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3. From best friends to more

*Your POV*
Me and Justin have been friends since kindergarten, but when he got famous, we cut the contact. I’ve been depressed ever since.
Pattie just told me how depressed he is to, so she thought it was a good idea, she wanted me to come and surprise him, and of course I said yes. "Thank you so much Y/N, it means so much, he is so depressed, I don't know what to do anymore" Pattie said on the phone "I'm just glad I can help, even though we haven't talked for 3 years" I said back, "what do you mean with that, Justin said he tried to text you for the last 3 years" she said "what do you mean, I haven't got ant text from him?" I asked "what, did you get a new number?" she asked, "uhm yeah, I think" I said, "then he texted your old number" she said, that made me smile, he didn't want to cut our contact, he just texted my old number. "Okay, I'm coming soon, bye" I said. 
I walked out to the bathroom and took of my make-up and got in my pyjamas and got in to my bed, I took my phone, and logged on twitter, I made a tweet 'can't wait for tomorrow', I put it away and fell asleep. (MORE IN COMMENTS)
*Justin’s POV*
I was on twitter when Y/N tweeted something, yeah still after 3 years I can't forget her, we've been best friends since forever, and when I moved to Atlanta I didn't even say goodbye to her, and the only reason I didn't say goodbye to her was because I love her, and not just as a friend, no I really love her, and that’s also why I can't get her out of my head.  Y/N had tweeted; can’t wait for tomorrow. She probably has a boyfriend now L
“Hey Justin, can I come in?” mom asked “yeah” I said really sad “sweetie what’s wrong?” Mom asked me when she came in to the room “it’s just Y/N have just tweeted. And I think she has a boyfriend now, and you know I still love her so much” I said to her, “sweetie. You don’t know, maybe she’s doing something else” mom said, it was like she knew something I didn’t “mom, you’re hiding something aren’t you?” I asked her “Nooooo, of course not” she said trying to convince me, “mom, did you talk to her?” I asked, “Uhm, no sweetie I didn’t, why would I?” she asked me. Okay maybe she haven’t talked to her, “okay mom, I’m going to bed, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow” I said to her “okay, goodnight” she said, she walked out of the door, closing it after her.
‘Next morning Your POW*
I got out of bed feeling re-energised, I found my suitcase and started packing all kind of clothes, Pattie said I could stay the rest of the tour, so I packed a lot of clothes. I took a smaller suitcase for my makeup, hair products and jewellery’s and then one with my shoes. After I got in the shower, I washed my body and my hair and then got out; I took some comfy clothes on, since I was going to fly in 4 hours. “Good morning mom” I said to my mom, yeah I’m 19 and I still live home “morning honey, ready?” she asked “yeah, I think” I said “Great, I talked to Pattie, and she’s going to pick you up at the airport” mom said “okay” I answered.
‘Skip the flight*
I got out of the plane, the summer air stroked me, I took a deep breath, am I really doing this? I asked myself, and yea I was. I started walking out of the airport, I found Pattie standing with a bodyguard looking for me, I walked up behind her and gave her a big hug, Pattie is like my second mom. She got a shock and turned around “OMG Y/N never scare me like that again” she said “Hey Pattie, Sorry” I said “aww come here, I’ve missed you” she said “I’ve missed you to” I cooed, “come on, we have to get over to the hotel” she said “okay, when do I surprise him?” I asked, “Well we thought it would be best if you came out under fall” she said “why fall?” I asked her “well you have to find out” she said with a grin on her face, okay what’s going on? We got in the Van and started driving to the hotel. When got to the hotel a lot paparazzi’s where they “okay, take your hoodie over your head, we don’t want you to get seen” Pattie said “Okay” I said literally scared of them, I’ve seen how they are to people. I pulled my hoodie over my head, and got out “PATTIE WHO IS THE GIRL” “IS IT A DAUGTHER WE NEVER HEART ABOUT” All that kind of things got yelled. We came in and Scooter stood by the door “Hey Y/N, I’m Scooter Justin’s manager, I’m going to show you your room” he said “Hey Scooter, sounds good” I said, Scooter took my suitcases and showed me up to my room, we got to the door, when we heard something “Scooter can you please help with this” It was Justin, Scooter pushed me into the room, I shut the door and started looking around,
There was a bed, a little table, a couch, a little kitchen and a bathroom. After looking around, I decided to get a shower, so I would look presentable for tonight, after showering, I found some (picture above). Then I did my hair and Makeup.
