Another place, Another time

This is my first book so please, if you have an suggestions or comments, i would love to read them.

Hamish and his family live in a peaceful country when all of a sudden a war arouses. Hamish fights to have his siblings safe from wars harm.

In search of his aunt to stay away from wars harm he soon discovers that this 'visit' will be longer than he planned.


4. The search for Aunt Macey

As we were arriving in Switzerland, It was quiet. Thomas was asleep so I carried him. Willow was holding Edward's hand. Suddenly a young lady was running towards us.

“What are you young children doing out here?” she asked.

“We just arrived here Madam.  We are running away from the war that is happening in our country right now.” I answered.

  “Wow, you kids must have been through a lot. Well, you will be safe here. Where are you parents?

“To be honest Madam, we don’t know. My father went looking for our mother and never came back,” I told her.

“Oh. I’m sorry.  Do you have anywhere to stay? If not I have a room that you could have.” She offered.

“Thank you Madam but we are looking for our Aunt. Thank you for your kindness but we should be on our way,” I said.

“Alright, I hope you find her. Good luck!” she said.

Then we were on our way. As we got closer to the town, there were more people around. I did not know how to get to my Aunt’s apartment. I asked a elderly lady who was walking by “Excuse me Madam but we have just got here and we are looking for our Aunt. Could you please give me directions?” I asked while showing her the piece of paper with my Aunt’s address.

“Oh yes. It’s right there young man, “ The elderly lady said while pointing at the building in front of us.

“Thank you for your kindness Ma'am,” I said.

As we arrived at the door, there were some buttons next to the apartment rooms. I searched for apartment number seven.  Sure enough it was on the top. I pressed it and a woman spoke.

“Yes? How may I help you?” she asked.

“Hello Madam, I’m looking for our Aunt. Her name is Macey Baize. Would she, by any chance, be here?” I asked.

“I’m sorry but she moved out a  couple of weeks ago,” she answered.

“Oh. Thank you, do you know where she might be Madam?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not lad, but I do know that she works at the café.  It is just on the corner of this street,” she told me.

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,” I answered cheerfully.

I hoped she was at the café so we could take Willow and the boys to her place. We made our way to the café. Edward was counting all the buildings it took us to get to the there.

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five... we’re here!’ he was screaming.

 We walked inside and went up to the front counter.

“ Welcome! How may I help you young man?” she asked.

“Hello, we are looking for our Aunt and we have been told she works here. Is Macey Baize here by any chance?” I asked.

“She was here earlier, I’ll just check if she is still here,” She says.

“Thank you,” I answered.

She went out the door to the back, when she came back she was shaking her head.

“I’m sorry but she isn’t here anymore. She left thirty minutes ago. She will be back tomorrow morning. I have to go service customers now, I’m sorry,” She answered kindly.

“Thank you anyway madam,” I answered.

We walked out of the café. Willow looked at me with concern. Thomas was awake now. I kept carrying him anyway.

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