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Sup, my name is Carter Johnson but just call me CJ. Yes I am a girl but don't get me twisted. I'm not some soft girly girl. Bleh! I'm a badass. I'm not the flavour of the week so no you can't try me. I'm a dancer and a fighter. Enough about to find out more :)


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four 



I sit there quietly waiting for Niall to finishing cooking. I look around, wow his place is nice. It's a huge flat, big windows and cozy living room. Nice fireplace and beautiful island table in the kitchen. Tile floors in the kitchen and carpet in the living room and bedroom. It really is beautiful but sadly I can't stay. He turns to me while the bacon sizzles in the frying pan. 

"Crispy?" He asks.

"Uh..yeah.." I say nervously. I need to get home. 

"You can calm down, you know. I'm not gonna kill you." He chuckles turning back to the bacon. 

"I know, it's just I should really get back home." I say looking down at the granite table. 

"Okay, but you know I do have to get your address?" He smirks handing me a plate with 2 pancakes and 3 bacon strips. 

"Yeah. I know. But can I have more bacon?" I ask eagerly. He chuckles handing the plate of bacon to me. 

We get into his car and I give him the address.We arrive at my flat and he walks me up to my door. 

"Thank you" I smile.

"You're welcome. We should do it again sometime?" He asks.

"Yeah, well you have my number so text me." I say as I open the door and wave bye to him. He waves back and I hear footsteps as he walked away. I look at the time, shit it's 11:00! I got to get to the gym! I run to my room and put on a black sports bra and black yoga shorts. I then grab my bag my and put my wrap for my wrists. I put my hair in a ponytail and leave two curled hairs out on the sides of my face. I grab a jacket and get in the car. I finally get to the gym at 11:30. I see Coach Brayden. He's tall and really handsome. He has brown hair in a quiff and big blue eyes.

"Hey CJ. How ya been?" He asks me while walking out of his office.

"I'm doing good Coach. How are you?" I ask, taking off my jacket and putting on my gloves.

"Great. Okay. I want to start with the sparring. This is you're partner." He says pointing to a beautiful brunette. She turns around and walks towards me. 

"Hi" she greets, "I'm Ashton." She looks very familiar. 

"Hi Ashton, I'm CJ." I say reaching my hand out. She shakes it nicely. "You look very familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Um. I don't think so, no" She says trying to remember if she ever met me. 

"Okay, enough with the chit-chat" Coach says, "Annnnd FIGHT!"

We get in our fighting stances and we circle for awhile until she swings, I block it and grab her arm to twist it. I pull it in between her shoulder blades and push her against the wall. She kicks my heel so I slip and let her arm go, she elbows me in the stomach and I wince with pain. She swings again and I duck under her arm. I use my leg and sweep it under her feet and she loses balance and falls to the ground. I quickly get up and put my fists up. She gets up, seconds later, and takes another swing but this time at my stomach. I grab her wrist with both hands before she can and twist her arm the other way. She falls to the ground and groans. I put my fists back up and Coach tells us to stop. I reach my arm out to help Ashton. 

"You're really good!" She says like a fangirl and gets up. 

"Thank you!" I smile at her with gratitude. 

"I have to agree." I turn to see a woman with long blonde hair and green eyes. "Hello Miss Johnson. I'm Natalie Yorkshire." She says reaching out a hand. I shake her hand.

"Hello" I smile. 

"I've been watching you and you're an excellent fighter. How would you like to be a professional MMA fighter for my company." Oh my god!! I'm gonna be a professional fighter!!! 

"! Can I think about it?" I ask. 

"Of course. Here's my card. Call me ASAP." She says handing me a card. 

"Thank you!" I need to talk to JJ and them. 


I head to the plaza wearing a black floral crop top, white skinny jeans and high top converse. I wear my hair out and curled. I hear my phone ring and I didn't look at the caller ID, I just answer. 

J: Hello?

T:Hey baby

J: Oh hey babe

T: Hey I was wondering how far you are?

J: Um..about 5 mins. What about you?

T: Same. Ok see ya baby

J: Alright babe bye

I hang up the phone and drive the rest of the way there. 

Tristan's POV 

"You call her baby?" Jason says as I drop him off at his house on my way to the theatre. 

"Yes. And she calls me bae or babe. Is there a problem?" I say as I continue staring down the road. 

"No it's just, you obviously like her." I see him smirk in my peripheral vision. I roll my eyes and park in his driveway.

"Whatever. I'll see ya later." I say as he gets out and I drive to the theatre.

