Another place, Another time

This is my first book so please, if you have an suggestions or comments, i would love to read them.

Hamish and his family live in a peaceful country when all of a sudden a war arouses. Hamish fights to have his siblings safe from wars harm.

In search of his aunt to stay away from wars harm he soon discovers that this 'visit' will be longer than he planned.


6. The Telegram

It has been three days since we came and lived with Aunt Macey and we are comfortable.  The constant worrying and waiting to hear from our parents consumes most of our days but Aunt Macey is great. She cooks great food and she is lots of fun. She took us shopping to get more clothes yesterday. I think she is just trying to keep us busy until we hear from our parents.  Today, while we were playing a board game, there was a knock on the door.

"Hamish, Honey could you please go fetch the door?" Aunt Macey said.

"Of course Aunt Macey" I answered as I ran to get the door.

Out front was a gentleman in a uniform. He stood tall and held something in his hand.

"Is this the resident of Macey Baize?" He asked.

"Yes Sir, it is." I answered.

He passed me what he was holding. It was a telegram.

"I'm sorry," He said then he started to march off.

 I dropped to the ground in sorrow. If there was an answer about our parents, we would find it in there and telegrams at the moment never bought good news.  Thomas and Aunt Macey came running.

" Who was that Hamish? What is wrong?" asked Aunt Macey.

I passed her the telegram and her face dropped. She wanted to read it before expecting the worst. Willow and Edward followed and when Willow saw what Aunt Macey was holding she dropped to the ground as well. Edward and Thomas looked confused. Aunty Macey opened the telegram and started reading it out


To Macey Baize,


It is with sorrow that we inform you that the   bodies of John and Grace Baize have been found.


"Signed by the French State Army," Aunty Macey said.

Edward and Thomas started crying. We all sat there crying. Aunty Macey was trying to calm us down as well as she choked back her own tears. I guess this is not what she bargained for.




As the months went by after receiving the telegram, we have slowly adapted to our new environment. Aunty Macey is in the process of getting guardianship of us. We are slowly getting use to the idea that our parents are gone and this is our new life. Aunty Macey has been amazing.  She has been very supportive and understanding. She has provided for us with all that she can. She has even enrolled us all into school. Last month, all of Europe celebrated V-Day.  Aunt Macey took us back to France to gather what we could of our belongings.  Although it is sad to let it go we enjoy our new life and are adapting to it quite well. We Believed that we were safe.


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