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16. Hate imagine!

“You don’t deserve to live!” - “You’re a pathetic loser with no friends! No one loves you!” and so on, my Twitter feed was filled with hate, towards me.
I dried a tear away from my cheek and continued looking at the tweets as I cuddled into my duvet. I was sitting in complete darkness and just bawled my eyes out; it had been my routine the last past weeks now that Justin was away on tour.

After a few minutes of checking Twitter, I decided to lock my phone and go to sleep. However, before I could fall asleep, there was a knock on the door, I groaned and got out of bed, and then I wrapped a robe around my body and dried some of my tears away as I walked downstairs and into Justin and I’s big hall. I opened the front door and immediately I was tackled in a hug. I gasped, but immediately relaxed when I could smell Justin’s cologne.
“I missed you baby” Justin said as we pulled out of the hug, he had a big smiled playing on his lips, but that soon turned into a frown, when he saw the stained tears on my cheeks.
“Have you been crying?” he asked me as he grabbed my jaw, I tried to avoid his eyes, but I failed.
“No, I’m just tired” I told him as I flashed him a fake smile.
“No, you have been crying” Justin said, as he looked me deep into my eyes.
“NO JUSTIN!” I told him, and then I removed his hands from my face and walked upstairs.
“Aren’t you happy to see me?” he yelled after me as he followed me upstairs.
“Of course I am,” I told him as I stopped up on the stairs and grabbed his face. I kissed his lips, mostly to shut him up, but also because I had missed him and his plumb lips. I pulled away from the kiss and dragged Justin with me up the rest of the stairs,
“Go lay on the bed, I’ll be out in a few minutes, I just need to remove my makeup” I told Justin as I pushed him down on the bed. I quickly removed my makeup and then I walked back into the bedroom. I gulped when I saw Justin was sitting with my phone, his eyes were glossy and I could easily tell he was about to break down.
“Are you listening to what they’re saying about you?” Justin asked me as he looked up at me, a tear ran down his cheek as he showed me my phone. I looked away and sniffled, a few second later I could feel Justin’s safe and warm arms around my fragile body.
“Baby, please don’t listen to what they’re saying, it’s all liars, you’re none of these things, you’re beautiful, amazing, stunning, adorable and best of all, you’re so much more than perfect in my eyes” Justin explained as he picked me up and sat down on the bed with me in his arms.
He held me in his arms as I continued to let my sorrow out, Justin repeatedly kissed my forehead as he caressed my back and that sent me into a deep slumber.

The next morning I woke up to the feeling of Justin getting out of bed. I gently grabbed his arm and pulled him down again,
“Don’t go” I groaned as I opened my eyes and smiled at him. Justin looked down at me with loving eyes and then he slowly kissed my lips.
“How are you feeling?” he asked me as he hovered me and looked me into my eyes.
“Thanks to you, I feel a lot better,” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck,
“I like that” Justin smirked as he leaned down and kissed my lips once again.
“GOSH, I missed your lips” I moaned as we pulled out of the kiss.
“Really, did you only miss my lips?” Justin asked as he pouted and gave me his poppy dog eyes.
“Stop!” I laughed as I covered my eyes with my hands, Justin knew I could not stand when he gave me his poppy dog eyes, they were so cute, and no one would never be able to say no to him.
“Baby?” Justin cooed as he uncovered my eyes, even though I tightened my hands, Justin was still stronger than I was.  Justin started kissing me all over the face as he started tickling me.
“JUSTIN! STOP” I screamed out of laughter as I tried stopping him,
“I won’t stop until you say that you missed all of me” he laughed as he continued to tickle me.  
“OKAY, OKAY, I MISSED ALL OF YOU!” I screamed and then in a split second Justin stopped tickling me, he kissed my lips once again, but this time he deepened the kiss and added tongue.
“Come on, I’ll make us breakfast, then you can take a shower and get ready, cause I have a surprise for you” Justin explained as we pulled out of the kiss,
“What is it?” I asked him as he helped me out of bed.
“If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise” Justin smirked, then he walked downstairs and I walked into the bathroom and stripped out of my close. I looked at myself in the mirror, I am so fat!
A tear slipped down my cheek, but I quickly dried it away and then I jumped into the shower.