 JJ's POV 

I get to the theatre and see Tristan. I run up to him and give him a hug. "Hey babe" I smile. 

"Hey baby" He says as he hugs me back. We walk in the theatre with his arm wrapped around my waist. I walk up to the ticket stand and ask for two adult tickets to see Divergent. We get our popcorn and go into the movie. Dak*After the movies*

"That was awesome!" He laughs and puts his arm around my waist and pulls me in. I smile and we walk to our cars. I get a text from CJ. 

Big sis: Need to talk ASAP. Text Dakota, Keith & Tristan pls

Lil sis: Np. Tristan's w/ me. So I'll text them

Big sis: Kk meet at our flat. C ya in 10

Lil sis: Kk

I turn to Tristan, "We need to go to my flat, CJ needs to talk to us." He nods and gets into his car and drives off. I get into my car and text Dakota and Keith before I leave and head to my flat. 

Keith's POV 

"I think I like CJ.." Dakota says to me. My jaw drops and I just stare, I couldn't believe it. Well it kind of makes sense. 

"Wow." was all I could say. 

"Yeah.." He says nervously. "It's just.. she's so pretty and funny and talented and just amazing, I don't know what to do." 

"You know she doesn't date. She so caught up in her career , she just can't but I think you should try." I say. He nods and we both get a text from JJ. 

JJ: Emergency meeting @ my house. CJ needs us ASAP.

Keith: Omw w/ Dakota

I text her back and we head over to the house. 

Dakota's POV 

Lil sis: Emergency meeting @ my house. CJ needs us ASAP.

The bro: B there in 5

We get in the car and head over. My palms are shaky and I don't know what to expect. I open the door to see JJ, CJ and Tristan. Keith and I walk into the flat and sit on the couch. We greet each other and ask CJ what's going on.


"So I was training today with Coach Brayden. And I was sparring with a girl named Ashton." I see Dakota's eyes go wide when I said Ashton but I shook it off. "Well we finished sparring-"  

"Did you kick her ass?" Tristan asks cutting me off. 

I laugh, "Yes, I did. But that isn't the point." I shake my head. "A woman named Natalie Yorkshire was watching me and she thinks I'd be the perfect MMA fighter for her company." 

"Omg! That's great! What did you say?" JJ asks eagerly. 

"I said I'd think about it..I wanted to talk it over with you guys." I say.

"I think you should do it." says Keith and the others nod in agreement. I smile so wide it hurts my cheeks. 

"Alright then, I'm gonna be a professional MMA fighter!!!" I yell and we all stand and share a group hug. "Now can we chill?" They all nod except Keith. 

"Sorry guys, I can't. I got a date." He winks. They boys pat him on the back. 

"Ooh who's the lucky lady?" JJ asks, raising a eyebrow. 

"This girl I met. Her name is Kailyi." He says, "Well I got to go. See ya." and he's out. 

"I'm actually gonna head to bed." JJ says. I forgot, she's and early bird. I roll my eyes as she walks to her bedroom. 

"Same." Tristan says as he throws up a peace sign and walks out the door. Now it's just me and Dakota. Shit! We haven't been alone since he almost kissed me.

"Guess it's just us two. Wanna watch a movie?" I ask going to the DVDs. He nods.

"I'll go make the popcorn." I nod and grab Insidious 2 and put it in the DVD player. 

We sit down on the couch and snuggle up. 

*After the movie* 

I yawn, full of sleep. "I should probably get to bed." I say. He nods and walks to the door. I walk up to the door to shut it but he stops it with his foot. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me in. I look up at his big brown eyes and his tender lips. He leans in and kisses me. I put my hands around his neck and ran my fingers threw his hair. He pushed his tongue threw my parted lips and we fought for dominance. He pushed me back into the flat and used his heel to close the door. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat on the bed as I straddled him. We paused for breath. 

"What is this?" I ask. 

"I don't know." he says. I get off of him and he gets up. I realized what happened. 

"You should go.." I say walking to the door. 

"Yeah." he says walking out of the house. He turns back to me one last time and I blush, telling him that it's okay. 

I shut the door and slide my back down it. Dakota just kissed me! We just kissed. We fucking made out. I had my first kiss with my best friend and I loved it. I am definitely not tired anymore... 


(A/N) OMFG!! Guys they made out! Woah that was intense. Well I hope you love it my babies because they love you :) I won't be able to write tomorrow because it's my dad's bday and we are going to the beach! yay!! Say happy bday to him will ya? :) Thanks for being patient! Comment, Like, and Favorite. Stay fab babes.

xoxo~ AJ muah!

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