squeezed, I quietly moaned into his ear, because I knew how much he liked it.
“New dress?” he asked me, as we pulled away from each other and went inside the club. I nodded my head and smiled at him.
“You like it?” I asked him, as he wrapped an arm around my waist.
“I love it, it makes you sexier, even though that’s not even possible” he smiled, I started blushing, so I quickly looked down in the ground so Justin wouldn’t notice.
“Aww, you’re so cute baby, I love you” he cooed, as he rubbed his nose against my cheek.
We finally made it inside, and we quickly went into the VIP section where there weren’t that many people. We easily got a table and a waiter came over to us and asked us what we would like to drink.
“I would like a margarita” I told him; the waiter nodded his head and then looked at Justin.
“I would like a beer” he told him, and then he quickly wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
After asking everyone the waiter left, and we all started talking.

As the night went by, Justin and I had both gotten really drunk, we were having a blast, and right now we were on the dance floor grinding on each other.
I knew Justin was turned on, I was too, and all I really wanted was to go home and have sex with Justin. That was also why I dragged Justin with me over to the others to tell them we were leaving; they all understood and smirked at each other. Justin and I just shrug it off and went home. Hugo drove us home in one of the SUV’s, the whole ride Justin and I were making out, and as soon as we got home. Justin picked me up at went into the bedroom, where we also had a blast of a time, if you know what I mean? ;)   


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