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188. Best friends, or more?


"Y/N, please! Why won't you just go with me?" Justin asked me as he started pouting.

"I don't want to help you get back with your ex, you know how I feel about Selena, so no I won't go to that stupid awards show with you to make her jealous!" I told Justin, then I looked down at my phone again and cuddled closer into my blanket. You could say that I was kind of a tomboy, I would never wear a dress, and I barely used any makeup, heck my hair was even in its messy curls as always! So, therefore, I didn't feel good about going to an awards show, plus I had a big crush on Justin, which made me want to help him even less!

"Please Y/N, it would mean so much to me," Justin said, then he did something that he knew I couldn't resist, his puppy dog eyes. I groaned and closed my eyes, then I let it slip out of my mouth, "Fine!". Justin immediately embraced me and hugged me tight.

"Thank you so much!" he told me, then he kissed my cheek, not that it was new, I was used to Justin kissing my cheek.

"But, you are going to pay for everything that I buy for this awards show," I told him. Justin smiled widely and eagerly nodded his head.

"Of course, buy everything you need, and want," he told me, then he stood up from the couch and found his phone.

"I'm gonna have Scooter order two tickets," he told me, then he dialed Scooter's number and called him.

"I'll see you soon," he told me, then he kissed my forehead and left. I hurried to dial Ella's number.

"Ella, I need your help!" I told her as she picked up her phone. "Meet me at the mall in 20" I continued, then I stood up and went into my room. I pulled on some sweats and a hoodie, then I went out of the door and drove to the mall.

As I arrived at the mall Ella was already there. She had a confused look on her face as she looked at me.

"What's going on, you never wanna go to the mall?" Ella asked as we went inside.

"Justin asked me to go with him to an awards show," I told her. Ella stopped walking, which made me turn around and look at her with furrowed eyebrows, then a huge grin formed on her lips as she realized what I had just said.

"He finally asked you out?!" she asked me, which made me sigh and shake my head.

"I don't understand?" she told me.

"He wants me to go with him to make Selena jealous" I told her bitterly. Ella gasped and covered her mouth.

"That's so not fair! Why did you agree on going?" she asked me as she hugged me tight.

"You know I can't resist his puppy dog eyes," I told her. Ella and I pulled away, and I was met my Ella's wide eyes and a smirk. She had an idea, and I already knew I was going to like it!  

"We're gonna have to make him realize that his one and only has been in front of him all this time," she told me, then she dragged me towards a store that only sold dresses for special occasions.

Ella made me try tons and tons of dresses until we came across this really beautiful black dress. The top part was made of lace, then it went straight down and had a slit by the right leg.


"You have to try this on," Ella told me, then she, once again, pushed me into the changing room. I put on the dress and immediately I was in love. I smiled widely as I looked at myself, then I pulled away the curtains and walked out of the room. Ella gasped as she saw me, and so did the cashier.

"You look absolutely amazing!" Ella told me, then she started squealing loudly, and I joined her.

I bought the dress, and then we went to buy some shoes. We ended up buying a pair of pumps in a floral print. My outfit was completed.

"When is the awards show?" Ella asked me as we walked out of the mall.

"On Sunday," I told her, which made her nod her head.

"I'm gonna help you get ready, so I'll see you then?" she asked me, which made me nod.

"See you then," I told her, then I hugged her. "Oh, and thank you," I told her, which made her grin.

"You're welcome, I always knew you and Justin should be together, so I'm gonna do everything I can to make that happen," she told me, then she walked to her car and drove away a few moments later.

Sunday came around a lot faster than I had imagined. Ella had arrived at 8am, even though the show wasn't before 8pm, but she had insisted on having breakfast before "turning me into a princess", her words, not mine!

We finished breakfast at 10.30am. Ella hurried to clean up from breakfast as I went into the shower.

I wrapped a towel around my hair and a robe around my body as I got out of the shower, then I went out to Ella to see her sitting by my dining table that was filled with nail polishes and stuff. 

Ella painted my nails white with a small rhinestone here and there, then we moved into my bathroom, where she did my makeup and my hair. Normally my hair was one big curly mess, but now it was completely straight, and actually really long! Also usually my hair was kinda blond, kinda brown, but Ella thought it would be a good idea to color it an even darker brown, so yesterday she had me go to my hairdresser and get it colored. I was actually really diggin' my hair, it looked really good!

"You look so amazing, I can't wait to see Justin's reaction," Ella told me as she turned me around to look at myself in the mirror. I could barely even recognize myself. I really actually looked good. I had never felt this beautiful before, and I was still wearing my robe!

"Omg," I mumbled quietly as I looked at my hair. I ran my hand through it and for once my fingers did not get stuck in my hair, it was a miracle! I turned around and looked at Ella.

