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9. Forced marriage part 1

Part 1.
I cannot believe my parents is forcing me to do this! They can make me marry a guy that I ever talked to. All I know is that his name is Justin and he is a jerk. Apparently my mom knows Justin’s mom, so he’s not a total stranger, I just don’t know him in person,
I was laying on my king-sized bed that day my parents told me,
“Honey, you’re getting married” they told me, I remember that day perfectly, I thought my parents were kidding, but they weren’t.
“His name is Justin, and he is perfect for you,” Mom told me, but her eyes told me the opposite.
“You can’t force me to marry a guy that I never met!” I told them, they looked at each other and then at me again and nodded their heads.
“You live under our roof, so we can force you!” dad told me, then him and mom left my room and I could quietly cry myself to sleep.
You see, my mom and dad are very rich and famous, so I think they are only doing this for the media, they never really loved me.
The next few months went by and my parents forced me to hang out with this Justin guy, apparently he really is the bad ass Pattie talked about, he smokes, drinks and he takes every possibility to bang a girl. My parents forced me and Justin to use all our spare time together outside so the media could see us, they even forced us to kiss, it’s not exactly a strangers tongue you want down your throat every single time there is a paparazzi.     A few more months had passed, so here I am today getting ready for a wedding, my wedding, with a guy that I barely know and hate.
My dress was the perfect dress, simply, but elegant, but I did not dream of getting married in it with a guy that I had so much hate for, seriously he is a devil. He always try to grab my ass and I just seriously hate his smirk. He knows that I hate him, and I know that he hates me.
My best friend came into the small room my parents had made me be in, they even locked the door to make sure I did not run away.
“Hey girl” Aria said with a sympathetic smile. I smiled back and focused on laying the last layer of mascara on my eyelashes.
“Why are they forcing me to do this?” I asked her,
“Because they want you to change him, Sweetie” she told me, I bite down in my lip and nodded my head, my eyes were closed and I could feel a tear run down my cheek. This is the first time I had been crying since they told me.
“Please stop crying baby, I will promise you that you’re getting divorced as soon as he got a little nicer” Aria told me, I took a deep breath and opened my eyes again, I moved a little closer to the mirror and gave my makeup a little touch up.
*Justin’s POV*
“OH DUDE, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED TO A REAL CHICK TODAY!” Ryan screamed into my eyes, I gave him a cheeky grin and nodded my head,
“Yeah, and my mom thinks she will be able to change me, like that’s every going to happen, the only reason why I stay with that bitch is because of the fame she gives me, all girl a practically after me” I told him with the biggest smirk on my face.
“Cheers to that” he said and then I emptied my beer. I was putting on my butterfly, when Y/N’s dad came into the room.
“Guys, get the hell out of here!” I told the guys, they all got up from their seats and left the room.
“Hello Mr. Y/L/N” I said all sweetly, I really thought I was going to puke,
“Hey Justin, listen I need you to promise that you will take good care of Y/N, she is my little girl and I do not want anything to happen to her” he told mem, I smirked to myself and then smile at him,
“I promise you, she’s be safe with me” I told him, he nodded his head and then he left the room, sucker! I started laughing to myself, then I emptied another beer and walked out of the room,
“I’ll give her a time she’ll never forget” I smirked to myself and then I walked into the church.
*Your POV*
I had finally gotten my dress on; I took one last glance into the full body mirror and then I walked out of the room. I looked forwards and saw all my bridesmaids, Aria was walking in last before me, she gave me a little smile and then she found her place right besides Justin’s best friend Ryan.
“You look really sexy” someone said to be behind me, I turned my head around and saw Justin, I rolled my eyes and turned around, I could see Ryan sent Justin some dirty glances and made them about me. I felt really nausea and I just wanted this to be some kind of dream, but it was not.
Justin walked inside the church and found his place. His mom and dad stood beside him and I could see how they were commenting on his suit, I could not help but think that he actually looked good, but not much, just a little!
Dad found his place bedsides me and grabbed my hand.
“You look amazing honey” he told me, I scoffed and tried to ignore him completely. The music started playing and the doors opened, I took one last breath and then my bridesmaids and Justin’s men started walking. As all of them had gotten up to the altar, I started walking. However, as I started walking the music changed and Justin started singing. I furrowed my eyebrows at him and of course, he would send me a wink. I started listening to the lyrics,
“If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face
Baby I would, baby I would
If I could make a better way, so you could see a better day
Baby I would, baby I would, I would” he sang, I pretended to be overly happy, but everyone could easily see that my smile was fake, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I finally got to the altar and my dad gave my hand to Justin. Justin finished his song and kissed my cheek. The crowd started was in complete aww, and they quietly talked to each other.
“Nice song Bieber, who wrote it for you?” I whisper/asked him. He gave me a little smirk and then turned his eyes towards the priest,
“What do you mean Baby, I wrote the song in pure love for you,” he said, a little louder than he should have. I gently gave him an elbow in the side, Justin just smirked and then made that little boy smile to the priest.
“Do you Y/F/N take Justin Bieber as you husband?” the priest asked me,
“I do,” I told him with clenched teeth’s.
“Do you promise to honour and love him for better or worse?” he asked me,
“I do” I told him, I pretended to smile lovingly at Justin, but he only gave me the nauseating feeling.
“Do you Justin Bieber take Y/F/N as your wife?” the priest asked Justin, he gulped harshly and I couldn’t help but smirk, maybe re realised that this was wrong.
“I do,” he said, my eyes got wide, but I quickly looked down.
“Do you promise to honour and love her for better or worse?” he asked him,
“I do” Justin once again said, I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“Then I declare you husband and wife” the priest smiled, Justin and I gave each other a ring on and gave each other a fake smile.
 “You may now kiss the bride” the priest  told Justin, Justin turned us around and took my veil away from my face, he gave me one last cheeky smile and then he kissed my lips. The kiss was so gross, he practically stuck his tongue down in my throat, he grabbed my ass and the crowd started laughing,
“Come on Mrs. Bieber” he smirked, he wrapped an arm around my waist and together we walked out of the church.
Justin and I had a couple of minutes alone before everyone else came out and congratulated us, we used the second on giving each other glares. Justin was quick to wrap his arm around my waist and occasionally he would kiss my cheek.        
After our wedding party, it was time for me and Justin to leave on our honeymoon. Justin had decided where we were going, so I knew nothing about it. We boarded our new private jet that my mom and dad had given us. Immediately as we came inside the plane, I found my earphones and plugged them in my ears. I sat down in one of the chairs and closed my eyes. It was not long before I fell into a deep slumber. *Justin’s POV*
Y/N had fallen asleep, so I was the only one awake. She looked so uncomfortable in her dress, so I walked over to her and picked her up. I walked over to the small bed and laid her down. I took off her dress, not only because I wanted to see how she looked in just her underwear, no also because she had done something really weird to me, I suddenly cared about her, it was when I was going to say my I do’s. I suddenly realised how bug of a mistake this was, I was practically ruining her life. I found a pyjama in her suitcase and gave her I gave her it on. I yawned and took my pants and my button up shirt off. Then I laid down beside her and fell asleep. What was this girl doing to me?  
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