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Sup, my name is Carter Johnson but just call me CJ. Yes I am a girl but don't get me twisted. I'm not some soft girly girl. Bleh! I'm a badass. I'm not the flavour of the week so no you can't try me. I'm a dancer and a fighter. Enough about to find out more :)


3. Chapter Two


Chapter Two 


Dakota's POV 

"Ahem!" I turn around to see CJ and JJ standing there waiting for us. My jaw instantly dropped, CJ looked gorgeous. I mean like drop dead gorgeous and I don't know why I'm all of sudden saying it now. Its No! Snap out of it Dakota! You have a girlfriend and CJ is your best friend, it isn't right. Buuuut, her hair was so perfectly curled and beautiful, you just couldn't help but stare. I snapped out of my trance when she said "let's go" and ran to the car. I realized I wasn't the only in a trance when I looked around to see the other boys jaws hitting the ground also. We walked to the car not too long after and headed to school. 


When we arrived at school, JJ and I headed to get ready. Thank god we weren't staying long. The only sad thing is, the boys are separated from the girls and I'm hoping I don't see a few girls. Sadly, I do.  JJ head to the bathroom to put on our dresses when we are stopped by the 3 girls I don't like. Jazmyn, Sara and Jessica. You're probably wondering "why CJ?" well let me explain why. They think I stole their men (my 3 best guy friends) and they always called me a whore and a slut. Thank Jesus we are graduating! They stop us in our tracks and we simply say "hi?" 

"You're getting to comfortable around my boyfriend" Jazmyn says. I just stare at her.

"Sorry he likes me more than you" I smirk and we push past her. All I hear is a gasp and somebody pulls my hair. My instant reaction is to punch so I turn quickly around and force my fist in her face...hard. She falls to the ground holding her eye. 

"You're gonna pay!!" She screams at me. I fix my hair, turn my hair and sassily walk into the bathroom. I put on my dress. Its this blue strapless short dress with black ruffles around the cleavage. I wore some black pumps to complete the look. I put on some mascara, eyeliner, nude lipstick and a little concealer. I walked out of the bathroom to see JJ in her pink maxi dress with a slit up the leg and and strappy black for a bit of contrast. She wore her hair curly (finally) and some dangly earrings. She also wore mascara, eyeliner, concealer and nude lipstick. We locked arms and headed towards the seats. Jazmyn was already there wearing her dress and makeup with her friends, holding a ice pack to her eye. Dakota, Keith and Tristan were there but it looked like Jazmyn and Dakota were in a fight. I walked over there with JJ to see what they were yelling about.

"Hey Jazmyn..." I quietly said as they all looked at me, well Jazmyn squinted. Damn I hit her hard. "I'm sorry Jazmyn, you grabbed my hair, it was a reaction" 

"No she deserved it!" Dakota yelled and stormed off.

"What was that ?" JJ asked. Jazmyn just shook her head

"He broke up with her.." Keith said. I ran trying to find Dakota leaving them behind. Everyone knows I'm the closest to him so they knew I should talk to him. I found him sitting in a corner and I slowly approached him. 

"Hey Da-ko-ko" I heard him giggle. I sat down next to him, "you okay?" 

"Yeah its just...she cheated on me again because she thought I was with you." he said

"I told you, you are an idiot." I giggled and slowly put my head on his shoulder. He pulled my head to his chest and held me. I felt protected finally. 

"Thank you." He smiled and I looked up at him. 

"For calling you an idiot?" I laughed, "I do that a lot." 

"No for being here for me." Hearing that from him, it made my heart well up. I looked straight into his eyes and gazed down to his lips. He slowly leaned in and all of a sudden I hear JJ calling out my name. I snap out of it as she found us cuddled together. They were used to it so it wasn't awkward. 

"Come on they are starting!" She said as she ran back. He stood and lifted me up and we ran back to finally graduate but all that was on my mind was "Dakota and I were going to kiss?" Oh my lord! 

*After the graduation* 

"Yay!!!! We are officially out of this hellhole!" JJ yelled running out of the school. Keith, Tristan Dakota and I followed. Dakota, still disappointed, climbed into the car as well as the rest of us. Keith was driving, Tristan was riding shotgun, JJ was sitting behind him, I sat in the middle and Dakota sat behind Keith. We decided to go to a club to celebrate and to Dakota off Jazmyn and get him a one-night stand. We arrived at the club and every girl was freaking out. We walked a bit further and we saw One Direction. Me? I don't like them. They are boring -.- but JJ is in love with them. "Oh my god!" I just shook my head and walked towards the entrance and they followed. 

"Hi" I winked at the bouncer, "I really like your tie" I slipped a 50 in his pocket while sliding my hand down his tie. He nodded his head and opened the ropes and we walked in. I asked the bartender for 4 beers and 3 tequila shots. 

"No problem beautiful." He winked. Guys here are such perverts. I rolled my eyes and turned around to wait for the drinks. JJ was already out dancing with Keith and Tristan but Dakota was still sitting at a table. All of a sudden I see a really pretty girl with long brown way hair walk up to him and start talking. A spark of jealousy arised in me and I just had to turn the other way. 

"Hey baby" a thick Irish accent heard from behind. I turned back around to see and blonde boy standing in front of me, smirking. "I believe these are yours?" I smiled.

"You're correct," I said grabbing the beers. He took the tequila before I could. "Can you bring it to that table please?" I nodded my head in the direction of Dakota. 

"If you dance with me?" he smiled. I nodded and walked towards the table. We set the drinks down but I don't think Dakota noticed because he was talking to that girl. So i walk on to the dance floor and started dancing with this random person. JJ walked past me and basically whisper-screamed in my ear that it was Niall from One Direction. I had to admit he was attractive so I decided to just kept dancing. Practically grinding but the last thing I remember is I kissed someone but I don't know who because I blacked out. I woke up the next morning in someone else's room, but who? 


(A/N) I hoped you liked this chapter. I'm still deciding if CJ should end up with Niall or Dakota. You help me decide. Comment, like and favorite! thanks! P.S. I'm writing every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. If i miss a day, I apologize I was probably busy. Thank you for being patient! Again, comment, like and favorite. Love you :)

xoxo~ AJ muah!






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