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Sup, my name is Carter Johnson but just call me CJ. Yes I am a girl but don't get me twisted. I'm not some soft girly girl. Bleh! I'm a badass. I'm not the flavour of the week so no you can't try me. I'm a dancer and a fighter. Enough about to find out more :)


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three


Dakota's POV

*Before graduation* I was walking to the seats when I saw Jazmyn holding an ice pack to her eye. I walked over to her with the boys. "Hey babe, what happened?"

"You're little friend punched me in the eye!" She screamed at me. My little- CJ!

"CJ? What did you do?" I asked her...Oops!

"What did I do?! I didn't do anything! You are always on her side aren't you?!" She yelled, "If you want her, you can have her! I already got someone else anyway!"

"You what?!" I screamed. She cheated on me AGAIN! "That's it! I hate you and I never want to see you again! We are through!" I saw CJ walking over and all I could do was shake my head. I keep thinking she's going to change and she doesn't.

"Hey Jazmyn..." She said quietly. "I'm sorry Jazmyn, you pulled my hair...It was a reaction."

"No she deserved it!" I yelled and bolted in the other direction. I stopped and sat down, I just couldn't deal with anything anymore.

"Hey Da-ko-ko" I heard from behind me. I slightly giggled and turned to face her. She looked so beautiful in her dress. I'm so glad I have a friend like her...CJ, my friend right? She sat down next to me, "you okay?"

"Yeah...she just cheated on me...again." I said with a sigh.

"You're an idiot!" She laughed and so did I. She laughs like an angel I swear. It's just beautiful like her..No! Dakota! She's your best friend!

"Thank you." I smiled.

"For calling you an idiot?" She laughed, "I do that a lot."

"No, for being here for me." I looked at her as she lent her head on my shoulder. I pulled her to my chest and held her there. She looked up at me and looked straight into my eyes and gazed down to my lips. Does she want me to kiss her? I slowly leaned in but then I heard JJ calling our names so we both instantly turned away.

"Come on, they're starting," She said and ran back. I stood up and then pulled CJ up and we ran back like nothing happened. All I could think was, should I have kissed her?

After the graduation we went to a club, apparently to get my mind off Jazmyn. We obviously changed but once we went in the club I just sat down at table. I wasn't really in the mood to dance. I waited for CJ to get the drinks because I really need to talk to her about earlier.

"Hey handsome." I turned to see a very beautiful brunette in front of me.

"Hey beautiful." I smiled.

"What are you doing sitting here all alone?" She asked.

"I'm waiting for a friend," I say, pointing over to CJ.

"Oh well, why don't I wait with you." She sits down and smiles. We talk for while and get know each other. CJ started dancing with some random guy so I just sat and talked to her. Her name is Ashton but she says to call her Ash. She super pretty and nice, but I think I got a little too drunk because I blacked out and I don't remember what happened. I wake up in my own flat (thank god!), still fully clothed but have a major hangover. I decided to rest just a little bit more. I lay my head on the pillow and I was out like the light.


I woke up in someone else's flat and turn to see a blonde boy right next to me. I check under the sheets, thank god, fully clothed. I face-palm myself to think I actually went home with this boy. I instantly regretted hitting my hand on forehead because the pounding in my skull. I slowly rubbed my temples and tried to relax. I turned to see my phone on the night stand. I grabbed it to text JJ.(CJ=Big sis, JJ=Lil sis) 

Big sis: Hey um SOS!

Lil sis: What?!

Big sis: I think I'm at that blonde kid's flat!!

Lil sis: No f-ing way! Ur at Niall's flat?!

Big sis: I think so...

Lil sis:Lucky!!

Big sis: No! Not lucky!! I have to leave before he wakes up. 

Lil sis: u know the address?

Big sis: Damn it!

Lil sis: U have to get him to drive u home.

Big sis: Ugh! Fineee

Lil sis: I was wondering where u were lol

Big sis: -.- I'll c u soon

Lil sis: Kk :) 

I lock my iphone and put back on the nightstand. I turned to him and poked him the arm....nice biceps. I gently shoved him and he groaned turning to me. He smiled and then his widened as he checked under the sheets. He put the sheets back down and smiled in relief. I smile back.

"Morning." I say politely. 

"Morning" He says, "Do you want some breakfast?"

"Um I really think I should go..." I say shyly. I am never this shy..what is happening to me?! 

"Nonsense, come on one pancake and I'll drive you back home." He asks.

"Ok, ok" I say getting up.


CJ is such a lucky butt! I frown, she gets to be in the presence of Niall freaking Horan and she's is not even freaking out. I hear the door open and close and footsteps. There's only one person who has keys to the flat and that's, Dakota. He opens the door and I already knowing who he's expecting to see. He looks around and only sees me, his face goes blank, like a depressed look. 

"What, am I not good enough?" I smirk. He chuckles.

"Oh shut up!" he says, "but where is CJ?" 

"She's with freaking Niall Horan from One Direction!" I say.

"Oh.." he says, "Just tell her I stopped by and that I really need to talk to her." 

"Okie dokie" I say, "I'm actually gonna head out. Wanna hang?" 

"Can't. Hanging with Keith." I just nod. "But you can ask Tristan." He says with a wink. 

I throw a pillow at his face. "You know what I will." I say straightening up and strutting to the bathroom. 

"Good luck!" He shouts and the door opens and closes and I'm alone. I unlock my iphone to text Tristan. (Yes we have nicknames in our phones for each other. JJ= my bby, Tristan= my bae)

My bby: hey wanna watch a movie at the plaza later?

My bae: yeah sure. what time?

My bby: um 3ish?

My bae: okie dokie. see ya there ;)

My bby: Kk :* 

Now I need to get ready.

Dakota's POV 

I repeatedly knock on Keith's door until he answers. He swings the door open and groans "What?!"

"Emergency!!" I yell while running threw the house. I sit down on the couch and he sits right next me rubbing his eyes. 

"What's the big deal?" He asks.

"I think I like CJ.." I say. 

His eyes widened as he looks at me in as much shock as I am in because I just admitted that. 

(A/N) Guys!!! Omg! I am so sorry for not updating!! I was really busy this week because I am on spring break. I am sooo sorry! i will update tomorrow and continuously update as much as possible.Thank you guys for being patient and I hope it's getting interesting and you like because they like you :). Love, love, love you guyss!!! Like, Comment and Favorite!! Kisses!

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