Badass Babe<3

Sup, my name is Carter Johnson but just call me CJ. Yes I am a girl but don't get me twisted. I'm not some soft girly girl. Bleh! I'm a badass. I'm not the flavour of the week so no you can't try me. I'm a dancer and a fighter. Enough about to find out more :)


2. Chapter One


Chapter One 


Dakota, Keith and Tristan burst through JJ and my flat and scream our names. "JJ! CJ! Wake up , Wake up!!" is yelled through the flat. I groan sitting up from my bed and JJ is doing the same.

"What are these fools doing?!" JJ asked. I didn't answer because I knew it was rhetorical. I just shrugged and looked at the clock, it was 6 am and these fools were running around my flat like it was a damn carnival!

"Hey hey hey" they greeted us as they walked into our room. Dressed to impress I'd like to point out....but wh- OMG! How could I forget?! JJ looked at me like we both remembered at the same time. We sprung up from our beds at the same time. The boys looked at us like we were crazy and we shouted

"Its graduation day, dipwads!" 

"We know, do you like our suits?" Tristan simply stated. JJ nodded her head rapidly, she's so obvious. I rolled my eyes. 

"We have to get ready soooo get out." I pointed at the door so they'd get the hint. They held up their hands in defeat as they walked out.

"We got some Maccas for breakfast." Dakota yelled as he walked out closing the door. Even though he couldn't see us, we nodded our heads and turn to our separate bathrooms to get ready. I put on a crop top that said "RECKLESS" across it and some high-waisted,acid-washed jeans and converse. We didn't actually have to put on our dresses until school so I put it in my bag and waited for JJ to finish. The boys were wearing their suits now because they were too lazy to change at school (we get 1hr to prep). JJ came out of the bathroom wearing a pink peplum top and black skinny jeans that made her ass even bigger and pink converse. "Dude you're ass looks huge! Who you trying to impress?" I smirked, already knowing who.

"Says busty babe! Damn girl! You're hips look even wider and you're gonna rip your shirt with you're boobs." I rolled my eyes and we started to walk out. We see the boys with their jackets, grubbing on pancakes from Maccas. 

"Ahem!" I fake cough to show them that we are ready to go. They all turn and start practically drooling. I don't know why though, we wear things similar to this all the time. "Let's go graduate!" I say excitedly, running to the car and hopping in. They all got in, not too long after me and we head to school. 

(A/N) I know it short sorry guys. Tell me if i should update please and I'll be sure to make the next chapter longer. Thanks!

xoxo~AJ muah!





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