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14. Forced marriage part 6!

Part 6:
5 months has now passed, Justin got better at remembering our appointments with the doctor, and he made sure to come home early, at least the last month, he thought I would go into labour any minute, even though I only were in my 8th month.
Now that I am in my 9th month, I have a real trouble at getting up, my tummy is so big and all I want to do is to get our little princess out, she is so heavy to carry around. My due date was on October 5, but since it is now October 11, she has no hesitation on getting out. Justin has had a week off from work, because we thought she would come out, but she was not.
Justin and I had decided to go out for lunch today, so after I had been in the shower, with some difficulty, I had found a simply, but cute outfit. Some tights, a tight striped dress and an army green light jacket. For makeup, I just wore some BB-cream and some mascara and my Ombré hair I just left like it was. I walked downstairs and Justin greeted me; he was apparently also wearing army green. He was wearing a military jacket with a white shirt under it, then he was wearing black jeans and of course a pair of black supras. To complete the outfit, he wore a black cap the opposite way. Justin helped me down the last steps and greeted me with a passionate kiss.
“Hey baby” he smiled, “You look beautiful” he continued, I smiled and kissed his lips once again,
“I don’t feel very good, my tummy hurts a lot” I told him, he started pouting and laid a hand on my tummy.
“Do you wanna stay home? We can order in” Justin asked me, I shook my head and smiled,
“If you would just help me with my shoes, then we can go” I told him, I could see Justin tried holding his laughter in, but he could not.
“I’m sorry Baby, it’s just a little weird,” he told me, I nodded my head and then Justin got down on his knees and helped me with my white Nike Air Force 1. After he finished, he stood up again and handed me my bag. Then we made our way out, Justin locked the door behind us and then he ran over to me and opened the car door for me just like a gentleman.  
“Why, thank you” I told him and then got in, Justin only had to help me a little bit, but eventually I got in. Then Justin made his way to the other side and got in himself. I had leaned back in the seat and laid my hands on my tummy, like a matter of course.
As we were, driving Justin and I talked about anything and everything. However, suddenly I stopped talking, I shushed at Justin and then listened to the song, it was Olly Murs’ new song “Wrapped up” there was in the radio, Justin knew that I had been obsessed with that song for the last month. Justin rolled his eyes and turned up the volume. I squealed and kissed his hand. Then I started singing along.
“Now excuse me if I sound rude,
But I love the way that you move,
And I see me all over you now” I sang along, Justin was just sitting there smiling, until I gently slapped him on the arm, he started singing along and just as the song ended, we arrived at the restaurant, Justin had made reservations on. After we had ordered our food, Justin stood up and walked over to me, he sat down on the chair beside me and then he wrapped one of his arms around my shoulders and the other one he rubbed my tummy with, I laid one hand on top of his hand and looked him into his eyes.
“How do you think Beverly is?” he asked me, I shrugged my shoulders and rested my head on his shoulder.
“Hopefully good, and ready to come out soon” I told him, he lightly smiled and bended down so his head was right in front of my baby bump, then he gently laid his soft lips on it and gently kissed it. I smiled and automatically my hands found his soft hair. I lightly grabbed it and massaged his scalp.
“Are you sure you want to name her Beverly?” Justin asked me as he sat up again; I nodded my head and kissed his lips.
“We first met in Beverly Hills, so of course she’s going to be named Beverly” I told him,
“Just think about it, we hated each other back then” he told me, I nodded my head and then finally our food arrived, Justin walked over to his seat again and grabbed my hand over the table. I started eating my pommes and beef and Justin of course ate spaghetti.
“So, what do you wanna do after we have eaten?” Justin asked, I swallowed my food and then took a sip of my coke,
“I wanna go home and lay down, because my feet’s are so swollen and they hurt!” I told him, he nodded his head and took some spaghetti on his fork.
“Wanna taste?” he asked me, I nodded my head and opened my mouth, Justin stood up and bended over the table, then I closed my mouth around the fork and ate it.
“Pretty good” I told him, he nodded his head and then opened his mouth, I took a pommes and put it in his mouth, and he chewed on it and eventually swallowed it.
As I was about to take some beef into my mouth, I felt something wet running down my legs followed by a sharp pain. I winced and grabbed the table, I was really trying to hold a scream in, Justin noticed and his eyes got wide,
“Baby, are you okay?” he asked me as he came over to me, I shook my head and another sharp pain hit me. I closed my eyes and grabbed Justin’s shirt. People began to stare, but I did not care at that point, I was in so much pain.
“Justin, you have to get me to the hospital!” I told him, I took a deep breath and looked up at Justin, he was nodding his head and he was quick to lay some money on the table. Then he helped me up, he picked me up in bridal style and carried me out to the car. He laid me down on the backseat and then he got in himself.
