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This will be a story full of imagines about Justin Bieber! My request is open, so if you want me to write you an imagine, just send me a DM in inbox!
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7. From best friends to more 2

*Your POV*
I stood in front of Justin’s door, the reason I was here, was because caught my boyfriend, well now ex-boyfriend cheating on me, in the house we shared, in our bedroom. I was broken, because I really thought he loved me. I knocked on the door, seconds after the door opened, when Justin saw it was me he got a big smile, but when he saw my eyes how red they were from crying, he immediately pulled me in to a tight hug, “what happened?” he asked “I caught James cheating me” he squeezed me tight and then let go. “I’m sorry to hear” he said, “But, I said this to you before, James is a jerk” I smiled at him, “come on, let’s go inside” he said. We walked in, “let me get some ice cream, okay?” Justin asked, I nodded and walked in to his living room and sat down, a few minutes later Justin came in to the living room with a lot of ice just for me, “here sweetie” he said, I took the bowl out of his hand, and took a spoonful in my mouth “so tell, how did you found out?” he asked, “well, I was at work, when I got a phone call from James, of course I accepted it, but the only thing I heard was moaning, so I took home and walked straight up to our bedroom, and yeah, there I found him fucking another girl” I said as tears streamed down my cheeks. “aww, I’m so sorry, but now I’m curious, what did you say to him?” he asked “well first of all cleared my throat, which got James to look over at me, he was in shock, but I just said; It’s over, I hate you” I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Justin, he looked at me with sympathy, “okay, to get your mind of that jerk, what about we watch Glee?” he asked me, “You just know me so well” I said, Justin got up from the couch and found Netflix, he came over to the couch and sat down beside me, he laid his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in to him, we were used to lay like this, so it was not weird, or yes it was, because when I dated James he didn’t like me being alone with Justin, so it was a little weird. “are you okay, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Justin asked me, “A little, it’s long time ago since we did this” I looked up at him, he gave me a little smile, I laid my head on his chest and gave him a smile “comfortable?” he asked me, “yeah, I missed this” I said, “me to” he said. I turned my head to the television and let a deep sight out, “are you okay, you seem to take the whole situation calm?” he asked, “well, I found out I didn’t love him, because I love someone else” I said, I looked at him; he had a broken smile on his face, “why so sad?” I asked him, “Well, for a long time I’ve been in love with this girl, she’s the most perfect girl in my eyes, but I know she don’t love me back” he said, now it was my turn to have a broken smile on my face, “why don’t you just ask her?” I asked him, “Okay, uhm.” He said “Y/N, since I saw you the first time, I immediately fell in love with you, but I never had the guts to ask you out. And when you started dating James I was broken, I now when I see you broken it’s hard, because I love you so much” he said, I was speechless, he loved me back “see I knew it, you don’t love me back” he said, “No, Justin, I love you to, like I love you so much” I said to him, he got a big smile on his face “do you mean it?” he asked “of course, I wouldn’t lie about something so important” I said, I started to lean in and Justin did the same, but as our lips were about to touch Justin asked “can I kiss you?” I laughed “of course, that’s a silly question”  I said, he smiled and our lips touched, I felt butterflies and fireworks, the kiss was magic, I’ve never experienced anything like that, not even with James.
We pulled apart, our face stayed close to each other, I looked Justin in the eyes and then pulled him in for another kiss, just as magic as the other one.
We looked at the television again, Justin started playing with my hair, I smiled og closed my eyes, James never did this when we were together.
While I was enjoying the moment the doorbell rang, I moved so Justin could go over and open it, he understood my remark and walked over to the door, “James, No, you’re not going to talk to her EVER AGAIN!” Justin said in a stern tone, “please Justin, I did a mistake, I’m not just letting this go!” James said just as stern as Justin, “NO, she’s hurt, and she don’t want to talk to you” Justin said a little calmer, I decided to walk over to them, when James saw me he pushed Justin away and ran over to me giving me a big hug, I just stood there, not even moving, “Y/N I’m so sorry, it was a mistake, I promise, I’m never going to do it again “ he said, “James, go away, I don’t want to see or talk to you EVER again, do you understand, what you did really hurt me, and I’m never going to forgive you” I said, tears started streaming down my cheeks, Justin took James arm and pulled him out, “DON’T TOUCH ME!” James yelled, he folded his hands together, so his knuckles turned completely white, he punched Justin in the face, so he fell to the ground, Justin got up again and punched James back, they started fighting, I ran over to them and tried to pulled them apart “STOP” I yelled, but instead of them stopping, James punched me in the face, I fell to the ground, they immediately stopped and looked at me, Justin sat down beside me, he took my face into his hands, “I’m so sorry Y/N, it was an accident” James said in panic, “GO AWAY, I HATE YOU, I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” I yelled at him, he looked down in shame; he turned around and walked out off the door, “are you okay Justin?” I asked him, “yeah, it’s nothing” he said smiling at me, Justin helped me up, we walked in to the kitchen, I found two ice packs, one for me and one for Justin “here” I said handed him the ice, “thanks” he said.
He walked over to me, and in reflection I took a step back, I stopped when I hit he counter, Justin came over to me, he smirked at me and his lips came closer to mine, and in a split of a second our lips touched, “Y/N, will you please be my girlfriend” he asked right after the kiss, “yes, yes, of course!” I said jumping in his arms, I forgot about my pain on my cheek, and I think Justin also forgot about his pain, he twirled me around, and sat me down right after, “I love you” he said, I was in shock, I’ve never said it, not even to James, I took a deep breath, “I love you to” I said looking into Justin’s eyes so he knew I meant it, he smiled and pulled me into a tight hug, I knew for sure that Justin loved me forever, and always.
And I was right, because 3 years later we got married and 9 months we got our first child Ella Bieber. 

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