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4. Hate!

Imagine for @bieber_swag16
*Your POV*
Justin is on tour, and I couldn’t come with him, because of school, which is pretty annoying, I miss him so much. I was sitting in our bedroom, when a message from twitter popped up on my phone, without looking at it I opened it, and it could see it identical that I shouldn’t had opened it “please die, Justin doesn’t deserve you, he deserve someone like me, not a whore like you! GO DIE!!” it said, a tear slipped down my cheek, but I didn’t care, I started looking at my twitter, a lot of hurtful tweets were written for me, “You’re only with Justin because of the fame and the money”, “GO DIE!”, “Justin is stupid enough to think that you love him, HA, everyone can see you’re only with him for the fame” and a lot of other tweets, at this point I was crying a river. What did I do to them? NOTHING! I started thinking about giving them what they wanted. I wanted to leave the world; no one will ever miss me, they’ll just laugh at me.
I decided to call Justin, after 7 BEEPS, he picked up the phone.
“Hey baby, how are you?” he asked
“Justin I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore” I said
“What do you mean?” he asked
“I can’t handle the hate, they all wish me death, and I start to believe them” I said crying really hard.
“NO Y/N, YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” he yelled
“I’m so sorry” I said and ended the call.
I went into the bathroom and found my razor, the razor I used to use, but Justin found me doing it, and he made me stop.
I took the razor a slide it over my right wrist, it hurted, but not as much as the hate, “You’re ugly, you’re a whore, a fame whore, you don’t deserve to live” I said it over and over again, after I had cut my whole arm I stopped. Should I really be doing this? Yes of course, people want me dead, so why do I even think of that. I stood up and walked over to our cabinet with pills, I took some pills, and took a handful, I walked into the kitchen to find some liquor to flush it down with. I took the pills in my mouth and took a sip from the liquor, I swallowed the pills and walked upstairs, when I came to the door I started feeling dizzy, I fell to the ground, and then it all went black.
*Justin’s POV*
after I got the phone call from Y/N I hurried in to Scooter, “Justin what’s happening?” he asked he, more tears started streaming down my cheeks, “I’ve just talked to Y/N, she is trying to kill herself” I said, I fell to the ground and cried, “Okay Justin, I call someone to go to your house to see if she’s okay, and then I will find some plane tickets” he said. I just nodded, Mom came in to us and saw me, “Justin what’s happening” She asked, but I couldn’t answer, so Scooter did, “Justin just got off the phone with Y/N, she told him that she was trying to kill herself, because of all the hate” he said, “OMG, sweetie come here” mom said, I just kept laying in the same spot, she laid down beside me and held me, “mom, I don’t want her to be death, what if she already is dead, then I’m just laying here” I said, suddenly I stood up, I ran down to the cars, got in one and drove to the airport. When I got there, I walked to a desk “Hey, do you have a ticket for LA?” I asked her in a hurry voice, “Yeah, it’s taking off in about 3 minutes” she said, “I’m taking one” I said. I started walking to the plane when Scooter called me, “Justin, Adam saw her laying on the ground in front of your guys bedroom, he called an ambulance, he said she still breathed a little” he said, “thank you, I’m going over there as fast as possible” I said and ended the call.
*2 hours later*
I got out of the plane, I found a cap and he drove me to the hospital, when we arrived and gave him some money and ran in to the hospital, “where is “Y/F/N?” I asked a lady, “second floor, room 22” she said, I ran up the stairs and found the room, I got in and saw her laying in a bed, looking death, I took her hand “I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t think the hate would get you, I love you so much, please don’t die” I said, “hello, are you Mr Bieber?” A doctor asked me “yeah” I said, “she’s okay, but she’s in a coma, so I don’t know when she’s going to wake up” he said, “thank you doctor” I said to him, I took Y/N hand and kissed it. She’s not death, thank god.
*3 days later”
Y/N still haven’t woke up, I’ve been sitting by her side all the time, holding her hand, mom and Scooter came               2 days ago, they were there to support me, “Y/N please wake up, I love you so much, Please” I said to her, still no answer, I leaned back, still holding her hand, I started to fall asleep.
*Your POV*
“Y/N please wake up, I love you so much, Please” I heard a voice say, but I couldn’t do anything, where am I? I tried opening my eyes, but I couldn’t, what is happening?
I tried moving my arm, but someone held it, but I managed to move it a little, I felt a hand moving, so I tried to move my hand again, and this time I moved it even more, I heard someone yell for a doctor, Okay so I’m in the hospital, but why?
I tried opening my eyes again, and I had success this time. I opened them again, “hello Y/N, I’m your doctor, you are here because you tried killing yourself, but you’re okay” the doctor said, so I was trying to kill myself, why would I do that? “Y/N are you okay, thank god you woke up” a boy said, “sorry to ask, but who are you?” I asked “What you don’t remember me, Y/N I’m your boyfriend Justin” he said with tears in his eyes, a lady came in to the room, “oh, hey Pattie” I said to her, “thank god you’re awake” she said, “so you remember my mom, but not me?” he asked, “I’m sorry” I said, “what Y/N. you don’t remember Justin, but you remember me?” Pattie asked “yeah, Pattie you’re like a mother to me” I said, “but Y/N, Justin is your boyfriend, please say your remember him” Pattie pleased “I’m sorry” I said. “Okay Y/N, you lost some of your memory, so we have some pictures for you” The doctor said, he showed me a picture of me and the boy Justin kissing on the beach, then a picture of us fooling in a kitchen with a lot of flour. Suddenly I got a flashback about the day.
“Please Y/N can’t we please bake a cake, Please” Justin pleased, “okay then” I said, I kissed him on the lips and walked into the kitchen, “okay, so we have to get some flour, some milk, some eggs, some sucker and some butter” I said to Justin, “Okay, but before we start, can I get a kiss?” Justin asked “Yes of course” I said, he ran over to me, he gave me a kiss and then went to find the ingredients.
“Hey Y/N look” Justin said, I looked to my left, only to get flour in my head “JUSTIN!” I yelled, I took a handful flour and threw it in his hair, “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” He yelled, “I’N GOING TO GET YOU” he yelled, I took an egg and splashed it in his hair, I started laughing because of his face.
*End of flashback*
“OMG!” I said, “What?” The doctor said “please get Justin in here” I said.
The doctor came back in to the room with Justin, I stood up and ran in to his arms “I’m so sorry, I love you” I said to him, I pulled him in to a kiss “You remember me?” he asked “yeah I do” I said “OMG, thank god” He said, I kept kissing  him again and again “I love you” I said to him “and I’m so sorry, I know it was wrong of me to think that the haters where right” I said to Justin, “don’t say sorry, I’m just glad you okay, and I love you to” he said.


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