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10. Forced marriage part 2

Part 2.
*Your POV*
I woke up to the feeling of two muscular arms wrapped around me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see two arms with tattoos. I quickly unwrapped the arms and then stood up. I looked around and saw that we still were in the jet; I also saw that my wedding dress was laying in one of the chairs. I looked down at myself and saw that I was in my pyjamas. Did Justin seriously undress me last night? I growled and sat down in one of the chairs. Justin slowly opened his eyes and looked around, I looked at him, but as soon as he looked at me, I turned my head.
“Good morning” he said, his voice was so raspy, it was actually somewhat sexy. I scoffed and turned around.
“Why are you so mad at me?” he asked, he got out of the bed and stood in front of me. I looked up and saw that he was only in his boxers. He noticed that I looked at his thing and chuckled. Wow, someone must be very confident.
“I asked you a question” Justin told me, I grabbed my jaw and made me look him into his eyes.
“Why? Because you are ruining my life! This was supposed to be the best time of my life, but you made it the worst!” I yelled, Justin chuckled and looked away,
“How is this my fault?” he asked me,
“How is it not?” I asked him, “I’m not the only that can’t control my life” I told him, he rolled his eyes and chuckled again.
“Oh and did you enjoy looking at my body when you undressed me?” I asked him, I crossed my eyes and removed his hands from my jaw.
“You seriously think that’s why I undressed you and gave you a pyjamas on?” he asked me,
“I only did it because you looked so uncomfortable sleeping in that dress” he told me,
“Yeah, right” I told him as I rolled my eyes. I then stood up from the chair and made my way over to my suitcase, I found some new underwear, some tights, a striped dress, a long black cardigan and then a pair of low white converse. I walked into the small bathroom and took off my pyjamas, and then I took on the outfit and pulled my hair up in a messy bun. I made a natural makeup look and then I walked out.   *Justin’s POV*
Y/N came out from the bathroom, she looked so gorgeous, I cannot believe I am saying this, but I actually think I am starting to fall in love with her. Call me crazy, but I really think I am.  She saw me staring and sent me a glare, so I looked down and bite my lip.
“Y/N?” I asked, she looked at me and nodded her head.
“What?” she asked,
“I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just because people keep judging me for something that never actually was true, and the fact that you believed/believe the rumors makes me sad, because somehow you mean something to me, and I’m not just saying this to make you believe me, no I’m saying this from the bottom of my hear” I explained to her. She had covered her mouth with her hand and looked at me with wide eyes.
“Justin, what are you exactly trying to tell me?” she asked as she sat down beside me.
“That I’m actually not a bad boy, I can be good, but only to the people I actually care about” I told her, her eyes got even wider than before,
“But Justin, we hate each other” she told me, I gulped harshly and bite my lip.
“I thought I hated you, but it turns out it’s just because I don’t want to admit that you actually mean something to me” I told her, Y/N grabbed my hand and immediately I got all warm.
“Do you wanna know something?” she asked me, I nodded my head and looked down.
“You’re actually pretty hot,” she whispered in my ear. I looked up at her and furrowed my eyebrows.
“It’s true, when I saw you in that suit yesterday it suddenly hit me,” she admitted, I bite down in my lip and I could feel the blush rush through my cheeks.
“And to be honest, I wasn’t really mad at you, I thought I was, but turns out I wasn’t” she chuckled; she had the most adorable laughter.
“Did you know that you a really beautiful smile and a really adorable laughter?” I asked her, she looked down and I could easily tell that she was blushing.
“Welcome to the Bahamas” the pilot suddenly said, he was standing right beside us, we did not even notice that we had landed. Y/N started squealing and she gave me a side hug. She kissed my cheek and then she stood up. She took her small bag and found her sunglasses.
“Thank you” I told him, and then stood up to and walked over to our suitcases; I took both of them and then walked out. Y/N was right behind me, she was smiling like crazy, which made me smile.

*Your POV*
When the pilot told us that we had landed on Bahamas I got so happy. I always wanted to go to the Bahamas, and right now, I could not think of any other person to spend my honeymoon with, than Justin. As we came out tons of paparazzi’s took pictures of us. Sometimes I wished my parents were not famous. My bodyguards took Justin and I’s suitcases from Justin. They laid them in the bag of the van as Justin and I walked down the last few steps of the stairs. As I was about to walk down the last step, Justin grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up. He swung me around and I wrapped my arms around his neck. The paparazzi’s went crazy and took even more pictures.
“JUSTIN, Y/N CAN WE SEE A KISS?” one paparazzi yelled, Justin and I looked at each other and smiled. I wrapped my legs around Justin’s waist and kissed his lips. For the first time I actually enjoyed kissing him. He playfully cupped my arms and squeezed it. I gasped and Justin was quick to let his tongue inside my mouth. I pulled away and looked down at Justin, he was looking at me to and he had the most adorable smile playing on his lips. Justin then started walking over to the van. Just as he was about to get, I let go of him and crawled in. Justin chuckled and smiled, he got in himself and then he closed the door. Kenny drove off and slowly we made our way to the place we were staying. Justin grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek.
“What’s happening between the two of you? You hate each other” Kenny asked,
“Well, we both just realised that the other person actually aren’t that bad of a person” I explained to him,
“Well, it’s nice to see both of you happy” he told us, both Justin and I nodded our heads and finally we arrived at this beautiful, beach house. I was not big, but it was defiantly not small, it was perfect.
“Did you choose this?” I asked Justin, he nodded his head proudly and smiled.
“I did, do you like it?” he asked, I nodded my head and got out of the van.
“It’s like a dream here” I told him, he nodded his head and looked around,
“Yeah, and the best is that I bought this beach house, so we can come over here whenever we want to” Justin explained, I gasped and hugged him tightly.
“You’re so sweet” I squealed, Justin started laughing and then he ran over to the door and unlocked it.
“I don’t know if you want to sleep on your own, because if you want to, I can just take the guestroom,” Justin told me as we walked around in the bedroom.
“No, I mean, I actually felt safe when we slept in the plane” I quietly told Justin, he smiled and both of us blushed.
“I’m glad you felt the same way,” Justin confessed, I smiled and then I jumped into the bed. Justin started laughing and then he did the same thing,
“I could actually get used this” I told him, he nodded his head, I laid my head and his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

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