"Who is this girl? I can't even recognize myself!" I told her as I smiled widely. Ella chuckled and shrugged her shoulders, then she found her phone and took a photo of me.

"Come on, let's go watch a movie until it's time to get you in your dress," she told me, then she walked out of the room and into my living room, and I followed her.

At 7pm Justin arrived at my house in a limousine. The butterflies were everywhere in my stomach as I thought about him. There was a knock on my door, which made me stand up to go open it. Justin was looking down as I opened my door. He looked up and immediately his mouth opened wide. He stared at me with wide eyes.

"Whoa!" he mumbled, then he cleared his throat and shook his head. "You look amazing!" he told me, "I couldn't even recognize you" he continued, then he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.

"Whoa" he quietly mumbled, I don't think I was meant to hear it, but I did, and I couldn't help but smile widely.

"I brought you these" Justin told me as he handed me a bouquet of roses. I awed and kissed his cheek, then I invited him inside. Justin greeted Ella with a hug as I went into my kitchen to find a vase.

"Doesn't she look good?" I heard Ella asked Justin.

"She looks better than good, I didn't even know that it was possible to look that amazing, I mean she has always looked amazing, but now it's like, woaw!" Justin told her. I giggled, then I went back into the living room and met them with a smile.

"Ready to go?" Justin asked me. I nodded my head, then I grabbed his hand and went out of the door.

"Goodbye Ella" Justin and I said, then we got into the limousine and drove off. 

We arrived at the red carpet and Justin got out first. Did I forget to mention that he was wearing a gray suit that suited his body to perfection? I think I did.


Justin helped me out as he smiled at me. I couldn't even hear the scream because of how intense our eye contact was.  

Justin protectively wrapped an arm around my waist and guided me towards the paparazzi.

"JUSTIN, OVER HERE!" - "JUSTIN WHO IS YOUR DATE?" - "ARE YOU AND Y/N DATING?" questions were thrown at us, but Justin ignored all of them, he just smiled at the cameras just as I did.

After taking pictures we went towards the interviewers.

"Hello Justin and Y/N, how are you guys tonight?" a female interviewer asked us as she smiled. She reached out her microphone for us to answer her.

"We're good, thank you for asking," Justin told her, then he looked at me and smiled.

"Y/N this is a whole new look for you, how do you feel about it?" she asked.

"I actually feel really good, and I never thought I would feel good in a dress" I joked. The interviewer and Justin laughed, which made me bite down on my lip.

"Well you look incredible," she told me. I thanked her, then she turned her attention towards Justin.

"Justin your single 'Cold Water' featuring Diplo and Major Lazer is set to be released on the 22nd of July, are you excited?" she asked Justin.

"Yeah, I'm excited! This is a very special song to me, so the fact that people will get to hear it is amazing, plus the song is written with two of the most talented guys in this century, so it's gonna be lit!" he told her, then the interviewer thanked Justin, which made us walk inside.

As we made it inside I saw Selena talking to Taylor Swift.

"Justin, Selena is over there, why don't you go talk to her?" I asked him as I sat down. Justin made a face, then he sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"She's not important anymore," he told me, then he looked away, which made me smirk. Ella was right, Justin wouldn't even care about Selena anymore now that I looked a little more girly!

"Are you going to perform tonight?" I asked Justin as I placed a hand on his knee. Justin looked down at my hand and gulped, then he looked up at me and nodded his head.

"Yeah, I'm going to perform 'Love Yourself' and 'What do You Mean'," he told me. I nodded my head, then Ariana Grande sat down beside me.

"Hey, you're Y/N, right?" she asked me as she fixed her hair. I was completely starstruck so Justin answered her.

"Yup, this is Y/N," he told her.

"Justin has talked so much about you, and he's totally right, you are really beautiful," she told me, which made me blush. I covered my face and started laughing.

"Tha-thank you so mu-much, you're ve-very beautiful, too," I told her. My stuttering made her giggle, which made me turn even redder.

The show had Justin ended and now Justin and I were on our way to his house. Justin had asked me to stay the night mainly because my house was so far away from where the show was held, but also because he wanted to continue this amazing night. Throughout the whole night, he hadn't even talked to Selena, which amused me, I could even see Selena getting really jealous, which had made me smile, at least his plan worked...

We arrived at Justin's house and got out of the car. Before we could make it inside, Justin stopped me. He turned me around, then he placed his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. At first, my eyes got wide, then I started to kiss back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, but eventually we had to pull apart to catch our breaths.

"What was that for?" I asked him, almost in a whisper.

"I wanted to do that all night," he told me, then he placed his lips on mine again.  
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