Another place, Another time

This is my first book so please, if you have an suggestions or comments, i would love to read them.

Hamish and his family live in a peaceful country when all of a sudden a war arouses. Hamish fights to have his siblings safe from wars harm.

In search of his aunt to stay away from wars harm he soon discovers that this 'visit' will be longer than he planned.


5. Meeting Aunty Macey

We walked back up to the apartment, I pressed the button for the reception. The same lady that was speaking before answered.

“Yes, How may I help you?” She answered.

“Hello, I was just here before asking for Macey Baize. I was just wondering if there is a spare apartment room that we could rent for the night,” I asked.

“Oh. Hello young lad. There is a one, come in lad.” She answered.

We walked inside and there was a lady behind a desk.

"Well, hello children! How are we?" She asked politely with a cheerful grin.

"We are good, thank you!" I answered.

 "Well that's good, Now we have one room and it should fit you all. You only want it for one night. Alright, Hmmm how much money do you have?" she asked.

"This is all we have," I said as I placed the money on the counter.

"Alright. Keep it, You may need the little money you have later on. Follow me to your room," She said kindly.

"Thank you so much," I said.  The generosity of strangers overwhelmed me.

We got in the apartment room and it was fancy. I could not believe my eyes. I still could not believe she let us stay here for free. There was a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There was four bedrooms all with double beds. We explored the apartment with relief, curiosity and unspoken grief.  When we reached the kitchen it was marvellous. A chef's dream kitchen. I decided to prepare some food for Willow and the boys. As they settled down to eat.  There was a rather new wireless in the living room.  I switched it on. The news was on and it was covering the war. I switched stations.  It was just a reminder of what we had been through and I thought it may upset the boys.

I put Thomas to bed. He was loving the big space he had in the bed. I duplicated my parents' routine for Thomas' bedtime routine. 

"Sleep tight.  Sweet dreams Thomas," I told him as I gave him a hug before departing the room. Then as I slipped into bed myself and fell asleep from exhaustion.


I woke to the sound of doves cooing on the window sill. We decided to not have breakfast but to pack up and leave the way we found the apartment.

When we arrived at the cafe, the same lady that was there yesterday came and greeted us.

" Hello again.  Your Aunt Macey is here today.  She was informed that you were looking for her so she has got the day off.  She is waiting for you out back. Follow me," she said.

We followed her out back. There was our Aunt Macey. She looked exactly how I remembered.

"Hello Hamish. Hello Willow, it's nice to see you again after so long. And this must be Thomas and Edward. You boys look so much like your father. Well children, shall we go home?" she asked us all cheerfully trying hard to hide the sadness of our circumstances.

We arrived at Aunt Macey's house and it was big and beautiful. The lounge room was quite modern.  It was as quite a big room. The kitchen was just like the one in the apartment while the dining room was just as big as the kitchen.  She was obviously a woman of means. She had no children of her own, nor a husband. That is maybe why she was rich but I doubt it.  She must have been informed earlier that  we were coming because there was four beds set up for us. We each had our own room with a closet and a bed. Willow and I each had a double bed while Thomas and Edward had a single. They didn't dare complain because it felt like home.

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