I sat on the bed, just looking at my phone, I decided to see if Justin had tweeted anything he had; I love you, I need you, it said, why would he write that, oh well, I made at tweet; going to surprise someone, Love you. I wrote, I logged out of twitter, and when I was about to turn off my phone, I got a text from Pattie, “hey sweetie, the van is outside, see you soon” it said, I smiled and wrote “Okay, yeah see you soon, I’m so nervous.
I walked out to the van and of course the paparazzi would yell at me, I took my hoodie on and walked out “ARE YOU GOING TO SEE BIEBER” “WHO ARE YOU” “WHY DID YOU COME WITH PATTIE” How do Justin ignore this, it’s annoying. I got into the van and the driver drove off.
When I got to the stadium a guard guided me backstage, I was greeted by Alfredo, “hey Y/N” he said, yeah I know Alfredo, it’s a long story. “Hey Fredo” I said giving him a hug “so you’re ready?” he asked “no, not really, I’m so nervous” I said, Alfredo gave me another hug before taking my hand dragging me over to some people “Okay Y/N these are the dancers, there’s going to follow you out on stage in about 3 minutes” he said “WHAT 3 MINUTES, NO WAY” I said “I can’t do that” I said “but you have to” Alfredo said. After 3 minutes fall started, half way through the song I could see tears running down Justin’s cheeks, The dancers took my hands a pulled my one stage, they let me go and I Tiptoed over to Justin, I took my hands in front of his eyes, Justin stopped singing and turned around, his eyes got wide and he stood up, taking me in his arms, spinning me around, he sat me down and gave me a tight hug “Y/N how?” he asked, “well I got a phone call from your mom, and she said you were said sad, so we made this surprise for you” I said, the Beliebers could hear me through Justin microphone, so they Awed. Justin smiled “Thank you so much” he said still hugging me, wow I could feel the feelings again, Justin always gave me butterflies, and now there’re back, “I actually have something to tell you” Justin said, “what?” I asked “do you want to know why I didn’t say goodbye to you?” he asked “oh, yeah, of course I want to” I said “Okay…… Wow it’s hard to say, so the reason that I didn’t say good bye was…. Oh, yeah, it was…..” He said, the last thing he mumbled, so I couldn’t hear it, “What Justin, please say it a little higher” I said, “It was because I couldn’t say goodbye to the one I was madly in love with” he said, looking down in embarrassing, I smiled, I took 2 fingers under his chin and lifted his head, “you still love me?” I asked him “Yeah, and I’ll never stop, my song fall, it’s for you” he said looking into my eyes, “I love you to” I said to him, he got a really big smile, again the Beliebers awed, “Really?” He asked “yeah, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t feel the butterflies” I said to him, “can I kiss you?” he asked me, I laughed and smiled “yeah” I said still laughing. We both leaned in and in a second our lips touched, out lips moved in sync, I could hear the Beliebers cheering, I started smiling witch caused Justin smiling to, our kiss was filled with love, wow this boy really loves me as much as I love him. “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend” Justin asked me, “YES! Of course” I said really loud, Justin took me up in his arms and twirled me around, “I LOVE YOU!!!” Justin yelled, I smiled at him, giving him a kiss right after, the Beliebers was cheering so loud at this point, we pulled apart again, and looked into each other’s eyes “I love you to” I said to him. We got backstage and everyone was cheering at us, Pattie even cried, “Aww Pattie, please don’t cry” I said to her, “oh, it’s happy tears, now I finally get to see you together” She said, Justin and I pulled her into a hug, “Thank you mom” Justin said, “Your welcome sweetie, I just couldn’t stand seeing you sad” She said, The others came over to us, making the hug a really big group hug.   

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