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15. Forced marriage part 7!

Part 7:
So when you are “newborn parents” you apparently can stay at the hospital for three days, but if you’re having your second or maybe even third child you can only stay a couple of hours. However, luckily, it is only Justin and I’s first child, because both of us knows absolutely nothing about being a parent. As I woke up after my nap, Justin was sitting in the chair beside me with Beverly in his arms.  However, something was different about her, instead of a blanket, she was wearing a warm body stocking with stars and a little hat, and she looked so adorable.
I sat up and immediately Justin looked over at me.
“Good morning Baby,” he told me, I smiled and swung my legs out of the bed, but immediately I regretted it, it was hurting like shit.
“Oh, yeah, the midwife told me you would be very sore, down there” Justin said with a caring smile. I nodded my head and laid down again.
“Who dressed me?” I asked him as I looked down at myself; I was wearing a pair of Adidas pants and sweatshirt.
“I did, one of the nurses told me it would be easiest when you were asleep” he explained,
“Yeah, that’s probably true” I told him, “Now let me hold my little angel” I told him with excitement in my voice. Justin slowly stood up and handed me her, I made sure not to crush her.
“She’s so perfect!” I told Justin, Justin nodded his head and sat down in the chair.
“Hello, oh perfect timing, hey Y/N, are you ready to learn how to breastfeed?” the midwife said as she walked into the room. I looked up at her and nodded my head.
“Want me to go outside?” Justin asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows at him and shook my head.
“Why would I want you to go out?” I asked him,
“I don’t know” he smiled; I nodded my head and then looked at the midwife.
“I never really got your name” I told the midwife,
“Oh well, my name is Elisa and I have been working as a midwife here the last 20 years,” she told me, I nodded my head and then looked down at Beverly.
“Okay Y/N, if you try to place your thumb on Beverly’s lips to see if she’s hungry” Elisa told me, I nodded my head and carefully I placed my thumb on Beverly’s plumb lips. Immediately she started sucking on my finger, but when she realised that there was not anything in it, she started crying.   
“Okay, she’s hungry” Elisa said, “So know you need to take you shirt down and then carefully lay her into your breast, if she doesn’t find your breast immediately, then grab your breast and put it in her mouth” she explained, I did what she told me to do, and luckily Beverly found my nipple right away. As she started sucking, I made a grimace, because it was actually hurting.
“Oh I probably should have told you, it will always hurt, but you will get used to it” she told me, I nodded my head and then looked down at Justin and I’s precious little baby girl.
“Well, she’s a natural talent, so I will get going and good luck with her” Elisa told us, Justin tanked her and then she left the room. Justin stood up and walked over to us, he bended down over me and kissed my lips.
“Would it be okay if I called mom?” he asked me, I nodded my head and smiled,
“Yeah, I want her to be the first to see her, my mom and dad can wait” I told him, he nodded his head and then dialed Pattie’s number on his phone. He pressed the speaker button so I could hear how her reaction was.
“Hey Justin” she said as she picked up the phone,
“Hey mom” he said, I said hello too and smiled,
“Hey, how are you sweetie?” she asked me,
“I’m good, just a little sore” I told her,
“Oh, why’s that?” she asked, I started giggling and then looked down at Beverly.
“It’s hard to give birth” I told her with a smile, I could hear her gasp and a little scream followed behind,
“OMG, am I officially a grandmother?” she asked me,
“Yeah, to a little angel named Beverly Miley Bieber, 6.3 pounds and 18.7 inches” I told her,
“Oh, she sounds perfect” she awed.
“She is, would you like to come and she her as the first?” Justin asked her, we could hear her walking and then a pair of car keys,
“I’m on my way” she told us and then she ended the call. I started laughing and that caused that Beverly let go of my breast and she started smacking her lips. I smiled and then placed her on my shoulder. I gently rubbed her back and shortly after she regurgitate some of the milk.   Ten minutes later, Pattie stood in the door and looked lovingly at her granddaughter.
“Hey” she whisper/squealed, I waved back at her and mentioned her to come in. Justin had just left to go get me some food, so Pattie sat down in the chair where he had just been sitting. Beverly had already fallen asleep again.
“Aww, she’s so little” Pattie awed, I nodded my head and gently lifted Beverly,
“Wanna hold her?” I asked Pattie, she nodded her head and took Beverly from my arms.
“Where’s my son?” she asked,
“He just left to get me some food” I told her,
“Okay” she shortly said, she kept her eyes on Beverly and she had the biggest smile playing on her lips.
“How did the birth go?” Pattie asked me after a couple of minutes in silence.
“Well, I was in so much pain, so I got a spinal cord” I told her,
“I know that feeling, Justin was a pain in the ass to get out” she laughed, I quietly started laughing along. Then Justin came back into the room and gave me the food. Then he hugged Pattie from behind and looked down at Beverly.
“Isn’t she just perfect?” he asked her, she nodded her head and looked up at him. Then Beverly woke up and started crying. Pattie handed her to Justin and Justin smelled if she had delivered something in her diaper. She had, I could easily see that by the look at his face. I chuckled a little and then slowly got out of bed; I had made sure to place the food in the end of the bed. Since I still was sore, I walked in a strange way. I took Beverly out of Justin’s hands and walked into the bathroom, I gently placed her on the changing table and opened her warm body stocking, then I opened her diaper and could not help but make a face because it really smelled. I took some cleansing tissues and cleaned her small butt. Then I found a new diaper and gave her it on. Then I gave her the body stocking on again and walked into the “bedroom” again. *2 days later*
Finally, we could get permission to go home. Justin had packed all of our stuffs, while I had dressed Beverly in a body stocking with the words “My Daddy is jealous… I had BOOBies for breakfast and he didn’t” written on it. Justin had surprised me with a whole bunch of those body stockings, of course with different things written on them. Then over the body stocking, I gave her some pink pants and a white cardigan with pink dots on it, on.
Apparently, the Medias had figured out that I had been giving birth, because when we came downstairs in the lobby, it was filled with paparazzi’s.
I held Beverly close into my chest and worked my way through the crowd.
“Y/N, JUSTIN CAN WE SEE YOUR BABY?” a paparazzi yelled, I shook my head and finally I made my way outside, Justin was right behind me, with Beverly’s carrycot and our bag with clothes. The paparazzi’s had followed us outside and they were taking many pictures. Justin unlocked the door and placed the carrycot in one of the backseats, and then I placed our sleeping little angel in it and closed the door. I ran over to the other side and got in beside her, Justin got our bag in the trunk, then he got in, and then he quickly drove off.
We arrived safely at home, I sighed as we unlocked the door and went inside,
“Welcome home Baby girl” I told Beverly, she opened her eyes and looked at me, then she grabbed my shirt, I smiled and walked into the living room. I sat down and opened my shirt, then I took the strap from my bra off and laid Beverly into my breast.
I could not be happier. I was finally home with my husband and our little angel.                       


THE END! Please, tell me what you think!

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