“Justin, it hurts” I complained, Justin started breathing heavily and I could see he was shaking,
“I know Baby, I’m sorry” he finally said, another contraction hit me and I could finally scream,
“JUSTIN! GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!” I screamed, Justin nodded his head and finally he pulled up at the hospital, he stopped the car and then got out, he disappeared into the hospital, I furrowed my eyebrows and squeezed my eyes together. Then the car door opened, Justin and some nurses got me out and into a wheelchair. Justin pushed the wheelchair into the hospital and into a kind of celebrity labour suit, my dad had ordered the room to me, so I would not have to lay with other “newborn mothers”, even though I actually wanted too.
“Hey Y/N, how are you feeling?” a midwife asked me, I started panting and I grabbed Justin’s hand tight.
“To be honest, like shit!” I told her, she nodded her head and looked at some of the nurses.
“Let us get her over in the bed; I need to check if she has opened enough to start pushing” the midwife told the nurses and Justin. They all carefully grabbed me and got me on the bed. A nurse took off my shoes and another ripped my tights off. They pulled my army green jacket off and pulled my dress up. Then they opened my legs and then started looking. Justin laid his head on mine and looked me into the eyes. He smiled and kissed my nose.
“Are you ready to meet her?” he asked me, I nodded my head and then squeezed my eyes together.
“Y/N, you haven’t opened enough, so you can’t start pushing yet, but since you’re in so much pain, we have to offer you antibiotics” the midwife said, “Is that something you’re interested in getting?” she asked me, I nodded my head and grabbed Justin’s hand.
“We can give you a spinal cord, it will make you relax down in the lower parts, so you won’t be so tense down there” she explained,
“Just give me something that will make the pain go away” I told her, she nodded her head and then she disappeared.
“Baby, I just want you to know that I’m so proud of you and that I’m so happy that I fell in love with you, because you are the only one I can think about, you mean the world to me” Justin explained, a small smile formed on his lips, I pulled him down to be and then kissed his lips. We pulled away and then the midwife came back with another doctor,
“Hey Y/N, my name is Steve and I’m an anaesthesiologist, I’m going to give you your spinal cord. So if your husband could help me turn you over on the side” Steve said, Justin nodded his head and then the two of them turned me on my side, Steve found a needle and within the next few second he had stuck it into my lower back, it was hurting like a bitch. I screamed and tears ran down my cheeks. He pulled the needle out and then he left. I was turned back on my back and before I knew it, I was all relaxed. I looked lovingly over at Justin and grabbed his hand.
“Baby, are you okay?” he asked me, I nodded my head and looked around,
“I’ve never been better” I told him, he started laughing and then looked over at the midwife,
“Is this normal?” he asked her,
“It is, it’s kind of a drug we sprayed into her body, so right now she feels like she’s on cloud 9 or something like that” the midwife explained. Then she checked on me again and smiled,
“Okay Y/N, you can started pushing” she told me, I nodded my head and grabbed Justin’s hand again, then she counted down from three and I started pushing. Finally after 45 minutes of pushing, my little Beverly was born. As I pushed the last time, an amazing feeling rushed over me. I leaned back and finally I could relax again.
“Justin, do you wanna cut the umbilical cord?” the midwife asked Justin, he nodded his head and cut it over. Then a nurse wrapped our little princess in a blanket and handed her to me, she was crying, but I did not even care, her crying was like music to my ears.
“Hey princess” I told her, I caressed her cheek and immediately she calmed down. Justin sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at her,
“Have you decided a name?” a nurse asked me, I nodded my head and looked up at her.
“Beverly Miley Bieber” I told her, she smiled and nodded her head,
“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl” she said, I nodded my head in agreement and then looked over at Justin, I pursed my lips together and he smiled, he bended down and gave me a kiss with lots a passion. We pulled away and then I kissed Beverly’s forehead.
“I have to take her just a few minutes, we have to see how much she weights and how high she is” the midwife said, I kissed Beverly’s forehead once more and then handed her to the midwife. Beverly started crying again, it was already one of my weaknesses; I already couldn’t stand the feeling of not being able to calm her down.
“6.3 pounds and 18.7 inches” the midwife told us, “She is just perfect” she told us, I nodded my head and could not help, but start crying happy tears. The midwife handed Beverly to Justin and I moved a little to the side so he could lay down beside me.
“Welcome to the world Beverly” he told her, she had already calmed down and she was just looking up at Justin with those eyes that were just like Justin’s, big and hazel brown. I turned onto my side and Justin wrapped his free arm around me, I laid a hand on Beverly’s tummy over the blanket and just smiled at her,
“I cannot believe we made her” I told Justin, he smiled and shook my head,
“I can’t either” he told me and then he kissed my lips. I could not be happier.
“We will let you be alone with you daughter and feel free to invite people over, but not too many at the same time” the midwife explained, I nodded my head and thanked her, she smiled and then her and the nurses disappeared out of the room.
“Wanna call someone?” Justin asked me, I shook my head and looked up at him,
“Can we call some in an hour or two? Right now I just want to spend my time with my loves,” I told him, he smiled and kissed the top of my head.
“Okay, but I want you to get some sleep, I promise me and Beverly are right here when you wake up” Justin told me, I nodded my head and then closed my eyes, and before I knew it, I was in a deep, deep sleep right beside the ones that I love.
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