After I had showered, I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body, and then I walked out of the bathroom and walked downstairs. I did not care if Justin saw my body; he knew that I had scars from my past, so he would not notice my new ones.
“Baby, what should I wear?” I asked Justin as I opened the fridge to get something to drink.
“It’s cold outside, but I think you should wear a dress, some tights and some heels” Justin explained as he smiled at me, he gave me the elevator eyes, but his eyes stopped at my wrists and I could see his eyes got filled with hurt.
“Have you been cutting again?” he asked me, as he came over to me and grabbed my wrists gently,
“No, those are just the old ones” I told him as I gave him a fake smile,
“Don’t lie to me, I can easily see those are new, they’re swollen and more red than the others” he told me as he looked me into my eyes. I gulped and looked down,
“I’m sorry Justin, but I just wanted to feel another pain than the pain in my heart,” I told him as tears started running down my cheeks.   
“Baby, don’t be! I understand you feel a lot of pain, but just know that I will always be there to talk and to comfort you no matter what! I don’t want you to go with this alone, you don’t deserve to feel the pain,” Justin explained, he started kissing my wrists as he looked into my eyes. A real smile crept onto my lips and I started giggling.
“Thank you so much Justin!” I told him, he stopped kissing my wrists and kissed my lips.
“Now go get dressed, breakfast is ready in 10” Justin told me, he turned me around and slapped my ass, so I started running up the stairs as I squealed.

I changed into a floral dress with a pair of black tights, a thin black long summer jacket, and a pair of low heels and then I walked downstairs. I would do my makeup when Justin would be showering. I walked downstairs and wrapped my arms around Justin’s shirtless body.
“What are we having for breakfast?” I asked him, I kissed his shoulder blade and then snuggled my nose into his neck.
“We’re having pancakes,” he told me as he leaned his head back and allowed me to kiss his neck.
“Mh, I haven’t got pancakes since you left for tour,” I told him, and then I unwrapped my arms from around his waist and set the table.

After we had eaten breakfast, Justin showered and I did my hair and makeup. Justin had told me to do a natural makeup and a cute hairstyle, so I did; I curled my brown hair and pulled my bangs away from my face.
Justin was wearing a black T-shirt with an open Bordeaux button up shirt over it; he was wearing black leather pants and to complete the outfit, he wore a black cap the opposite way.
“You look amazing Baby” I complimented him as we walked down the stairs hand in hand,
“You look even more amazing” Justin told me, which caused me to blush.
Then Justin picked me up in bridal style and carried me out to the car. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck and I squeezed him tight. He gently placed me on the ground, right in front of the car.
“Aww, thank you Baby” I told him, then I kissed his cheek and Justin opened the car door for me.

We drove for about 15 minutes and then we arrived at a studio, to be specific, Ellen DeGeneres’ studio.
“Justin, what are we doing here?” I asked him as I gently grabbed his hand,
“We’re here to talk about you and the hate” he told me,
“No Justin! I don’t want to do that,” I told him as I tightened my grip around his hand.
“I’m only doing this to protect you!” Justin told me as he let go of my hand and then got out of the car. He walked over to my side and opened the door for me; he grabbed my hand and helped me out. Hand in hand we walked inside the studio and were met by the producer of the show,
“Hey Justin and Y/N, thank you for coming today” he smiled, Justin and I said hey back and then we got a microphone on.
“You’re on in 2 minutes,” the producer said and then he walked away.
“Justin, I’m scared of what people might think of me,” I told Justin as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he lightly smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist,
“They will love you baby!” he assured me, then he kissed my lips and gently rubbed my back.
“Now I want to welcome Justin Bieber and Y/F/N,” Ellen said, Justin and I pulled out of the kiss, both of us giggled and then we walked on stage. The crowd started cheering as Justin and I made our way over to Ellen. We hugged her and then sat down in the little red couch.
“Both of you might wanna dry some stained lipstick of your lips, both of you” Ellen tried to whisper, but the whole crowd heard because her microphone was on. Both Justin and I blushed and dried the stained lipstick off our lips. We laughed a little, but then Ellen got serious.
“So, Justin you called me this morning and told me that you had something important to talk about” Ellen said as she adjusted her clothes.
“Yeah, as you know I got home from tour last night” Justin told Ellen and the crowd, “But I got very sad when I arrived home, Y/N had been crying because of something she had been reading on Twitter, hate comments” Justin continued, “I can’t stand to see her hurt and sad, so I just wanna let everyone know that Y/N is the love of my life, you can’t ruin our relationship by commenting hate on her Twitter page, it doesn’t affect us, only Y/N who starts believing the things you guys write, but it doesn’t affect our relationship” Justin continued.
He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek.
“Wow, that was deep” Ellen said as she looked at Justin,
“Y/N, how are you feeling when Justin tells the world these things?” Ellen asked me as she looked at me,
“I’m proud of him, he’s in action right away and tries to stop what’s going on as soon as he get a hint about it, that’s just a tiny bit of why I love him” I told her as I smiled at Justin.
“You guys are so cute together” Ellen awed as she smiled big.

After that day, I did not get as much hate as I used to, but I still received some, but I did not let it get to me.
No one could hurt me anymore, because I knew Justin would always be there for me and protect me.                              



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