Badass Babe<3

Sup, my name is Carter Johnson but just call me CJ. Yes I am a girl but don't get me twisted. I'm not some soft girly girl. Bleh! I'm a badass. I'm not the flavour of the week so no you can't try me. I'm a dancer and a fighter. Enough about to find out more :)


1. Characters




CJ~ 19 years old and a senior. Bullied since 6th grade but stood up for herself when she started MMA. Has c-cups, a nice ass, wide hips and a perfect hourglass figure (even a thigh gap). She has long curly black hair with a gradient black to blue theme within it. Big brown eyes and square glasses to cover them. Her eye brows have the perfect arch and black as well. Last but not least, she has beautiful plump lips and a button nose to match. Her parents died when she was 10 so she lives with her older brother. Her best friend is Jennifer Johnson, basically her sister. Goes by JJ. Doesn't have time for crushes or boyfriends, so she doesn't have any. 

JJ~ 19 years old and a senior. Been with CJ since 8th grade and also takes MMA and dance with her. She has a crush on a boy named Tristan who is muscular and tall, CJ thinks they'd make a great couple. JJ has long brown straight hair (only because she doesn't like wearing it curly) and big brown eyes too. She has small button nose and small lips to match. Her body is the perfect shape with just enough booty to make the boys drool and b-cups to make them drop.She also doesn't wear much make-up. 

Dakota~ 19 years old and a senior. (they all are lol) Best guy friend of CJ. No they aren't "secretly in love" with each other, just really close friends. His gf isn't so fond of it but she has to deal. Bestfriends with CJ since 8th grade and seriously would protect her with his life. Tall, cute and sweet. He's sometimes a jerk but aren't they all. Gf is Jazmyn (actually broke up like 3 times but yeah). 

Tristan~ 19 years old and a senior. (okay we get it) Best guy friend of JJ. Really close friends but doesn't know if he likes her like that. Tall, cute and nice. Not usually a jerk. Recently broke up with his gf, and now his gf hates CJ and JJ. Oops.. lol 

Keith~ Yeah, yeah he's 19 and a senior. Best guy friend of both CJ and JJ. CJ used to have a crush on him but it just ruined their friendship so they left it how it was. Tall, cute and confusing as'f. Usually a jerk and hard to read. No gf since a slut name Jessica. 

*One direction as themselves*

(A/N) ~ Hey i hope you like my characters and everything because they like you :) lol. Anyways, its going to get interesting so just wait on it. 

xoxo~ AJ muah !


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